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    Hi Hannes,

    The Saitek panels have never been properly implemented in Afs2, some knobs work approximately, some other do not work or do weird things. The magnetos key belong to the latter category. It has been reported a few times years ago until we finally gave up expecting a fix.



    It should work in the extra user folder as far as I know, so we'll investigate this after the Easter holidays :)

    Have you tested it yet by chance?

    I reported this issue a few times years ago, that the addon structure didn't work in the user-defined folder.

    IPACS eventually agreed it would make sense, but I don't know if anything has been implemented yet.

    I stopped using the user-defined folder for that reason.

    The clumsy scenery structure should definitely be avoided, only leads to a mess.



    Please, how I do that (upgrade to 2.0) on Steam? It seems there is no update nowhere...



    If you have the Steam version it should update automatically. Unfortunately Steam doesn’t mention anything on the product page.

    You can check your scenery update status by having a look at Charles de Gaulle airport : if you have a ground polygon and 3D static aircraft, then you have the V2.0 release.

    If you don’t have the Steam version but purchased from FranceVFR please contact them.

    Good luck


    Das ist LFPZ

    Yes, LPFZ St-Cyr belongs to the Paris IDF VFR base scenery, together with LFPN Toussus-le-Noble and LFPL Lognes.

    LFPX Chavanay, or LFPK Coulommiers, for instance, belong as well as 9 other GA airports to the France VFR Paris - Ile de France VFR AIRPORT Pack your report having downloaded from Steam. Could you please show some snapshots ?

    Thanks in advance


    Amazing, because I don't have it in Steam... everything that has been updated so far is the Paris - Ile-de-France VFR scenery, to match the new folders convention in Aerofly FS2.

    Charles-de-Gaulle is out of scope of this product, as stated. It has just received a textured polygon to enable runway usage and remove aircraft from the ground texture. It's a free extension that however doesn't make a detailed airport.

    Can you please show us a picture of Chavenay airport, for instance ? or Coulommiers ?

    Thanks in advance


    First official snapshots of the long awaited France VFR Paris - Ile de France VFR AIRPORT Pack, ready for release as an extension to Aerofly FS 2 - France VFR - Paris-Ile-de-France DLC V2.0 for a Happy New Year 2021 to all !

    11 photo-detailed GA airports spread over Ile-de-France + a free extension to LFPG Charles-de-Gaulle major airport with a textured ground polygon.

    Check the images HERE in the Gallery - Can you recognize and name them all from snapshots?

    Make sure to first update Aerofly FS 2 - France VFR - Paris-Ile-de-France DLC to the V2.0 (free update on Steam. Other channels please contact FranceVFR).

    Best wishes to all of you


    Thank you for the details and log file.

    It says you have a GTX 1070 graphic card with 8Gb VRAM and driver 452.06, do you confirm? (if yes, then it should be ok)

    There are warnings and errors in your tm.log.

    EDIT :

    You apparently manually moved scenery files to a custom location, leading to double entries. According to IPACS, you should first fix this before troubleshooting further.

    Moreover, the log file was created while in beta channel - are you sure you tried opting out ?

    Hope IPACS would provide some further advice if reading the thread.

    In the meantime :

    - do you confirm the log file you shared was recorded just after AFS2 crashed to Steam? if not, please do it and share again

    - have you tried other aircraft (you started with the EC135, please check with a stock aircraft like the C172)

    - please give your system time to load the scenery without pressing keys or swapping windows...

    - if nothing helps, I would advise deleting the scenery and reinstalling from Steam, as the case may be some file got corrupted...



    I just gave it another try, but it loads perfectly here.

    What do you mean by crash, does AFS2 crash to desk ? At which time does it happen, during loading or once in the aircraft ?

    Could you please attach your tm.log report so that we can have a look at it ?



    I used Aeroscenery to recreate the scenery of Maldives where there are mountain elevations but with the scenery that I created don't show the mountainous elevations in Aerofly. Just flat mountain pictures. How to convert them? I mean how can I elevate the mountains?

    Well, knowing the highest elevation in the Maldives it 2.4 m AMSL, then you'll need a very accurate mesh...