• Boeing 737-900 Liveries


    The Boeing 737-900 is operated by a multitude of airlines around the world. So far, we have seen liveries from KLM, Lionair, Turkish Airlines, United, and Oman Air. However, I would like to ask if Delta will be represented. Although Delta do not operate the standard -900 but instead the -900ER, it would greatly improve flying with the 737-900 as Delta is the largest operator of the type, with a total of 163 of them. Additionally, since Delta hubs such as LAX, Seattle, and LaGuardia are implemented, it would make sense to include a Delta livery because of the widespread use of the type on many different types of flights, from 30-minute regional hops or 6-hour transcontinental flights which almost surpass the 2930nmi range of the type. A custom registration feature would also be cool because there are so many 737-900ERs in each airline's fleet that it would be nice to see each individual aircraft. As an example of this diversity, I have personally flown on N807DN, N834DN, N848DN, N850DN, N854DN, N873DN, and N878DN.

    The final thing that I believe many people would like to see are the famous „split-scimitar" winglets which have been installed over the past 7-8 years. Airlines such as Alaska, United and Delta, have equipped most of or all of their 737-900s with the fuel-efficient winglet, so this would add realism and diversity to the simulator along with looking absolutely fantastic! This would be rather easy to develop as modeling a winglet is something that I would believe to be quick so it would be nice to see.

    One more thing: will KMSP be implemented?

    Please feel free to share more ideas in the comments.



    Split Scimitar Winglet

    Images of N873DN at KSEA

    Kind regards and safe flying.


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  • At this time I don't know which liveries will be included when the 737 is released or which new regions will be added. But of course we will expand the regions over time and can also add new repaints later on.

    I would love to see split-scimitar winglets but they are not yet modeled. The Max will have the new Max winglets of course. We might add them at a later date.



  • Of course i'm ready to pay but i just cross fingers there will not have subscriptions for any product... 🤞🤞

    I'm ready to pay 40€ one time than subscription.

    That would be nice- as much as I have loved Aerofly over the past six years, having to buy planes this year was annoying but I will pay the fee if it means that I get another year of quality flight simulation.

    Cya :) ,