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    How's the sweet spot ? Can you glance your eyes to the side much without moving your head and still see things fairly sharply?

    It's pretty good, but not perfect. It's such a matter of opinion that I hate to either endorse or condemn it in that regard.

    I got an Index not long ago and I love it. It provides good views with the Index scale factor (If that's what it is called, I forget) all the way down at 1.1 or 1.2. At that level I can still read all of the writing in the Just Flight 152, and frame rates are great. I don't really notice the field of view being much wider, but they say it is. Plus it is the most comfortable headset I have worn.

    It's not going to be 'years' but we just can't give you any information regarding this yet. And you know this already.

    I see you changed your answer so as to appear more "stern". Oh well, I preferred the playful response.

    And really, since you told me "years" two years ago, I thought this was a question that warranted a re-posting and I wanted to give you a chance discuss Ipacs' progress for the all of us who have been waiting.

    The current clouds are bitmap so they are essentially flat images with alpha transparency so in order for you to not see them flat they have to always face towards you. In VR that function is much more noticeable since you have full range of motion. The clouds are indeed placeholders for now and they will be improved upon in the future but we can't give you a time frame at this time for that improvement.

    Still years Jeff?

    I don't understand your question. The files have been placed in the various suggested locations.

    I believe my issue involves the correct placement of the Building Texture folders and their contents. Is there supposed to be a default location, or a default set of files in every such folder? Doesn't each cultivation require one of these folders? After all this time I have forgotten everything I knew. Age is a bitch.

    There must be something screwed up somewhere, because my old cultivation that was linked to existing airports is not showing up either. The cultivation from FSCloudPort IS there, but not the cultivation I used those airports as a reference for.

    Please forgive me for what must be a newb question, but I can't get any of the user created cultivation to show up. Third party software like Orbx or Aerosoft shows the cultivation in those packages, but user created cultivation such as Rodeo's Venice or my own is not appearing. I put it in the Documents/Aerofly FS 2/addons/scenery/ directory as directed, but no joy.

    What stupid thing am I doing or not going?


    Some form of realistic looking weather has been my number one request since day one. It doesn't have to change, it doesn't have to reflect the current real world, just multiple cloud layers that reach the horizon and wind that varies by altitude would make a huge difference for me.

    I have been playing around with the Oculus S and Aerofly. There is really no need to upgrade to the S if you have the original Oculus. I also feel like the lack of base stations makes the S slightly less "stable", although only slightly.

    We're here to discuss Aerofly and not to compare it to other simulators or speculate about the success about future products of other companies. We're continuing development to make Aerofly the most user friendly, super fast, realistic and powerful simulator with awesome new features up ahead.

    For you newcomers, "compare" and "speculate" are two things that Ipacs has long forbidden on this forum and on the Steam forum. I don't understand it, but it has been their rule. Usually when those words are cited the thread is toast!