LUKLA!! (Challenge thread)

  • Finally we got LUKLA!! :love:

    Now we all understand what was taking so much time: attention to detail.

    Congratulations to the whole IPACS crew for such an astonishing creation. This is getting into serious business with its quality. I recommend the sim to every enthusiastic person if aviation that I encounter.

    I can't say I like it, because I LOVE IT!! Amazing job from Ipacs team. It's the best lukla representation I've ever seen in any mobile sim of this airport.

    All being said... Here is the CHALLENGE that I propose as a celebration for this new airport to my fellow simmers out there:

    Take off using Concorde. 8o

    And to showcase it's possible (but not easy), I already did it on my third try.

    Here's the link to the video of my challenge.

    Let's see those skilled pilots out there!