• Hallo allerseits,

    As you may have already noticed I haven’t posted a while. I haven’t reported any bugs neither have I shown you my last flights in media. It’s because of the following reasons: Because of school I have much to do and I don’t really have the time anymore to go that deep in a simulator for example by reporting bugs. And second off all, I’ve got a computer and a proper flight simulation setup so I rather play MSFS when I have free time.

    Overall I am very thankful tho, since I was a child I always dreamed off becoming a pilot. I searched years for the perfect flight simulator for mobile devices, downloaded plenty of them and I was alway happy with them but I never knew how much deeper a simulator can get also on mobile platforms. Then I heard about Aerofly and I was absolutely blown away. It exceeded my horizon. Because of you I came one step closer off fullfilling this dream. This simulator actually gave me the basic knowledge I needed to understand the planes better. I see that in MSFS. I really don’t have any problems there with the systems.

    So yeah, don’t expect me reporting bugs or posting flights anymore. I will still support the Ipacs team by buying the newer mobile versions (AF2024). I just love the concept and the vision of the perfect flight simulator on mobile, for people that may don’t have the chance flying on a computer, for younger people that also want to gain actual knowledge, and Aerofly is the closest you can get so far.

    T H A N K S <3 <3 <3

  • Shoutout to the community here as well, yeah I know sometimes this forum is rather toxic and greedy but it’s because we all want to make this sim even more perfect and we are on a good way. We all are aviators and only together we can make the simulator even better. Thanks for all the people using their free time spotting and reporting bugs or overthinking something that can be may added in the future. :thumbup:

  • Yes, I wish we could talk more as a community about the actual simulated flying we do! More about techniques, navigation and great routes for example.

    Aerofly provides the best realism for flight simulation on mobile, really important for those like me who can't use a PC version.