B787-10 and General Improvement Requests

  • Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    Would it be possible for the B787-10 to receive the KLM 100 Years and Qantas (maybe) liveries as well as a correction to United's design? Since relatively few liveries are available, these would be nice to see.

    Also, can the temperature derates be made to work on the B787?

    There are no APU sounds on the aircraft and several other immersive shortfalls which I'd like to be fixed.

    Finally, why are the "spiral" patterns in the centre of the engine on the central cone nonexistent on the B787-10 when they clearly exist on the GEnx?

    The Q400 and A320 should also receive new liveries at some point and KMSP should be made 3D.



    Kind regards and safe flying.


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