What should really be added.

  • Good day everyone one. On behalf of all the Aerofly fans, I would like to add my personal suggestion on what should be added to aerofly2024. Aerofly, in my own opinion, is “the MSFS of all mobile flight simulators” but on a very serious note, I think there are several things that need to be added in order for it to become everyone’s favorite mobile simulator. My suggestion are as follows:

    • Please try as much as possible to increase the length and width of the international runways such as London Heathrow because the runway seems very little relative to other simulators. Personally I don’t think this is an issue to stressed about as I don’t see it as “a very important matter” we the players could train ourselves on how to land wide-bodied aircrafts on the short runways. I’m just trying to say that it would be nice if you do so.

    •This second point is very important as it is very serious issues which increases the rate of crash landings, overrunning the runway and go rounds. Please you the manufacturers should try as much as possible to add vibrations in the cockpit due to the surface of the runways so that individual players can know when they have landed. There has been many accounts when I personally skid off the runway not knowing I’ve even landing and for me personally, it is a very annoying case and sometimes I just get very annoyed and turn off the simulator and go do something else so please unlike the previous bullet, this should be added as it is very important, helpful and would increase the realism of the simulator.

    •please you should also try to enhance the cockpit callouts like all popular, “v1…rotate” as I noticed that this isn’t in the simulator. This will help increase realism of the simulator.

    •this point is for the request of the frequently requested aircrafts, the Airbus A350 and the A330. I advise that the introduction of these aircrafts would increase the demand for the game as they (the aircrafts listed) as favorites of many avgeeks out there as they would want to fly their favorite aircraft, I personally don’t take any of this two aircrafts as my favorite because my favorite aircraft, the Boeing 777 is available and I thank you for providing it.

    • There should be realistic crashes to add to the realism

    • You should also add the smoke that is produced as a result of the aircraft’s landings gear skidding on the runway when it lands. This will greatly add to the realism of the game in terms of the external view of an aircraft’s landing performed by and individual player.

    • There should be more realistic missions. What l’m express is that missions should have a finish point at the gate of the airport designated as the destination of the particular mission where the player can see his/her achievements in the mission just completed. And you should try as much as possible to add ground services which would again, increase the realism and demand for the game.

    These are my personal opinions which I have highly evaluated and found out that with this few features added, there will be massive increase in terms of deman of the simulator. Personally speaking , I would pay a larger amount such as £10 to purchase Aerofly 2024 if it comes with most if not all of the suggestions listed above. IPACS I need you to trust me, follow my advice and add this features to the simulator and watch Aerofly BLOOM! Thank you for the time taken to read this.