• I currently use the copilot for cruise altitudes but I noticed when starting a flight flaps are automatically set.
    Is there an option to use copilot but not have the flap automatically set ?

  • When you start on the runway the flaps are always set correctly right from the beginning. This is always the case without any assistance or copilot.

    You can enable and disable the assistance for auto-flaps so that the flaps are automatically positioned before takeoff and adjusted automatically throughout the flight as needed.

    As long as the copilot is selected on from the menu interface in the lower right it also automatically sets flaps and gear. It would cause many issues if we allow users to allow a copilot takeoff without flaps for example or a landing with the wrong flaps or gear up. That's why the copilot needs to be able to set the flaps and gear correctly when ever it is active.