Additional Liveries/Aircraft....

  • Hello,

    I am new/rookie to AEROFLY having jumped ship from XP12(long time user).

    I was wondering if there are any shareware/freeware aircrafts or liveries available for download/use.

    Specifically interested in additional small aircrafts (Piper/Cessna).

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank You! :)

  • Welcome to Aerofly! While it might not have as extensive a freeware community as X-Plane, there are still some user-created aircraft and liveries available for Aerofly. You can check forums, websites, and community platforms related to Aerofly for downloads and discussions. It's a good idea to explore dedicated Aerofly forums or communities to find what you're looking for and get advice from fellow enthusiasts. Happy flying! 😊✈️