I appoagise but stil disheartened

  • I would like to say sorry to iPacs for my previous posts running down fs global iOS, after reading so many upset users of the sim on iOS I understand where they are coming from , think about it , we have global destinations now rite ! But what is the point of flying from say , Frankfurt which looks ok quite dense in buildings on my iphone12 no taxiway lites , to an airport to find their is no airport but their is a runway , for me as it is now this sim is best for full nite flying only , dawn day dusk flying best for fs23 , seeing what my device can handle it does feel like the sim has gone backward in visual detail , structures buildings etc , I don’t understand why Frankfurt , airports around Sweden as example look fine detailed , then go to US Seattle airport and theirs just about the main terminal drawn , or London city a runway only like a lot of airports I seen so far , spawn testing

  • 4gig on device , on fs 23 airports are amazing detail as is res of scenery , I noticed on global iOS on the nav location page if you set a start position at airport , and start amediatly before letting the map resolution fully load up , the aircraft will be sitting on a blurry field , is this a lag in server or other issues