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    The view position is on the outside for a reason, because there is no cabin modeled for most airliners. We are currently evaluating if perhaps we can create a generic seat and window model for all aircraft that is visible when you sit at the passenger seat. But at the moment we do not plan to model each cabin of each airliner as this takes a lot of work and requires a bit of performance to render and is almost never visible.

    It looks like the route on the navigation display connects the two latitude/longitude points directly. This is not correct though, because you want to fly the shortest distance between the two points, which is the great circle not the constant heading angle. The autopilot is doing it correctly but the navigation display in the cockpit does not represent the actual route correctly (same with the flight info). I thought this bug was already fixed a while ago...

    As far as I know the approach armed and VS at -500ft/min has been a feature since Aerofly FS 2019 or even earlier.

    If you have an ILS tuned or the assistance auto-tuning active it usually captures the LOC and G/S modes with away so that you only need to press the AP button to perform an autoland on the A320, A380, B747, B777 or B787. And it is a great guidance on approach.

    The V/S mode at 500ft/min is activated so that a steeper glide slope is also captured even if the flight begins below the glide.

    As we have seen in social media channels you can still open some doors in flight if the differential pressure from the cabin and outside is not too large....

    But I should probably lock the doors when the aircraft sets takeoff thrust and unlock them after touching down.

    Please post a screenshot of this situation if you encounter it again. Please also make a screenshot of the navigation menu so that we can reproduce your flight.

    The autopilot itself cannot control the flaps. Only the simulated copilot can do this. Did you use the menu in the lower right corner of the screen (copilot menu) or did you use the autopilot by pushing the buttons in the autopilot panel inside the virtual cockpit?

    Thanks. At the moment the ALT button should illuminate after the altitude is captured (deviation less than 50ft). It should probably be changed to illuminate as soon as it changes from the previous mode to ALT in the mode annunciator.

    The autopilot is controlling pitch and roll if there is no mode selected, that's why the FD bars are still visible even if the active mode is not visible. If you have any real world photos or videos where we can see that the FD bars disappear when no mode is selected then I can easily change this behavior.

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately at the moment we do not have more airports in the US available but we are constantly working on more regions in the world.

    The image on the right is a cumulonimbus cloud (Cb), a.k.a. anvil-cloud thunderstorm. The one one the left looks more like a layer of alto cumulus (Ac) or cirrus (Ci) above cumulus congestus (Cu con). I agree it would be great to have these in the sim but unfortunately this isn't added in in the blink of an eye, it's quite complicated to render clouds and takes a lot of performance and performance optimization work.

    Hello Jan, it would be really nice if you could add this view for A320, because unfortunately twice, my code file in the C:\ database that I had modified has been deleted? It's annoying to add it every time despite a backup.

    So it would be nice if this additional camera was added by default. THANKS!

    Every time there is an update Steam just overwrites the files. If you have made changes in the mean time they get deleted, that's why I always mention making a backup is necessary before and after you have made changes. I know it is cumbersome to re-do your changes but this way you at least you get all the new cameras that we have added.