• I've been trying out some things with shortening the flight time of Concorde flights. When using the time skip function I've had an issue where the plane will re-generate with the wrong altitude than what I had programmed before. For example, when cruising at FL600 and then using the time skip feature the plane will re-generate at FL500 and a slower speed. I tried a different way of skipping time by going back to the location page and placing the plane closer to the T/D spot. Every time I do this with the Concorde the plane re-generates at a lower altitude than what I choose. Nothing stops the plane from going over +6K V/S and then loses speed almost to a stall before I get control of the plane again. It's strange. I've used the location skip and the time skip feature with other planes and have had no issues. Any other folks experience this with the Concorde?

  • Unfortunately the route does not yet fully support the Concorde and the route cruising altitude has a hard limit at 50k ft instead of the desired 60k ft. The cruise speed of Concorde is also very high which the navigation route also does not yet compute correctly. And since the time skip uses the route these issues materialize during time skip.



  • Okay. I've tried this a few times and it worked every time. I used a cruising altitude of FL550 for this. Once I got to my cruising altitude and the correct speed I exited to the main menu. From the main menu, I went to the location option and moved the plane far along the route so I was near the T/D. I went back into the flight set the altimeter to FL550 and used VS. I also turned off the auto throttle and moved the thrusters forward to recapture Mach 2.02. Each time I tried this the plane captured the correct altitude and once up to speed again I turned on the auto throttle and pressed Mach hold. The time skip seems to glitch but moving the plane through the location seems to work. I'd rather use time skip but will have to wait till it's fixed. Here’s a link to the video showing it.

    Concorde time skip fixed. Turn on CC. Aerofly FS 2023 Full takeoff and cruise.

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