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    I appreciate the Reverb, notably its clearness, as well. One of the downsides is the ugly WMR software, though. Can anyone post his WMR settings for using the Reverb in AeroflyFS2? I recall there was a thread already, which, however, was a bit confusing notably on the optimum resolution setting (79% vs. 100%).

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Thanks Kenneth, this makes the icing on the cake. In my mind, living elements like AI planes, cars, trains (yes), moving water and such are the most important single feature which AeroflyFS2 needs for success.

    New planes are nice, new regions are nice, but in my mind, only moving elements will bring AeroflyFS2 to a general acceptance and a steep rise in sales. If I were IPACS, I would halt all developments and only concentrate on moving elements.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks a lot, Schnuffelduffel, take all your time to complete it. (Gut Ding will Weile haben.) The pictures look outstanding. Italy is such a great country for flying anyway.

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    The large variations in cultivation coverage throughout my "Great Britain Project" is simply down to the amount of OSM Data, no data, no buildings.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    Thanks, Michael - I was afraid it's that. ;(At least no need to look for installation flaws.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    I had a backlog of England files which I installed today. I tried a short hop from EGLL to EGLC and a bit further East. While Aerials look okay, I observed big patches of missing cultivation buildings just East of EGLL

    Strangely enough, the City centre is well-filled with buildings. However, turning further East, there is a sharp cut around EGLC where all cultivation buildings stop immediately.

    There are several possibilities: (i) OSM data are missing there. (ii) Something is wrong with my installation (which worked quite well so far further towards the North, e.g. Scotland, but who knows). Note, both areas are close to package boundaries (Central England 3 - 4 - 5, I think)

    Any idea?

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Wow, just wow!

    I own quite a number of France VR sceneries for Prepar3d and will buy any of their AeroflyFS2 offers immediately. Their Prepar3d4 sceneries are top notch and no doubt the AeroflyFS2 counterparts will not be worse. Moreover, they should be able to bridge the performance gap which at least Ile-de France suffers on Prepar3d4.

    Ile-de France may be a bit questionable start as we already have an excellent representation of Paris, but I'll buy it anyway just to support the effort of France VFR.

    Well done, guys! Wishing you good sales!

    Kind regards, Michael

    Now that you clever guys are extending the quite limited xref lib, would it be possible to include a few airport-specific buildings like jetways (just static for the beginning) or typical airport terminals?

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    Wow, that's great publicity. I am big fan of professionally-written reviews, and this is one. Plus, the well-done screenshots add much to the impression.

    Does anyone know a possibility do view/print/save (as pdf) the whole article instead of pts 1-7?

    Kind regards, Michael

    I should add that IZ0JUB provides a great AeroflyFS2 representation of all GB which looks stunning indeed. Compared to a potential ORBX TE it lacks in two areas:

    - missing POIs (e.g. London highrises, churches etc)

    - the FSCloudport airports are far from the ORBX TE NL benchmark.

    I recall that the airports were one of the main technical obstacles for ORBX, as 200 or so airports would have to be created from scatch instead of building upon default airports like in P3D and XP.

    I would relinquish any hope in any further ORBX AeroflyFS2 products, as sad as it may be, so we are on our own here.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Rob, I think, if you could make/convert NZCH and NZWN as payware addons and support the project in general with the background about your country (do things look right?) this would be certainly a gift for the AeroflyFS2 community. Plus, it would overcome the chicken-egg-issue and lay ground for more expansions.

    I could add some simple FSCloudport airports just to give people some places to take off from. I already provided a very basic FSC NZAA time ago.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Getting started on NZCH this morning (been traveling all week). My goal for the weekend is to have the airport surfaces completed and textured such that it is "flyable." If anyone is interested in having a look at incremental milestones, let me know and I'll provide a link. -Karl

    Still ill, no flying, but I might join the testing later. Anyway, this is GREAT news.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I've been a NZ fan for ages and would give :thumbup::thumbup:for this. LINZ is good quality, I tried a few tiles around Auckland in AeroflyFS2 time ago, which looked good but would require color corrections, too. BTW, there is a complete LINZ-based NZ-photoscenery available for X-Plane (Lyndiman NZ, not available for download but via Torrents).

    As a sidenote: The freeware list has not been abandoned, but I am ill right now. Will continue as soon as I feel better.

    Kind regards, Michael

    If you ask me: You deserve a deep breath before turning to something else.

    Should you really turn to NZ afterwards, it would be a good idea to contact the kind people at the New Zealand Flightsim Forum. Regulars over there and notably Robin Corn (toprob) have a quite positive attitude towards AeroflyFS2.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Next islands you ask? Another big task would be New Zealand. Lovely scenery in the land of Lord of the Rings.

    At first, a HUGE thank you. I can only roughly guess the amount of work which went into this. But the result is certainly a milestone for AeroflyFS2 user.

    If anyone (not necessarily you) is looking for another project, New Zealand would certainly be a worthwile country. It sports stunning landscapes and visually is a feast. I had a look upon the NZ LINZ data some time ago, and they are pretty good - although requiring color corrections as well.

    Kind regards, Michael