Backup or porting between PCs...

  • Aerofly 2 download is big, so, I wonder if there is an easy process to:

    1) Backup an install on a give PC

    2) Start install it easily into another PC without having to re-download it all again...


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  • We haven't tried this yet, but the following might work:
    - backup Aerofly from Steam's application/common folder
    - copy the backup to the same location in the Steam folder on the second PC
    - start the Steam client and use the same user account
    - select play/install, when asked where to put the 'download' select the folder you copied Aerofly to
    - the Steam client checks the files and only downloads what has been added/changed since the backup

    Again, this is not verified but you might wan't to give it a try.

  • Well,

    right now I am re-installing AEFS2 in a PC with a very fast internet access, and am willing to transfer the install to my home desktop.

    I would like to use the above suggested process, but, was it confirmed that it works that way ?

    Thank you

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  • I was able to successfully move the installation of the Aerofly to another disc on the same computer by:
    - manually moving the files to another Steam library folder that I added,
    - uninstalling the Program in Steam
    - installing it again to the same location where I moved the files, Steam did just verify all files were there (aparently downloaded all files again for that, not sure if it actually did though, happened in a matter of minutes...)