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    Well...I have been promoting Aerofly a lot on the Facebook group Helicopter Flight Simulation.
    Most people over there are aware of Aerofly, biggest complaint is the lack of worldwide scenery, and the quality of water, lack of dynamic weather etc....

    So they prefer X Plane 11 mostly, more helicopters too for that sim, but some became aware of the good helicopter flight dynamics of Aerofly.
    Quite a few of them have started with Aerofly now we have four helicopters, a few years back it was only the R22 so interest was low.

    Hello Peter,

    I dont know why it should be more interesting ( and they dont buy or use ) because of " to less helicopters"

    Why is it necessary for a Sim-pilot fly every X weeks (or month) get new different new Helis ? ( its nice ... ok .. but not necessary)

    I think 98% of most AF2 Pilots fly and check everything you can do in the Sim and echaust all possibilities ..and even when ... I can fly every 2 weeks the same Plane or Heli in same scenery .. without to bore :) ...

    but it looks like I am not like most other pilots ..... :) ;)

    So it is ...

    but .... It surprises me ... that not many thinks written about FS2 in many sim forums and show on youtube etc ... .

    Even people who seems to be very deep into sim flying things .... on youtube (for example)

    often don't even know anything about Aerofly FS 2?

    How can that be?

    Anytime I show other simmers my FS2 ...they couldn't believe that it existed and they didn't know it

    ( and they are "Flight-Sim-Profis" since years )

    So I think only our community here can change this ;)

    , but I think it is wrong that the updates take about months to be released due to perhaps a very small team.

    So ... and what is your suggestion to change this ?


    Hire some "airplane programmers" and pay 1 year in advance until they are ready to bring something forward to the project?

    Have you ever seen how small this community is?

    Do you even have a million to do this?

    YES ?

    Then don’t complain here in the forum, but send the company IPACS an email

    "Hello, I have a million euros here, and I would like to make it available for you so that it goes faster.

    If it works, I would like 1, 1 million back in 2 years, if it didn't work, it's a donation!

    I think Ipacs will be happy that someone is worth so much a new update.


    Everyone would like it if something new comes, some would certainly want to pay for it, but it is and will always be the decision of IPACS ...

    where did they promise you something ... that was not kept ? ?

    For me ... it sounds like ..

    your head swing / pan ... 3 degree left ... and the VR Hardware shows for your eyes 10 dgree left ... like this ?

    Mir "reicht" der Sim , auch wenn nicht dauernd was neues kommt.

    Wäre zwar auch nicht schlecht wenn was neues von Ipacs kommt, und wenn ich das haben will, bezahle ich auch gerne dafür ...

    Ich muss aber nicht dauernd neue Flugplätze anfliegen, da es keinen anderen VR-Sim gibt der mir diese Qualität liefert und so problemlos und schnell startet und auch FPS-mässig so geil abliefert, gibt es eh keine Alternative für mich.

    Habe ich auch Freude daran einen Flugplatz 2 oder 3 mal anzufliegen oder auch mal über ein Gebirge zu fliegen das ich bereits schon mal überflogen habe ?!

    Ich weiss nicht so recht warum alle Nase was neues dazukaufen muss und dass einem da "langweilig" wird ...

    ich habe noch LANGE nicht alles ausprobiert was der Sim mir bietet.

    Und selbst wenn ... versuche ich z.B. meine Kunstflugfertigkeiten zu verbessern, oder mit dem Heli neue Übungen zu fliegen oder was auch immer.

    Klar gibt es noch min. 20 Dinge die ich auch gerne im Sim hätte ... aber wenn die nicht kommen, werde ich den FS bestimmt nicht deinstallieren ode raufhören ihn zu fliegen !

    Und ausserdem ist auch an meiner Hardware noch immer endlos etwas zum weiterverbessern .. .da habe ich noch jahrelang was vor :)

    ---------google translation-----------------

    It wouldn't be bad if there was something new from Ipacs, and if I want that, I'll be happy to pay for it ...

    But I don't have to constantly fly to new airfields, since there is no other VR Sim that provides me with this quality and starts quickly and without problems and also delivers moderate FPS, I also enjoy flying to an airfield 2 or 3 times or even over to fly a mountain range that I have already flown over ?!

    I don't really know why everyone has to buy something new and that one gets "bored" ...

    I haven't tried everything the Sim offers for LONG.

    And even if ... I try to improve my aerobatic skills, for example, or to fly new exercises with the helicopter or whatever.

    Of course there are still at least 20 things that I would like to have in the sim ... but if they don't come, I will definitely not uninstall the FS or stop flying it!

    And besides, there is still endless something to improve on my hardware ... because I have plans for years :)

    Hello to all aircraft designers :)

    if you dont know what to do next :) :)

    I have 2 nice projects ( can help with flightdynamics, pictures, drawings ...whatever )

    It will be nice to fly it also in Sim ...and not only in real life :)

    (50 years old ) Fuji FA-200–180 ...

    Aerobatic +6 -3 G

    Besatzung 1

    Passagiere 3

    Länge 8,17 m

    Spannweite 9,42 m

    Höhe 2,59 m

    Flügelfläche 14 m²

    Leermasse 650 kg

    max. Startmasse 1150 kg

    Reisegeschwindigkeit 185 km/h

    Höchstgeschwindigkeit 237 km/h

    Dienstgipfelhöhe 5790 m

    Reichweite 1400 km


    Sirocco nG :

    120 kg , deregulated , light UL

    Besatzung 1

    Passagiere 0

    Länge 6,1 m

    Spannweite 9,22 m

    Leermasse 120 kg

    Max. Startmasse 250 kg

    Reisegeschwindigkeit 85 km/h

    Höchstgeschwindigkeit 110 km/h

    Reichweite 300 km

    I happened to read this text here .. (for future: when it comes to our website ... its faster and easier to use our forum or write to me, that I see this.)

    I think our serversoftware try protect that your account isnt hacked and you dont give your login-data to other users.

    For this ... the software checked if you have "blacked" (bad) emailadresses from servers who work for hackerthings

    or which are often badly noticed( there are lists of this in the net )

    and also check if there could be any clues that you account is used from diffent persons / computers.

    ( everone accapted that at registration in our disclaimer and Netikette (…im-forum-netikette-rules/ ) No 6.

    So if our serversoftware makes an mistake, and you have problems like this, write me a mail or in our forum ,

    I will check this and unlock the account by hand ( if this is the problem ) .

    Hello Dave .. yes is a great sim ... i wonder that in some "simulation bubbles" Aerofy FS2 is unknown ...

    To everyone :

    Tell the internet communities that there is (since years) one of the best

    Sim`s expecially for VR and FAST starting (and not 30 minutes configuring + booting before flying) ... ( thats what i hate in other sims )

    And also with great physics ... make videos for youtube and facebook :) Tell it everyone .. ( gooooo ...tell it to the mountains ... ;) :) )

    I think ... the more users buy Aerofly , the better the manufacturer can develop ( and thats good for everyone here )