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    It was wonderful "at the time", just like the VR is now with the Rift or Vive. Give it a few years and people will laugh at how primitive we were back in 2019...

    We will definitely look back at today's VR the way people look back at brick sized cell phones. VR will be so much better and easier to use in a decade.

    And the worst part is, we thought it was cool back then... :-)

    Worst part, or the best part? :)

    It really is crazy how wonderful it seemed at the time. I bought a copy of Kershner's Student Pilot Manual and "learned how to fly" with Flight Simulator II. After a while I could do almost everything he taught using that 1 fps simulator.

    And of course I was flying using the keyboard. I think the keyboard was much easier to use with the program than the joystick was.

    The "France 1917" mode was also available in Flight Simulator II. It was soooo hard to line up an enemy at 1 fps. My favorite method was to put myself into a tight turn and spray bullets. You are bound to hit something sooner or later!

    Here is the Sears Tower in Chicago in all of its Flight Simulator II stunning beauty!

    I got Solo Flight after I got Flight Simulator II, and FS1 was one of the first programs I got for my PC clone when I finally got one.

    Flight Simulator II had some fairly neat features. Note the mixture, trim, and fuel flow, and they were all functional and operational. Pretty amazing stuff in 1984.

    When autogen first appeared in the FS series around 1999 it felt miraculous. Who cared where the buildings and trees were placed, there finally WERE buildings and trees outside of tiny areas!

    Moving vehicles were super cool too. I think those showed up after autogen.

    Jetjockey10, have you ever seen F15E Strike Eagle by MicroProse for the Commodore 64? I spent hundreds of hours playing that. Looking at it today it is difficult to even figure out what is going on outside the cockpit, so bad are the graphics. It's like a stick figure slide show.

    I recently obtained an operating copy of Flight Simulator II for the Commodore 64. This was my main flight sim for about three years from 1984 to 1987 when I finally got a PC clone.

    1 frame per second. Mesh graphics. All of the ground is green, all of the sky and water is blue. Almost no buildings, and what buildings there are are simple see-through mesh or just "sticks" in the ground. Even the runways are green (I had forgotten that). There are a few major highways, represented by a white line. There are a total of 80 airports in four areas, NY, LA, Seattle and of course Chicago. Long live the Meigs Field starting location! Oh, and it takes 2:40 to load from disk.

    I loved this sim, and must have logged 3000 hours on it. But playing it again reminds me of just how far the sim world has come, and how lucky we are. We would never have believed it was possible to ever have the sims we have now back then. We live in sim nirvana. I will keep repeating that to myself. ;)

    The weather in mobile 2019 looks nicer, the clouds seem more convincing and darker. It makes up for the super easy mode of the mobile R-22. I'd prefer that a virtual copilot kept chatting to ATC and kept his/her unwanted hands off the controls.

    ATC is in demand from the game/multiplay side and to be fair IPACS probably see them as a bigger market than the authentic flight simulation side. I'd give the ATC side what they want, compulsory perfectly filled in flight plans to use the larger planes and a one hour wait for Eurocontrol to proceess them, might put them off the bliss of a sequence of heading and height instructions.

    Lovely post!

    My performance with the Oculus is unchanged, but I do get a crash whenever I use and then come out of the settings menu. The settings are changed when I reload the program, but I have to reload each time I go into settings. Sometimes it is a complete crash to a white screen, sometimes the mouse stops working correctly.

    It has been much too quiet lately. Jeff, how about an update on the status of any of the desired features?

    It will be ready when it is ready isn't really a road map. I have pretty much given up on ever seeing any of the features I have been waiting on for two years now.

    Prove me wrong! Let us know what is in the near, mid, and long term future. We have been very quietly patient for a long time now.

    Their site said this:

    "We always intended to release TrueEarth Great Britain as three separate regions, just like we did for the original UK FTX Regions. However, we cannot release them based on geographical boundaries as with did for the FTX regions, because the only correct way to distribute mesh based sceneries for X-Plane is using 1-degree tiles. For this reason we have split GB into South, Central and North as you can see in the map. We will also split TrueEarth GB for P3Dv4 and AFS2 in the same way to keep the product line consistent between simulators."

    I guess AFS2 is Aerofly FS2 :-)

    I totally missed that! Thanks for the heads ups!