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    Thank you for the details and log file.

    It says you have a GTX 1070 graphic card with 8Gb VRAM and driver 452.06, do you confirm? (if yes, then it should be ok)

    There are warnings and errors in your tm.log.

    EDIT :

    You apparently manually moved scenery files to a custom location, leading to double entries. According to IPACS, you should first fix this before troubleshooting further.

    Moreover, the log file was created while in beta channel - are you sure you tried opting out ?

    Hope IPACS would provide some further advice if reading the thread.

    In the meantime :

    - do you confirm the log file you shared was recorded just after AFS2 crashed to Steam? if not, please do it and share again

    - have you tried other aircraft (you started with the EC135, please check with a stock aircraft like the C172)

    - please give your system time to load the scenery without pressing keys or swapping windows...

    - if nothing helps, I would advise deleting the scenery and reinstalling from Steam, as the case may be some file got corrupted...



    I just gave it another try, but it loads perfectly here.

    What do you mean by crash, does AFS2 crash to desk ? At which time does it happen, during loading or once in the aircraft ?

    Could you please attach your tm.log report so that we can have a look at it ?



    I used Aeroscenery to recreate the scenery of Maldives where there are mountain elevations but with the scenery that I created don't show the mountainous elevations in Aerofly. Just flat mountain pictures. How to convert them? I mean how can I elevate the mountains?

    Well, knowing the highest elevation in the Maldives it 2.4 m AMSL, then you'll need a very accurate mesh...

    The standard FS2 Cessna 172SP should do nicely. It is easy to fly and the view down is not obstructed by the wing.

    ...but the lateral views are obstructed by the wing and the low door...

    Better get the low-wing Robin DR400 or the PA-28 for great visibility outside, or should you prefer a high wing model I would strongly recommend the lovely PA-11 Cub Special and fly open door...



    Well, I'm not sure what a supercarrier is supposed to be compared to an aircraft carrier, but if you're expecting animations to interact with the situation (e.g. marshaller that actually leads you, carrier maneuvering into wind, etc.) the answer is unfortunately no.

    Of course you can create animations of all this, but they're continuously playing "blind", there's no AI in AFS2, not even condition-based events.

    For instance, you cannot even get a simple windsock to turn with the wind, despite this is the real minimal equipment for any aerodrome after a landing strip.



    Hello, c’est vrai qu’on est resté silencieux, le développement a pris plus de temps qu’initialement prévu, d’une part plusieurs AD ont bien changé depuis leur modélisation initiale datant quand même de FS9, donc il a fallu reprendre pas mal de choses, d’autre part la technique initialement prévue donnait un résultat peu satisfaisant sur certaines plateformes que nous avons alors reprises différemment.

    Mais la gestation arrive gentiment à son terme ! On devrait bientôt être en mesure de mettre les AD à disposition.



    Ok, then for the DR400 it's "merely" about assigning this control to the starter button. But it will need to be different for instance with the PA28 or C172 that are started with the key.

    There's no equivalent to the magic shortcut CTRL+E in FS that will start any engine whatever the aircraft.



    Good analogy with the chef. We don't want to run into the restaurant and tell everyone while the food is burning to a crisp :)

    Well, if you really like the analogy with the chef, I must admit I don't know many restaurants where customers simply sit for many hours calmly waiting for their order, and waiters keeps telling the chef is at work, he's working hard at big dishes (despite you've seen nothing but a green salad coming from the kitchen now for 3 hours) and please stop asking : we won't tell whether your meal is being prepared or not and if so, when you can expect to be served, because your meal will only be served when the chef is happy with it... ;)

    Deleting negative Trip Advisor reports won't prevent customers from starving.

    This thread simply shows there's fortunately enough still a bunch of customers - including me - waiting, each one expecting a different dish.

    In a real restaurant, people would have left for long, especially when a new place is opening in the same street...



    I'm not sure I fully understand what you're aiming to do, but on the DR400 the starter is not activated by the magnetos key. There's a dedicated starter press button, so that's this one you should affect to your button.

    I tried a couple of times assigning the magnetos key in AFS2 to my Saitek Panels magnetos knob, but despite of IPACS claims for full support of Saitek moduels in their advertising, there's no way I could achieve that simple mapping...



    Hello, ça fonctionne sans problème chez moi. Si vous avez la version Steam, vous pouvez lancer une vérification des fichiers pour réparer votre installation.



    I’d choose the PA28 Arrow, you get more and they’re excellent quality.

    I tend to think the Tomahawk or C152 are especially interesting if you fly one for real and want to feel home. Otherwise they’re not necessarily the funniest to fly.

    I must admit I’m not fond of Cessnas IRL and the only C152 I’ve seated in was probably the worst of them all. There have been airframes made of corrugated sheets, but what about bumpy, dented sheet structure?

    Seating at the controls made me feel like the worst of the 1950’s in terms of confort and natural position. Once airborne, you have to apply a large deviation on the yoke and wait for something to happen... but if you’re a little bit high on the slope you just cut throttle and fall like a stone thanks to the agricultural aerodynamics.

    The PA28 if very “American-style” aircraft, not very agile and reactive either, but once seated at the controls (I hate that right door-only entry) you’re comfy, the aircraft is easy to setup and trim for a smooth ride, a very good travel machine, you feel like driving a truck...