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    Three and a half years later and we are still having the exact same discussions. What more needs to be said? The same features we were asking for then are still missing. What I have watched happen is that new users come on board and are ecstatic (like me in January 2017). They defend the sim to everyone. Hell, I even bought a copy for a friend! Over time these users become frustrated with the lack of progress and drift away, to be replaced by a new group who are in turn ecstatic, who then repeat the process. This has happened several times. They always say be patient. But there is a line between being patient and just feeling silly. Three and a half years. That goes beyond patience.

    I just started using the Taburet Norway mesh. It is great, but in some areas the mesh doesn't manifest until you are almost right over an area. Instead you see a large flat square area bounded by vertical walls. Is this a function of FS2 having problems with high latitudes, or is there a fix?

    Now the newer generation is starting to feel the way we old timers have felt for some time. A big part of their development model is the turnover of people who get fed up being replaced by newer people who think change is coming. I have watched this cycle through a few times. People go from vigorously defending the delays, to getting impatient, to finally going elsewhere. The truth is, businesses respond to their customers and respect their opinions, or they die.

    The more time we spend asking for features, roadmaps and the like, the more time the developers spend answering questions on this forum rather than working on the product.

    Yep, that's what they want you to feel. I used to say the same thing to people that complained, over three years ago. I suggested getting someone to volunteer to work the forum, but god forbid they surrender any part of total internal control.

    And here we are. None of the big features are implemented, it is still forbidden to even "speculate" about the future, comparisons with other sims are shut down instantly, and they continue to devote as much time to the mobile version and the RC sim despite constantly repeating that they are fully taxed and only have a staff of six.

    Every company that offers third party software soon abandons FS2 because we are literally only a few score hardcore users that will buy the products. The community is doing heroic work to save the sim, but look at the total downloads of even the most exciting user made sceneries - under 100. I am genuinely curious where they get the funds to continue. And still they insist that they are doing everything right. It's a shame, because three years ago they had a revolutionary engine on their hands. Now big brother is striding back into the market.

    We're already working on big new features behind the scenes but it's too soon to announce them. Big and important features but also new and Aerofly FS unique features are currently being worked on.

    Everyone here knows my previous posts, knows my positions, and knows that I have bought every single piece of third party software that has ever been offered for FS2. Despite what some may think, my public support for the program has been unwavering. But Jan, that response is exactly the same one that Ipacs has been giving for OVER THREE YEARS. It is tired, to say the least. It is time to put your cards on the table. To say that we have been both loyal and patient is a massive understatement. We don't ask for miracles. We just want a basis for continued support.

    As other sims are aiming at the more serious simmers, FS2 can appeal to the more general public, and the newbies who want to fly.

    I completely agree with this. Fill in the obvious gaps, but don't try to compete with the PMDG crowd. Doing that will alter the program AND fail to draw in those who already are committed to that mode of simulation.

    Just my two cents. You will probably delete it, but I care enough to try.

    It's beautiful, and like everything else for FS 2 I will buy it. The problem is that it will be an island paradise in the middle of soup. I have made my own Europe photo scenery, so it will be OK for me, but for the average buyer it still will be problematical. I think that is one of the reasons FS 2 scenery sells so poorly. Unlike areas for other sims there isn't enough for it to blend into.

    Work in progress. Sounds good. I trust this means work is actually progressing toward a timely release. I think the community should be kept informed when progress is being made on the sim, even behind the scenes. Dates, details, and release projections are not suggested. But please consider encouraging the users by releasing more development updates more often. It is all-too-easy to interpret silence as stagnation. Building in more user anticipation will serve you well in my opinion, as long as it is based upon elements being actively worked upon.

    - Kenneth

    Oh Kenneth, my friend, you are ever the optimist!

    C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\cultivation\places\ca_2\Autogen_LosAngeles

    This is an example of where I put the LA cultivation. It wasn't working.

    But guess what? Now it is. I have no idea what I did to make it work. I did run a "verify files" in Steam, so perhaps that did it, although the first time I ran FS2 after running the "verify" it did not work. I had given up and was going to just fly for fun, and there was Venice in all her cultivated glory.

    Thanks to all who helped! Happy flying!

    I don't see any changes in my main.mcf file. Just to be sure, where would that change be in the file?

    Is there any chance that I am missing a ref file or a folder that the cultivation files need to access to in order to work?

    Sorry for the questions, but I really miss the cultivation!

    Hello Michael. I put it in the "canonical place" (what a great way to put that!) first, then tried in the Steam-tree. Maybe I made a change in the main.mcf file that I have forgotten about and carried it over when I copied the program without thinking about it. I will have a look. If I did that, would FS2 ONLY look in the new folder, and no longer look for cultivation in the "canonical" place?

    Hi friends, I have a problem. I just migrated FS2 onto a new computer. I am not seeing any user created cultivation when I fly. CloudPort airports and third party payware buildings are there, but nothing that I have created or that I have downloaded from is showing up. I have it all installed exactly where the instructions tell me to put it. What am I doing wrong? Probably there is some file that I am missing somewhere and have forgotten about. My short term memory isn't what it used to be! ;)



    I have now had both of my v2 base stations go bad. That is not good. They replaced the first one for free, but this one I think I will have to pay for. I love the way the Index performs, but I strongly advise everyone to turn off the base stations when not in use. I did that once the first one went bad, but I still lost unit number 2.