Creating panoramic scenery for Aerofly RC9

  • Hi there - I am mid way through creating a new panoramic scenery for Realflight RC9, and I thought it might be a good time to create one for Aerofly at the same time and give it to the community here.

    My goal is fairly modest - I have a high resolution panoramic photo of the field, and the main thing I want to do is create the field in the sim so that it looks great along with making basic collisions possible for the buildings, trees and fences.

    Has anyone documented how to do it? I've had a look at the Aerofly 5 manual and it seems to be entirely concerning the creation of planes. It did mention that a license file would be needed and that is a complication. I have a full MacOS licence for Aerofly RC 8 and 9, and Windows (steam, standard) license for Aerofly 7. Is that going to be a problem?

    I can muddle my way through most of this, but some help on how to use the af5-createpano-x64.exe executable along with its expected inputs etc would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for any help - M.

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  • Hello,

    you can read this :

    aeroflyRC7 Szenerie erstellen
    aeroflyRC7 Szenerie erstellen Dieses Tutorial begleitet Sie in 10 Schritten zur eigenen Szenerie. Folgen Sie beim ersten Mal genau den einzelnen Schritten und…

    it's for RC7.

    For RC8/9 you must ask to Ikarus support for converting your project.