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    Also mir ist die Aussenansicht egal, da ich auch "in echt" mich selten von draussen im Flieger sehe :)

    .. finde es aber gut in VR meinen Körper und möglichst viel "drumherum" innen zu sehen.

    Co-Pilot(in) Stewardess, Paxe... etc ...

    Am besten alle animiert, das sollte noch mehr VR-Immersion geben...

    Was mir aber besonders wichtig wäre, ist die Unterstützung von 3...4...5.. 6- Motion DOF Hardware.

    Dear FrankLFRS ... I am not in the Ipacs team ...

    but I think you are also long enough here on the server like me...that you have to know :

    Everytime when users ask THIS question, they always write :

    they dont write any infos like this.

    Here are plenty of THIS questions ...and on everyone they tell the same.

    AND now the big question : why should they answer you this details now ? ? :/ ^^


    Yikes !, that's a lot of scenery. Is there a way to download them amass instead of each one individually...?


    No, you have to found what you want, and download + install this.

    "One Pack" download of our complete database ( more than 1.5 TB ) on my server -> many users download this ...

    will explode the download and I think our private and free server will go down. ( and most time, so big files will abrupted

    and then the users (often with bad bandwith) try again...and again...and again ... )

    ( we discuss last years often about files sizes, some wants to upload a > 20 GB Files ...but many many in the world hat corrupted

    files and try same big files many times ( so bandwith going down for all ) so we decided (after many dicussions) max 3 -4 GB Files each.

    The costs for (good) servers are high, we have a really good backbone and powerfull server, but we have also really MANY + BIG files,

    and as you see, we are no company ... and try to make it since years ... that everyone can download

    the files he wishes for free, what the user wants. But sometimes its hard. :)

    Ich hab mit gar nix meine Probleme, nur mit blöden Ausagen! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Das ist aber in der neuen Version nur so. War beim RC 8 nicht. Und den bin ich stundenlang geflogen....

    Also ICH kenne es nur so , dass wenn man jemand oder etwas zu UNRECHT "beschuldigt" und wütende Smilies postet, und danach

    aber rauskommt dass man wohl >rtfm< nicht gemacht hat (es also wohl ein "selbstgemachter Fehler" war ) ...

    dass man sich entschuldigt ... und nicht den Leuten die einem (kostenlos) helfen auch noch weiter an "die Karre p*sst" ...

    Aber vielleicht bin ich wohl einfach zu altmodisch ?!

    Also freeware had copyright, thats no reason/excuse

    also publish the link to illegal things are bad for the author and you show NO RESPECT to the author with linking this .

    No one had a "general right" to files ... its always at the author ... ALWAYS ... what he allows is the right.

    What will you think, when you work hundrets of hours, and you decide what people can do with it,

    and there are some people who didnt care about it and show in public no repect to this ?

    Das macht Sinn P L A Y ...der Ersteller der Dateien hat sie überall aus dem Netz genommen und es alles erklärt

    dass er die Dateien nicht mehr öffentlich machen will.

    Und Du lädst sie ernsthaft hoch ?

    Hast Du zuviel Geld ? Schon mal was von Coypright gehört ? :/

    Mal ganz abgesehen davon dass es einfach UNFAIR ist.



    That makes sense...the creator of the files took them from everywhere on the web and explained it all

    that he no longer wants to make the files public.

    And are you seriously uploading them?

    Do you have too much money? Ever heard of copyright? :/
    Quite apart from the fact that it is simply UNFAIR.

    Defragmentieren macht der Software natürlich nichts aus, es wird ja nur intern auf dem Speicher der Ort "verschoben".

    Aber Defragmentieren macht seit SSD ( also nicht-mechanischen Laufwerken ) keinen Sinn mehr und bringt nichts.

    Früher wo mechanische Köpfe bewegt werden mussten ... machte das durchaus Sinn ... aber auf SSD ist

    das im besten Fall nur "Energieverschwendung" ... und wenn man es extrem sieht ...sogar

    Elektronik-lebensverkürzend ( zwar nicht merklich aber tendenziell ).

    Bringt also nichts.

    So, you tell us ... you buy a product years ago "that didnt had items what you have buy and something is not "repaired" .

    What detailed they sell to you ... what you pay for ... but you didnt get ? ?

    You write this, now you have to write ! what you didnt get , what you have payd.

    I get all what i have buy, and many more :) So you buy a different Simulator ... I think ?

    I never said this aircraft was free.

    But also you dont say here its not for free :)

    I try long time also ... minimum to get my expenses back ... my time and others ...I know that I didnt get payd for this ...

    but it was my pleasure no one have to pay for my hobby :) "selling " or "donation" ...seems (for me) not work ... not before, also after downloads

    But everyone can do it like he want ... but to be fair .. when people know it before hyperlinking , otherwise it

    could looks like "try to generate more visitors" ...also when you dont want to try it this way ...


    You could tell before ...thats its not for free ...

    no problem to pay something ...

    but not fine to link to your pages ...and dont tell before ...

    And the sound is also for modellmotor, or only for the original motor-sound like in this video ?