Reflections on windows

  • I notice the Learjet seems to have some sort of moving reflections when you are in the cockpit. When you move around the reflection changes according to your position. It still seems to be a static pictures that is being moved around but the effect is nice. All other planes I flew so far have completely static 'reflections' which imho look rather awful because they look like pictures or stickers being pasted on the window... Specially in VR. I flew the 737 today and when I looked around things looked great but those 'reflections' that seemed etched into the windows spoiled the immersion for me.

    Any change all planes will get reflections like the Learjet? If not, any change on an option to turn reflections off? (I know I can edit specific files to get rid of the reflections but apart from that not being convenient I also often have no clue which files to rename (like with the 737) and maybe this can also lead to problems with future updates.) If all this won't happen a list of which files to rename would be nice too. ;)