TCA Sidestick Tech Tip

  • Maybe some of you have done this, maybe not, and I'm just repeating what everybody already knows about the TCA Sidestick rudder issue. BUT...I was sick of it even after tucking the wires away from the rudder sensor as per a YouTube video I watched. So that said here's what "I" did. I tucked the main wires coming out of the stick center post between the receiving screw post on the one side of the stick handle inside and the outside edge of the stick handle casing and hot glued them in place so they don't get crimped when you reclose and screw the handle back together. Then I hot glued the sensor in place where it sits inside the handle. Then I put a little hot glue on the spot where the sensor will mate in the other 1/2 side of the handle, and simply screwed it all back together. "Voila" ! problem fixed. No play in the handle when your gripping it and holding it while you fly. The rudder is now solid, no more wiggle left and right. :thumbup: