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    Thank you Ray. Much appreciated from a real life pilot.

    The logical thing is that reports more precisely where to find the "zip" for download. The message "The link is in the original post." Is not an answer. It costs nothing to be more precise.

    Maybe that's because the question was not that clear to me.

    Anyway, I hope HighFlyer's answer helped you to find the download button.

    Thank you all for your kind words, much appreciated.

    For those who are interested in how to make an aircraft, here are the tools I used:

    • Sketchup version 8 (freeware) for the main model.
    • AC3D 8, to import the .dae, resize and rename the model parts and export as .tgi
    • PaintShopPro for the textures
    • Notepad++ for the tmd files
    • a big box of aspirin, useful at the end of the day

    Also count around 500 hours of work.

    Hello dear Aerofly fans,

    I am aware that Just Flight will release a C152 soon and I'm sure it will be great.

    I have also been working on a C152 project for the last five month. It' certainly not as good as the Just Flight version will be but here it is.

    This is my very first aircraft ever. Please be indulgent with my errors.

    I hope you will enjoy flying it while you wait for the "full fat" version.

    Three colors and two panel color versions.

    To open the doors:…-from-sylvain-delepierre/

    Bingo, all working now,

    The problem was in AC3D.

    The texture coordinates were incorrect They were offset but they appeared ok because I had enabled texture tiling. I have reset my textures correctly on the three display objects and everything is displayed correctly now.

    One week of headache and the solution was a 5 minutes fix.

    Good news

    - I finally realized that the panel lightning uses the _illumination map and not the light map. I added something else than pure black in my illumination map and I have now all my instruments back-lit and I can dim them.

    and not so good

    - Still impossible to seethe lcd and the moving map. I suspect AC3D to tgi exporter is the culprit. It look like the display_source_light is not read by the model.

    Here is how I have setup the material in AC3D

    I cannot compare with 3DS max. Is there anyone who could tell me if the material is correctly setup? I'm not sure about the light map and the self_illumination map.

    Commented out, no change.

    I have this in the dynamics section

    And this in the Graphics section

    All the code is the same as the DR400

    The one called display_source_light?

    And the code is

    I used the same textures as the DR400, the radios and GPS are the same, so I did not change any TargetPosition or TargetSize

    It is not situated in the texture coordinate editor window.

    In the main window, on the bottom left you have the color palette where you can append new materials by right clicking on a palette and then right click on the new material and choose "edit material"


    I have display problem with my aircraft.

    I re-use the DR400 GPS and radio/transponder. I copied all the code from the dr400.tmd and I have the 3 display objects in my model.

    The problem is: they remain definitely gray; no map displayed, no frequencies, nothing.

    I suspect AC3D to be the cause: I could not find a way to setup the light map in the material settings.

    All other materials are exported (illumination, self_illumination...) but the TGI exporter keeps reporting "display_color is not used in any geometry".

    Any help would be greately appreciated.

    No 3DS max here. Not affordable for freeware.

    I use Sketchup for my aircraft model. Exported as .dae and then imported in AC3D for some extra placement and resizing work before exporting as .tgi.

    I did not model the pilot. It's the default AFS2 pilot_pamela I copied from the C172.

    She is almost in place now and acceptable from the outside view. In cockpit view her arms are 2 meters long =O. That's why I disabled her in the cockpit view.

    Thank you Jan,

    So far I have managed to move her inside the aircraft by tweaking the RO positions. At first attempt her legs were hanging in the air and her elbow was poking through the door.

    I have disabled the pilot in the cockpit views. Anyway, it always scared me a little to see the pilot from the right seat.


    I have copied the pilot section from another aircraft to my TMD file for the aircraft I am building.

    I managed to place correctly the pilot's body and head but I have problems to place the arms and legs.

    I moved the position by changing the RO values but how do I calculate the XO, YO and ZO values to keep a correct proprtion ?

    I'm lost, please some help.


    I have successfully imported a pilot in my model by copy/pasting the graphics_human section from another aircraft.

    The problem is the pilot is not correctly placed.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) : is there a quick way to adjust the pilot position other than changing the 244 bones sections?