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    I have now had both of my v2 base stations go bad. That is not good. They replaced the first one for free, but this one I think I will have to pay for. I love the way the Index performs, but I strongly advise everyone to turn off the base stations when not in use. I did that once the first one went bad, but I still lost unit number 2.

    Once again you are going in a direction that will discourage the majority of potential users. If you think new users are going to be pleased to come to this forum and see many of the posts in a language they can't understand, well, good luck!

    Looking at the four most recently active threads as I write this, they are all in German. That can't be a good thing for the forum, can it?

    I an not xenophobic or anti-immigrant or nativist etc., but based on the activity on FSCloudPort most of our community is probably shut out from those posts.

    Then you might understand why IPACS wants to hold back information on internal projects. No one wants to be caught in a "Catch 22" situation.

    I absolutely understand that, but it's getting late. Ipacs needs to do all it can to hold our enthusiasm, and also create enthusiasm for people who aren't hard-core users like us. They have definitely eased up on closing or censoring threads, and that was a good decision on their part. Now maybe a few peeks at what they expect to add to the sim in the next year would be great. Hype is good, not bad!

    If you want a scenery journey there is Euro Truck Sim 2, I want an aeroplane simulator, more cockpit realism for me please.

    Actually I really like the New York region scenery :love:

    At this moment scenery is 95% of the reason to fly FS2. You certainly wouldn't select it for systems or world coverage, would you?

    Thanks, I will try that, but I would swear I have done that! Obviously I must have missed it. I have never seen a map or seen mention of it.

    Damn, there it is. I must have always pushed the button in before I turned it every single time before.

    Thanks again!

    Please excuse me for this very basic question, but does the Just Flight C152 GNS 430 have a map mode? I have not been able to figure out how to turn it on if it does! Please help this feeble minded user.


    How's the sweet spot ? Can you glance your eyes to the side much without moving your head and still see things fairly sharply?

    It's pretty good, but not perfect. It's such a matter of opinion that I hate to either endorse or condemn it in that regard.

    I got an Index not long ago and I love it. It provides good views with the Index scale factor (If that's what it is called, I forget) all the way down at 1.1 or 1.2. At that level I can still read all of the writing in the Just Flight 152, and frame rates are great. I don't really notice the field of view being much wider, but they say it is. Plus it is the most comfortable headset I have worn.

    It's not going to be 'years' but we just can't give you any information regarding this yet. And you know this already.

    I see you changed your answer so as to appear more "stern". Oh well, I preferred the playful response.

    And really, since you told me "years" two years ago, I thought this was a question that warranted a re-posting and I wanted to give you a chance discuss Ipacs' progress for the all of us who have been waiting.

    The current clouds are bitmap so they are essentially flat images with alpha transparency so in order for you to not see them flat they have to always face towards you. In VR that function is much more noticeable since you have full range of motion. The clouds are indeed placeholders for now and they will be improved upon in the future but we can't give you a time frame at this time for that improvement.

    Still years Jeff?