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    Hi Psionmark,

    Nice idea, and thank you for sharing.

    I'm not sure what the size criteria is meant for, I'd suggest instead the main runway type and size, but that's for sure more work to fill in.

    Regarding details : there's a typo at Grenchen and you forgot several Swiss places like LSGY Yverdon-les-Bains, LSGB Bex, LSGN Neuchâtel, ... ;)

    Keep up the good work



    To get rid of issues like that this roof separating from the main building, a very efficient workaround is to set absolute height instead of relative to ground.

    For that purpose you just set autoheight_override to 0 and object reference altitude AMSL in Z coordinates.

    Code example below with an object called chelles 04, manually placed at 59.5m AMSL

    <[vector3_float64][position][2.606150 48.894043 59.5]>

    In order to define that Z coordinate, you just move the dev camera next to your object location in AFS2 and using CTRL+F1 keys you can read various stuff, including altitude in meters. Just report it as Z coordinate and you have a good start value. Fine tune as necessary.

    This method has pros and cons :

    + 3D objects never spread into floating subobjects => all potential subobjects use the same height reference whatever the mesh

    + No risk of floating/sunk objects whenever the mesh is late to load (unlike autoheight)

    - Works fine for a dedicated mesh, if you change for another mesh, you might need to fine tune the Z coordinate

    My 2 cents


    There is 20 airfields which arent detailled in the Paris scenery ( France has one of the highest concentration of airfields in the world ). Only 3 are there.

    2 packs of 10 airfields each are going to be released ( assuming they follow the same patern they did on the FSX / P3D version ). Those aren't super precise but much better than what we have now (aka none ) and good enough for a local like me who know them in real life.

    Not quite Étienne,

    There will be a quite exhaustive single pack of 11 highly detailed AD, featuring the same detail level as current Toussus, Lognes or St-Cyr to cover the entire 3DA scenery.

    If most buildings and objects are ported from the the FSX/P3D version, all places are all brand new designs for AFS2, reflecting current or at least recent status.

    6 aerodromes are off 3DA scenery boundaries and won't be modelled, it wouldn't make sense.



    (...) Airports area images seems to be intentionally lowered in Aerofly to create a flat ground. So that’s model loading failure, not elevation problem. (...)

    Yes, it isn't an elelvation problem. It's an airport issue, that are obviously present but for some reason don't show up properly.

    The typical reason could be a missing texture or set of textures that are shared between airports.

    I'm afraid if you don't know exactly what you moved and where, then maybe you can fix this issue but leave behind some other undetected problems that popup in the future...

    Steam has a very convenient feature to check files integrity and repair, you should really try it.

    In case you're using the DVD box, then reinstall.



    Hello Gang,

    I need some feedback from our dedicated followers here.


    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Hi Jetjockey,

    Since you ask, let me share my point of view.

    Thought a) my experience with addon-ons release whatever the simulator (I started designing addon aircraft back in the times of FS4.0 in the early 90's) is most people download stuff, install it, play a couple of times with it, then move on to something new...

    AFS2 users aren't different, except there aren't as many addons available and new ones don't get released as frequently as for other simulators.

    Anyway, look at the forum : there are hardly screenshots or stories involving available sceneries. Most gallery screenshots are showing progress of upcoming or freshly released patches of ground, but a couple of weeks after release they're forgotten.

    Thought b) what does the lambda simmer expect to do when getting a new addon ?

    Install it as quickly and easily as possible and get flying without having to go through long texts.

    Based on this I think the best result is achieved by :

    1) first releasing the scenery with minimal, straight-to-the-point information

    2) let the people get it to work and have the first discovery glances at it - the thing they want to do without having to read books first

    3) after some time release a kind of "discovery tour" pack with all the texts, POI's, adventures and whatever

    This brings the scenery back to life, with simmers that are ready to take on Discovery Tour when it is released.

    If it is released together with the scenery, people just leave it aside (too much information) and forget it with the scenery when they move on to the next product...

    My 2 cents...



    For importing objects in 3DSMax, the best format seems to be wavefront .obj

    Importing collada generates multiple subobjects that cause various troubles afterwards, nothing that cannot be handled in some way, but in most cases no advantage that would be worth the pain.

    MCX can easily write/read/convert both .dae and .obj formats, very convenient



    Good to read that it works !

    If the tmb is named taxiyellow with what you did in 3DSMax, then there should be no need to rename it taxiyellow__nocollision.tmb and edit the tsc file, it should work without.

    Have you tried this ?


    the id 11 and so on..are parts from 3d taxiway light.... and not textured, comes up with color from sketchup.

    This must be first corrected before importing in 3DSMax.

    When you export an object from sketchup, you do it as a collada (.dae), ensuring that all textures are there if any,

    Then you import this collada into MCX and check materials :

    a) if there are color materials, turn them into textures by minimizing drawcalls

    b) ensure each texture has the proper name format as specified by IPACS => lowercases only, no spacing, _color, _light, etc. suffixes

    When done, you export your object with all its textures as a Waveform taxiyellow.obj file that you can easily import in 3DSMax.

    In 3DSmax it's then a single object called taxiyellow => you rename it as taxiyellow__nocollision, select and export selected as taxiyellow.tgi

    The rest is as described in previous mail



    What are ID11, ID19 and so on ?

    Are these parts of the taxi light ?

    If yes then I would do it as follows

    1) in 3DSMax, rename each sub-object with the __nocollision suffix =>




    2) still in 3DSMax, group them all as a single object named for instance taxilight, no more need for the __nocollision suffix :


    -> ID11__nocollision

    -> ID19__nocollision

    -> ...

    3) select taxilight and proceed with export selected to export in your work folder as taxiyellow.tgi

    4) edit the conversion tsc file to reflect this and lauch the converter

    <[vector3_float64][position][8.328086 54.910775 0]>

    5) edit the placement tsc file (the one placing your 120 lights in the scenery) to call taxiyellow as above.

    That's the way I think I did it, but it's a very long time ago.

    Caution : the tm log says IDxx try to use color material, in AFS2 all objects must be textured.



    It's been awhile since I used this,

    but doesn't this also need to be added in order for nocollision to work?

    <[string8][type][object_transparent_atc]> also this removes shadows.

    This is what I used many times in the past to make fake taxi_lines in Sketchup.

    Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

    Regarding grass, yes shadows are another thing to eliminate.

    As far as I can remember though I didn't need this switch for __nocollision to work.

    I haven't much investigated 3D grass integration on my aerodromes while it looked ugly with the shaders in use, it would request quite some color tuning...



    I've only tested yet by renaming my objects in 3DSMax and it worked so far.

    Are you sure you named it correctly, without any syntax error ? With the double underscore ?

    You rename your object to reflect the switch you want to activate.

    Example for a patch of grass.

    Now in case it's a single object you can try simply renaming the TMB file.

    I've not tested yet whether the switch is activated when running the tgi converter, or simply when AFS2 reads the tmb file => to be tested.

    But then your TSC file must call the object with its new name.

    e.g. if taxiyellow.tmb becomes taxiyellow__nocollision.tmb the tsc block should read like that

    <[vector3_float64][position][8.306959569 54.911026 0]>

    You must rework the object itself with that name in it

    I am just disappointed about Paris DLC, because I thought that I would get the same performances when I bought it.

    But I should have paid attention to the minimal requirements on the Steam store page ...

    I tried your settings advice (medium shadow and disabling lights), but I still get a crash with Vulkan.

    I will also try different settings with OpenGL to get the best fps.

    Yes, I can understand your disappointment, but there's no miracle : the Paris scenery is by far the densest scenery over such a range and despite using a highly optimized set of textures, there's no way to load those millions of objects into the graphical engine without sufficient VRAM.

    The settings I proposed are only working on systems with enough VRAM, but in your case you probably get a VRAM shortage that collapses the sim in OpenGL and crashes to desk with Vulkan...

    Of course there's a 14-day refund policy on Steam in case you're unhappy with this outcome.



    It is probably a GTX1060 with only 3GB VRAM like mine, and 8GB of system RAM? As far as I know the GTX1060 is sold with 3GB or 6GB of VRAM.

    You're right, I just looked at the GTX1060 specs, the 3Go VRAM model has no chance, the minimal spec is 6Go VRAM, recommended 8Go...

    The 3Go GC may work with older generation simulators if the CPU is strong enough, but current and upcoming simulators request much more VRAM to run.



    Danke,genau das ist das Problem was ich schon so oft gehört habe!!

    Ich werde mir das DLC nicht kaufen,schade um die 35 Euro:!:

    Mit einer GTX 1080TI mit 11Go VRAM machst du dich keine Sorgen, es geht hier nur um billigen low-end Grafik-Karten... und sowieso kannst du ganz einfach Refund verlangen falls dir das DLC nicht gefällt... einfacher gibt es nicht.

    Aber mach was du willst. Niemand muss DLC kaufen. Niemand muss unbedingt jeder DLC selber ausprobieren, bevor sich seine eigene Ahnung aus Erfahrung aufzubauen.

    Wenn DLCs den Flug Simulator runterziehen, einfach kein DLC installieren und so bleibt AFS2 wie neu...