DR400 "cold and dark" start

  • I was wondering if it is possible to have the DR400 "cold and dark" on first loadup? Like having the engine and lights shut off and the hood open. Should be possible by editing the .tmd file, right? I've done some editing before but im still totally lost. Any hints please ? :confused:

  • Yes you can edit the .tmd file to change the default state. I'd search for "input_binary" or other control_input objects. Change their default "Value" to an off state. Search for the "CutOff" or something like that and find the servo or input that controls it to cut the engine per default.

  • Thanks for the help, i got her completely dark now: engine off, main battery switch off, lights off, com and nav off and the hood open.
    But i can't manage to activate the parking brake. I know how to set the friction lock but i cant find a way to have the handle pulled on default.

  • Look for a servoclassic or servolinear with the name ParkingBrakeLever or something like that. Make its initial "Position" value to "1.0". Then "go back the chain" (check the input of the parking brake lever) and make their default values to a 1.0 as well.

  • Well it took me 3 hours but i finally got it working and afterall its just changing two 0 to 1 :D
    Good thing i can pretty much copy this for the cessna

    Thank you very much
    I'm pretty new to flightsims but i really like this part of the game lol