Aerofly FS4 Valve Index Controllers in VR no virtual hands showing up

  • Hi, I searched all around but coudln´t find any related topic like my problem.

    When I start AFS 4 in VR (by Steam or also with Shortcut -openvr , or -otherVR , tryed all . I can start the sim in VR. With the Valve Index Headset I can watch all around in the cockpit

    but whatever I do I can not see the controllers hands in AFS. Any other game the Index Controllers working perfectly fine . It is exactly the same problem on my laptop (Asus Strix Scar 17) as also on my completly new constructed and installed PC (WIN10 Pro) ASUS Z790 I5-13600KF RTX4070Ti. Anyone any Idea how to findout what problem that can be. thanks

  • naamkeng April 10, 2023 at 5:21 PM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Aerofly FS4 Valve Index Controllers in VR not hands showing up” to “Aerofly FS4 Valve Index Controllers in VR no virtual hands showing up”.
  • Hi, thx for fast reply and yes both controllers are properly paired . I can see them in SteamVR Control Window ,no error or anything else showing up. If I test the controllers under bindings I can use all functions of both controllers in VR . and also any other VR game I can play all of them with both hands seen in the game ( like Alyx aso.) . In AFS 4 I can not see the blue hands at all.They not showing up in VR . And what is wondering me it is exactly the same thing on my laptop as also my completly new installed PC. . Ones before, like a year ago, I used to use AFS 2 on my Laptop and all worked fine . The blue hands where there and I could fly fully in VR like an angel ;) but now I can't really find out in what direction go to search for this problem because both Laptop and PC doing same problem. Also restart and starting only AFS 4 at first thing is not helping , Also I checked any window overlapping ,but there is not ( also no taskmanager open or some progs. I know , what could make this problem happen. Is there any vr bindings file what could help (steam_app_1995890_binding_generic) ? thanks.