Once again cannot play due to update

  • I am again unable to play the sim because ****** Steam is updating a 12 GB AFS2 update.
    This is totally unacceptable. I have no options to refuse updates nor an option to download the update in my own time via a non Steam option like via a download manager. It is fine for those with high speed internet but at 200 Kbps I am notified it will take me 1.5 DAYS to download this update rendering the game/sim unplayable.
    I hate Steam for this reason alone.
    Thanks for listening.
    PS. Yes I have been through ALL the options available in Steam from Offline ( "an error has occurred in downloading the update as you have no internet connection") etc etc etc.

  • You do have various options in Steam to avoid the download of updates. First of all its strongly recommended to opt out of the Beta program for Aerofly FS 2 as this will receive lots of updates in short intervals. The Beta interval does not offer any benefits to you as it may contain test versions or even unstable versions.

    The next thing we recommend is to stay in Steam Offline mode. This will prevent Steam from going online at all, thus no download of updates.

    If you want to stay online with Steam, you can set times where Steam is allowed to download updates. To do this follow these steps:

    • Start Steam client and choose Steam->Settings
    • Then choose 'Downloads'
    • Look for a field called 'Download Restrictions' and check 'Only auto-update games between:' and enter a time window where you are usually not using your computer.
    • Whenever you have time to update your Steam games, just go to the Settings again and disable this feature
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I am unable to untick AFS2 Beta option. The option is unavailable and remains on Beta.Maybe you can help in this.
    I have done the suggested download times setting.
    I am offline,
    Still won't allow me to play.
    What happens if i choose the "Clear download cache" option? Will it remove only the current partial download of AFS2 or ALL downloaded items in my my Steam Apps?

  • And Steam is a sort of download manager. You can download for 5 hours and then shut the PC off and go to bed. Next day it will continue to download the update at the same place and not start from the beginning. Or am I wrong?

  • Thanks but not really the same as using an external, non Steam download. Yes i can log out of Steam and the download stops but my problem is not about stopping the download more about the game being unavailable.
    So far I have restricted the time permissable to download to 11pm to 6am.
    I have managed to get out of the Beta programme
    I have Deleted the download Cache.
    I start Steam in Offline mode.
    Non of those has prevent the download from starting/continuing.
    My Steam programme is not on C drive so maybe it is making all the changes but not actually implementing them.
    Opening Steam in Offline after rebooting the PC having made all the changes it started the download again !
    Edit:I now see that non of the changes I have made have been applied.
    I also have no option regarding Automatic Updates. It only offers
    1. Always keep the game up to date
    2. Only Update when I launch the game
    3. High Priority always update this game before others

  • Man, you must be addicted!? Just start the download wait 2 days and play then? Where is the problem? Meanwhile go outside for a walk or swimming... or play an another game or sim... :rolleyes:

  • No addiction at all but thanks for the unnecessary comment.
    There are others in my house who need to use the internet for far more serious uses than me just downloading a sim addon. Therefore it would not be 2 days but well over that period as i would need to stop the download as the download takes up all the available bandwidth of my net connection rendering the net unavailable to others. I have the same problem with Windows 10 updates rendering the net as non usable until updates finish downloading. My wife had a new laptop and it updated to the Anniversary edition over a period of 8 hours. No one else could use the net.
    So you see it is nothing to do with being impatient, addicted or juvenile in my demands. It is to do solely with my poor internet connection in relation to very large GB downloads.
    By the way I do fly P3D 99% of the time. Thankfully it is not on Steam and I can play and download when i want and when convenient.

  • You can set the download bandwidth in steam and download 4 days (96 KB/s e.g. 16 KB/s is the smallest setting). So others can do their very serious and important internet stuff. I just don't understand your ranting.