• I believe I have Located the position of the Yambaitok (AYYZ) airstrip; very famous in the bush pilots social media.

    I use to see those pilots fly from airstrip to airstrip in their adventures.

    Since I believe you are just now working on a South Asia developments could this area be implemented?

    It's as simple as a few airstrips. No need for much details since they don't have any. Although some improved terrain resolution and height elevation would also be required if a landing is going to take place in those.

    The blurry brown "f" (lowercase) close o the river is actually the strip despite not looking like it. (I'll link in the next post how it actually looks)

    Right now despite locating the airstrips terrain don't reflect any possible landing area (not leveled, nor plain and inclined either). It will almost all the time end up in a crash, and also looking at a very blurred terrain.

    Here are the images of the location.