Any news on the update?

  • Recognising that we still have some time to wait for the release of the new update, could IPACS please provide their fans with an idea of how the development is progressing and if any other new features are to be added.

    Also I hope the developers are watching the release of infinite flight live with interest. The multiplayer seems very popular although currently very young players are ruining it for the more serious simmers. I don't think that Aerofly FS would experience the same issues due to the very different customer base and target audience.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Gary,

    I know many of you are eager to know when the next update will be available. Again, we are already pretty far with the new update but are still not in the position to post a date yet. We still have to do lots of testing to tune the performance and to remove some bugs. There are some uncertanties that can delay us.

    We have completly reworked our core engine to 'almost' support the complete earth. So with the next version you can, in theory, fly anywhere on earth, however with extremly basic graphics outside our 'hand made' regions. Our biggest issue here is not performance of the mobile devices but rather a memory limitation. We will also add dynamic time and offer the ability to fly at any time of the day.

    So please be patient, we are sure the next update will be well worth waiting :)

  • Thanks for the reply, I am not trying to push for a date of release as I realise that these things take time and I am happy to wait. The whole earth system you mention is interesting and I assume that being developed for international travel for example using the airliners and biz jets as those wanting a short flight in a light aircraft will probably stick to the currently map to enjoy the stunning scenery. I am sure that the basic scenery will still look great at 30,000ft plus which is the height at which most of it will be viewed by most pilots. Will the mobile devices have sufficient memory to support more detailed scenery around particular airports such as Heathrow, Paris and Berlin for those wanting to simulate international commercial flights?


  • I've been waiting day by day for aerofly for awhile I just stopped caring about update stuff and been flying on my x plane fsx and fs9 for the months anyways I downloaded infinite flight again after seeing there update I saw the update they call it and tho it's not much different with maybe it's engine there water is tweaked and stuff infinite flight has a lot of airplanes but becomes way boring to fly when everything looks repeated so I downloaded aerofly and once again I was just astounded I felt like I was flying a computer simulator on my ipad it's amazing with how many updates infinite flight has had and they haven't even come close to the quality of aerofly this next update I have been so eagerly waiting for shire to blow my socks off I really have been trying to be very patient lol but suspense is killing me. As with memory that's not a factor anymore with the new breakthroughs in technology soon coming for Apple it will be interesting to see what route they take aerofly team thanks for the update and again for ur hard work and hours of testing I leave it up to you.

  • We are in the position soon to post more details on the next upcoming iOS version. We really need to do more tests now on the different devices until we can say more.

    Our biggest concern is actually the limited capacity of iOS devices, which forces us to add some program features that allows users to actually manage their scenery content. This is actually our biggest issue right now. Even the smallest iPhone 6 model comes with 'only' 16 GB and we have to make our App look good and smooth on those devices.