Video issue after Mac RC7 update to 7.3.1

  • I've been waiting for this tearing fix, but it's gone much worse now. On my Macbook pro retina with nvidia GT750m it's giving very low frame rates if i enable vsync. Without vsync, even with High settings 8x antialising it runs more than 60 fps, but it does not look smooth. After enabling vsync i often get 30fps or sometimes 20fps. Sometimes after switching between vsync on/off it runs 60fps for while, but soon switch to lower fps. Can i somehow downgrade back to version prior 7.3.1? It was looking smooth & fast on older versions, but not anymore.

  • Any news on this? I still get bad frame rate if vsync is enabled. However i noticed, that its related to automatic switching between intel/nvidia graphics. If i use gfxCardStatus to force discrete graphics only, it works fine with vsync enabled. In dynamic switching mode (OSX default) i see the problem. Maybe you could provide fix, so that on macbook we don't manually need to fiddle with unsupported 3rd party tools...

  • I'm having the same problems with very low FPS, Vsync on or off. Rates generally start around 6-7 FPS and rise to an avg or 17-18 FPS. When the plane is in the sky the rate can go up to 27 FPS. Control response has about a 1 sec delay and shadows disappear as soon as the airplane leave the 'close' area on the ground making the simulator fairly unusable and very unrealistic.

    Running Aerofly 7.3.5 on an early 2013 15" Retina MBP 15" on OS 10.9.5, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM. Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB and 77 GB available on HD.

    I have discarded and re-downloaded the program with no change. I have reset the graphic preferences as outlined in the FAQ section of Aerofly. Even the standard version of the program is running at the same slow frame rates.




  • Usually this sounds like a graphics card driver issue to me. Now I don't know if you can easily change your drivers on MAC but its worth trying. Make sure to use the drivers from the official webpage published by the producer of the graphics card.

    In this case however I really don't know if that improves anything. The intel graphics chip is not that powerfull and the demands from the graphics card are significant at such a high resolution as the retina display provides. Are you already on the lowest graphics settings possible?
    And have you checked the tm.log file for errors?

    If not try that first. I mean my 8 year old laptop could handle the load OK, I doubt that your two year old MAC won't beat that :D




  • Thanks Jan, I may indeed have a graphics card problem. I'll look into the driver issue and also contact Apple about checking the graphics card itself.

    There were some issues in the past but all seem to have been remedied except for the operation of Aerofly 7... which I got in December and has worked amazingly well until a graphic snafu middle of last month. Lots of troubleshooting and long conversations with Apple have remedied everything except my favorite program! Ha.

    This Retina display was King with the program before the hiccup.

    Now I get amazingly low Frame Rates and this - disappearing and mystery shadows:

    Aerofly tech is looking at the problem as well... we'll see what they come up with.