Release the Android update?

  • I know many of you are waiting for a new Android update. The truth is, that its very difficult for us to maintain this platform, especially due to the huge difference in devices performances.

    And simply saying, lets neglect all those users with slow Android devices, you are forgetting that those users make way more than 90% of our customer base! So delivering the update like you have testing in the Alpha channel basically means Aerofly FS 2 will no longer run smooth on 90% of all of our users.

    Apple is making it much simpler for us: First of all the number of devices is much lower and Apple also allows to target newer and faster devices a lot more selectively.

    We are not banning Android as a supported platform but we cannot push updates out as fast as we want. Just adding a minor small new feature or graphic enhancement basically requires us to test a huge amount of devices again and unfortunately many of those devices do have some serious performance quirks with their 3d drivers, making live very difficult for us.

  • There can't be many Android users left having gone over 12 months without update, and with the last released market build having broken navigation. I would personally advise that you either cut the older devices loose and move forwards, or just end your support for the platform.
    It hasn't felt supported for a long time now.

  • Nik, its actually the other way around! We managed to get new Android users and to increase our revenue, but looking at the statistics, most users have very slow or older devices. So the new features we introduced in the latest Beta built will come, but we need to find a way to circumvent the bugs we encountered on many devices with respect to terrain rendering and performance.