• Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    Great news comes in the form of the Aerofly Global page in the Google Play Store! It provides good improvements but requires a subscription. I do have a few requests:

    1) Can Europe be downloaded onto the device for offline play?

    2) When will it release for iOS and what will the minimum device requirements be?

    3) Can there be some kind of expensive purchase to buy everything out (~$40-60) instead of paying a subscription? (My Apple ID doesn't handle subscriptions)

    Please answer in a timely manner. I am travelling to Australia in a few weeks so I would like to be able to quickly buy the sim when it is released. While I am excited to try the new sim and its innovations (I've also heard that an easyJet A320 is implemented!), I may stick to FS2023 if I can't at least download Europe.

    Kind regards and safe flying.