Inverted flight

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    Can you tell us what exactly you are doing? I just tried to fly the taxi inverted, which is difficulut because of the dihedral of the wings. The airplane wants to escape the inverted flight and its sometimes impossible to counter that with the rudder.

    But the rudder works just like it should. If you fly it slow and straight, then push the elevator all the way through and add rudder to one side the right wing (the one thats moving slower) dropps.

    Keep in mind that it could be phoenix that is doing it wrong. Are you able to record a short video to show us what you mean?
    You can also record the flight in the rc7 and upload that file here so we can rewatch what you did in detail!

    - Jan

  • It is fully normal that a "rudder only" aircraft acts different to rudder application in inverted flight than expected.
    This because of the "wrong" dihedral for inverted flight.
    So it is possible to control direction with rudder only the same way as in normal flight.
    "left rudder" results in "left direction" despite the rudder rotates to the "right".
    Two times wrong results in correct... OK?

  • On the taxi and bird of time,with normal setting controls,rudder is moved by ailerons control and not rudder control(without modifying original setting controls:aileron on left stick,rudder and elevator on right stick).So in inverted flight,rudder seems to work like ailerons.
    So when we turn in inverted flight,ailerons and rudder are in opposite position.Even with a dihedral annoying rudder effect.
    What i want to say is:is the ruudder effect well simulated in inverted flight on RC7?
    One question more:i've not found how give value to angle dihedral.If you can help me,many thanks.
    So thank you for your interest about my question.

  • It is very common (at least in Switzerland) to control 2 axis aircrafts with one stick only.
    So rudder is controlled by "aileron".
    In addition one can mix a certain amount of way from the aileron stick (not in simulator).
    So "aileron" gets not forgotten completely.
    Bird Of Time's flight characteristics in RC7 seems IMHO to be very realistic.
    It is not at all constructed or intended to fly inverted. It is possible, but not a pleasure.
    A minor bug, missing "ground friction", is observed mainly at slope soaring and could be corrected in the control file.
    Dihedral is not to be changed in RC7. It is fixed given.
    In AFPD it was possible to edit it.
    Kind regards Jürgen