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    There was a thread on these so long ago, I though it's better to start a new one.

    I own a fully equipped Saitek-based Hardware Panel (Cessna Yoke, Pedals, TrimWheel, TPM), three Saitek Penals (Radio, Multi, Switch) and 9 Flight Instrument Panels. It has been my dream to see all these working under AeroflyFS2. My initial expectation was in SPAD.neXt which I use for the others Sims but I lost hope this will materialize during the rest of my life (65 now).

    All the Controls do work fine indeed. Radio and Multi Panel, too. The Switch Panel does nothing. When I switch buttons or turn the magneto knob, the AeroflyFS2 control screen reflects this with the proper assignments. However, they do nothing in the planes, at least not in the C172 and the Baron, i.e., the magneto switch does not turn in the virtual cockpit.

    The more annoying matter concerns the 9 FIPs just sitting idle. Using them, I could get rid of any cockpit on display and have full screen scenery - that's what I enjoy in the other Sims (i.e. Prepar3d, FSW, and XP) using SPAD.neXt.

    Is there any way to get the FIPs to work under AeroflyFS2? This would be Heaven on Earth.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    ORBX' JV hinted several times they will work on a version of PNW for AeroflyFS. As he just indicated, they didn't start work yet though and will only begin after the release of Germany South for FSX/Prepar3d which will be around September (if you ask me, rather later).

    Besides, they wanted to extend the Chicao area.

    They may be working on smaller-scale objects, but nothing official on this.

    Kind regards, Michael


    thanks Jeff, for the quick answer. This sounds to be a valid approach. While I am not using Foreflight, the approach as such might work as well if appropriate data are pushed over the network. Basically it might be what I am looking for.

    I'll check if the authors of the two applications can make use of it.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I bought AeroflyFS2 on day 1. I am not using any VR device but a hardware panel

    [Blocked Image:…ight_simulation_small.jpg]

    From this day on, I have been in hope to get SPAD.neXt

    and FS-FlightControl

    to run on the networked laptop. The first one for driving controls and panels including the Saitek FIPs, the latter for getting a decent moving map (and numerous more functions) on display on the laptop. This works in all simulators I am using right now: Prepar3d4, Flight Sim World, and X-Plane 11. It doesn't in AeroflyFS2.

    Having to replug the 2 hubs collecting the Controls/Panels to the main machine, maybe recalibrating stuff, and missing the networked moving map on the laptop makes me think twice, no trice, if I should start AeroflyFS2. And, yes, of course I supported AeroflyFS2 by buying all addons available so far. Given, ORBX will release two stunning titles soon I really would like to enjoy them, too.

    I am not a specialist in this field, but as far as I understand there is still no Simconnect-style interface to hook in for developers in AeroflyFS2. May I kindly ask what is the state of affairs with this?

    And, btw., I am convinced more developers would take advantage of such an interface, if present.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    There simply aren't enough of us to keep up with everything going on, this is why it's important for all of you to spread the word about this wonderful product.

    Yes we do, notably HiFyler is very active. Anyway, good to know you are working on it.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Not a sinking ship indeed but I have to admit the communication and marketing department isn't working as it should.

    I may be wrong, but as fas as I know, the marketing department consists of exactly 0 people.

    Like the two main programmers, I am a physicist myself. Most of us are quite rationale guys: It's the features which count, not empty ad blurbs. And AeroflyFS2 has indeed a number of features it can be proud of. Most notably it has that WOW factor missing in other sims.

    However, that's only half of the truth. I have been simming for 25 years now and I have seen quite a number of simulators dying. If memory serves me right, not any of them was canceled because of lacking features, bad visuals or flight models, or the like. Some of them were ahead of their time, indeed. They alle became vicitims of failing marketing and/or administration.

    I would always keep this in mind.

    Kind regards, Michael


    I would favorize a solution based on SPAD.neXt

    I have all Saitek controls (Yoke, TMP...), Panels (Switch...) and 9 FIPs driven via SPAD.neXt in Prepar3d3 and X-Plane 11 - networked, not eating away any resources from the main machine. All switches, axis etc. working via plane-specific profiles.

    I would love to see SPAD.neXt to support AeroflyFS2, too, and there was some initlal intiative, but somehow this got stuck. Maybe IPACS can approach the author of SPAD.neXt to get things going again.

    Kind regards, Michael

    If the scenery is Utah, where is a nice place to fly over?

    If it's indeed Utah: Salt Lake City and its Surroundings (Ogden, Logan) with the Mountains in the East. SLC has a major airport, and there's the Temple, the Tabernacle, and all that. The Bryce Canyon in the South should look cool as well in photoscenery.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I have a related suggestion: I run a lot of stuff networked over a laptop in Prepar3d and XP. Would it be possible to develop a networked solution for the map (which would require a Simconnect-like solution). Of course this would pave the way for a number of related applications. If I recall right, some kind of network support is already in the SDK, thus you (or someone else) would only have to add the map as a client application.

    Kind regards, Michael

    No they aren't. I have nine of them idling when running AeroflyFS2 leaving me really sad.

    Initially, SPAD.neXt tried to support AeroflyFS2 which would have included the FIPs naturally. Unfortunately, this goal dosn't seem to be pursued any longer.

    Keep in mind this is a highly non-trivial task. There are numerous FIP gauges out there in the wild beyond those provided by Saitek, some of them Saitek compliant, some of them SPAD.neXt compliant and some of them both. Even the Saitek compliant ones would need specific programming for each gauge based on the variables AeroflyFS2 provides (being different from the ones Simconnect provides), or you would need some sort of AeroflyFS2 <-> Simconnect converter. Or, you could build just an AeroflyFS2 specific set (or two of them), as it has been available for X-Plane by Denis Thomas for a long time.

    Given that interest in AeroflyFS2 seems to shift more and more to VR goggles, I am afraid, us few hardware panel users will be left in the rain at the end.

    Kinds regrads, Michael

    As a related request: I use a networked laptop for (3rd party) Moving Map display in Prepard3 and X-Plane. Would it be possible to run the AeroflyFS2 Moving Map networked? I think the SDK already provides appropriate interfaces, at least in principle, but obviously a client module would be required.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    IPACS is aware of the issues with magnetos etc. in the Switch Panel. They confirmed they are working on it, let's hope the next update will resolve this. I am quite dependent on the Saitek stuff.

    The next logical question would concern the FIPs (Flight Instrument Panels) but I don't dare to ask before they got the Switch Panel issues resolved.

    Initially, this would have been a task for Saitek to provide proper drivers, but given they are half-dead this would never materialize.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Mike,

    glad to see another new member and welcome to the forum!

    I share your thoughts, notably those on Saitek gear. As far as I know, IPACS is working on a solution themselves. On the other hand the author of SPAD.neXt is working on AeroflyFS2 support, too (which may take some time because of items with higher priority, but it will come).

    Kind regrads, Michael


    thanks for looking into it. Yes I turned the magnetos using the mouse wheel to the left, too.

    I didn't opt in for beta yet because of a warning re Win10 64 somehere, maybe that's the difference. I'll look into it again after the new code was officially released.

    Kind regards, Michael


    I have the mod installed and running, I can remove the virtual yoke etc.

    I understand there's not yet a possibility to start cold and dark. However, I tried to switch off the engine after landing. I switch the starter to off - engine still running. I switch the Master off - the propeller is still rotating. Only pulling the mixture lever fully out using the mouse does stop the engine/propeller finally.

    Is this some mistake by me or some kind of bug or limitation?

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael