final conclusion

  • Today morning I bought the new version of aerofly 2023, my final conclusions are the following, I didn't think of spending so much money at first, but later I analyzed it and I found out that the money for all the planes and all the maps is an excellent investment, so For example, there are games that you have to pay 10 dollars a month to play with all the planes, aerofly is a single payment, also the developers did that for the benefit of the community that does not have enough space to store the entire game, it is not mandatory to pay all the planes and maps, whoever has the financial resources should pay for it, the concord seems great to me, hopefully we will soon be cold and dark, the new helicopter is sensational, the new airports on the east and west coast are of high quality, the shine on the fuselage I really liked the planes, seeing all the airports with lights is too cool, Courchevel airport is incredible, congratulations, I expected more airlines for the Airbus 320 like easy jet or finnair, jetblue, hopefully they will add more in the future, in general terms the game is excellent, the quality that handles ipacs is too high.. I love it, hopefully we can have future updates soon and not wait a whole year is my only request to the ipacs team... and please work on the landing lights for android users is the only disappointment i had... congratulations ipacs