finally a helicopter that can be controlled! (UH-60)

  • To preface, I fly several helicopter simulators on the PC. On the iPAD I am using a Nimbus Steelseries controller.

    With Aerofly 2021, the previous version I own, I was all over the place in the R22 while the EC135 felt just off. Not sure how accurate the SAS is on that helicopter, but it felt strangely unintuitive to control with the thumbstick cyclic.

    Got to try the UH60 for the first time last night, and, while I am not quite there with making a full pattern and landing, it does react more like a helicopter, even on a gamepad.

    I can see myself flying this for fun on the iPAD. The issue of the collective controlled with gamepad buttons that don't allow precise setting remains, but it's definitely a step in the right direction towards a mobile-friendly helicopter.