• @support:

    please accept my feedback, too many locations for 1 game resp. 1 consumer group.

    probably some more.

    You maintain all these sites, instead of channelling to 1 main platform?
    Lot of work for you, lot of pain for us.

  • IPACS forum
    The IPACS forum has always been the major support platform for all Aerofly simulators. It's very likely that IPACS support or me reads your issues or bugs here and its easier for me to find them again later or get feedback from the user who initially posted it.

    Steam forum
    The Steam-Forum has been added inheritly because the Aerofly FS 2 PC-version is only available on Steam...
    Personally I don't like the Steam forum as much because of the harder to read "white on black" and its limited text and non-existing embed functions. For me it has become one more platform to maintain, one that could easily be replaced by the IPACS forums but then users would need to register here as well and we can't embed our forums into Steam I don't think... Thats just more of a personal thing...
    IPACS posts the release notes of the product there, which makes sense because the

    The Facebook community largely consists of mobile users as far as I know. There are a lot of feature and aircraft requests there but not always as polite as here or on Steam. (GIMME xyz NOW!) I think IPACS has teased their new aircraft there because the people there are most hyped about that, whilst on Steam I usually read feedback that wants deeper systems.

    This one is largely independant from the others, its a static representation of the current products, I'd keep that.

    > Solution?
    To me it would make sense to put the teasers from Facebook into this IPACS forum and also put a copy of the release notes (which still belong to the product) also here, but I am not the one to decide that.

    Also there have been requests for a public bug-reporting location, I can see why you would want that. Currently its would be one more platform again and we would need to synchronize its content with our own personal "offline" todo-lists. But yes that could remove douplicate issues reported by several people.