New Turtle Beach Velocity One Flightdeck Throttle not working in Aerofly FS4

  • Hello Everyone, I hope someone has a solution to this problem.

    I just purchased the new Turtle Beach Velocity One Flightdeck Throttle & Stick yesterday (must say it is really something) but cannot get FS4 Input Devices to recognize it. When I move each throttle forward and backward, the axis slider moves but I am lost as to what to do next to link it to the airliners. The stick works albeit I still need to program the button functions.

    Any step by step help would be greatly appreciated to get the throttle working.

    Velocity One Flightdeck works great in X-Plane 12.

    I am running Windows 11 on an Alienware PC.

    Thanks Mel.

  • To assign an axis go to the controls menu, navigate to the basic assignments first.

    Click on the function (e.g. throttle) that you want to assign in the center, then move the joystick axis that you want to control it with.

    When you want to assign more than one throttle axis go to the multi-engine menus and assign the axis like I just described.