[ENHANCEMENT ARTICLE] Improvements Necessary for Geneva Region

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    Good evening,

    Seeing as Geneva is one of the oldest areas in Aerofly, it needs to be respected. I bought FS2 in 2017 originally solely because Geneva was one of the main airports in the game. Since then, the simulator has expanded significantly so it is time for IPACS to revisit its roots. Although the airport LSGG was updated with EasyJet static models last year, it still doesn't do justice to represent the diplomatic capital of the world. With a length of 12'795 feet, RWY 04/22 is one of the longest in Europe, even reaching into France!. In the game, it is numbered as 05/23 but was changed to 04/22 in 2018 in real life. This should be fixed (Change to 04/22) along with poor modelling of some aprons along taxiway A up to the threshold of RWY 22. Its borders should be enhanced and the aprons should have more detail. Also, some kind of static A321 (like the Swissair one that used to be present) should be at these aprons to represent the Aeroflot A321 that has been there for over a year. In terms of parking, we need more spawning locations since the old, central location was removed in favour of two spawning locations positioned entirely away from the terminals.

    However, the nearby Palexpo convention centre is modelled but the new longhaul terminal „EAST WING" should be added to bring the airport into the 2020's. It is equipped to handle six widebody aircraft such as Delta 767s, Saudia 787s, Etihad 787s, Air Canada 777s, Swiss A330s, and even some Easyjet Switzerland flights!

    Speaking of EasyJet Switzerland, they operate an ever-expanding network of flights from Geneva (Geneva-Rabat starting tomorrow!) and the Euroairport Basel. I have seen requests on this forum dating back to 2021 asking for an EasyJet A320. That is my greatest wish because I would be able to fly from my native Geneva and nearby Basel to many places in Europe and beyond using the A320. I would prefer such an aircraft to have sharklets but there is an issue: with FS2023, all sharklet decorations was removed and replaced with a HIDEOUS blank grey winglet.

    Great view, horrid winglet

    This detracts from realism. Please fix this and allow us to have winglet liveries once again.

    Luckily, we do have some planes that serve Geneva. Various CRJs, the Lufthansa 737-500 (a long time ago, almost beyond my living memory), Airfrance A320 (WHICH DESPARATELY NEEDS THE NEW LIVERY), the Lufthansa A320, the Air France Concorde (flew there once), Saudia 747, and many others are represented. THIS REMINDS ME HOW MUCH WE NEED THE EASYJET A320 AND NEW LIVERY AIR FRANCE A320. I don't want to seem like a nag but I only care about improving this wonderful simulator.

    I've noticed some weird hills on the north side of the airfield that do not exist in real life. Similar terrain errors are present at LFPG between the terminal 2E and the runways. Also, La Côte/LSGP airport could be added in Nyon VD which provides a better place for GA aircraft to explore the picturesque and marvelous Haut-du-Jura region.

    I am OVERJOYED to see that that Geneva will be represented with 3-D in FS2024. For that, I am very grateful as my wonderful city will be represented beautifully. I found this video a few months ago:

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    There is a slight issue with the ILS approaches for RWY 22. When an ILS approach and a STAR are programmed in, a discontinuity is created that cannot be removed. This is unrealistic as there is no manual vectoring in real life and aircraft can use LNAV all the way in using the 115.75 VOR. The STARs are also odd. There is an abbreviated form of LUSA1N using the GLA DME which is not implemented along with a combined AKIT2R approach.

    Hopefully these things can be added in an attainable manner. Please fix these things if possible.



    Kind regards and safe flying.


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  • It WOULD add a lot to the sim. Jet-Pack (IPACS) , please at least add those three liveries. It would be easy and improve the sim significantly. The Qantas A380 livery is lacking because there are errors on the stabilizer (see my gallery page to find the picture) and it is outdated. The Air France A320 is woefully outdated so adding the current livery would make flights in France and the rest of Europe far better. EasyJet would be good for miscellaneous charters and flights from the UK and Switzerland to holiday destinations. Also, please fix the A320's sharklets so they display colors/branding.

    VH-OQD- Airbus A380-842

    HB-JXN- A320-214SL

    F-GKXC- A320-214 (Wingfences)

    Kind regards and safe flying.