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    Back home tomorrow after a five-day pairing on the A330.Now, how to manage my wife’s expectation on my participation in social activities?;-) Seriously - I am giddy with excitement and really look forward to putting the AFS2 Robbie through the wringers!!!

    I grabbed one on the Black Friday sale as well - couldn't pass it up;-) So should get it next week and will play with it while waiting for the Pimax 5K+. As someone else pointed out - should be no probs getting the $300 back once the Pimax get here - particularly here in Oz.

    When do you expect to get your Pimax? Have they been in contact recently?

    It seems to me that 8k is a waste of time if It only receives 5k's worth of pixels.

    Haven’t had “the” email yet (where they ask you to confirm shipping details and specs), but going by the buzz on the Pimax forums I don’t expect it until Q1-2019. They are ramping up production but yield it still very low and I all goes a lot slowe that we all would have liked. Not sure the upscaling is just a waste of time. If you’ve ever watched 1080p movies, upscale by a 4K TV you’d know what I mean, but I think Frui’s advice is sound I will most likely go for the 5k+

    I'm a Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer, but as my number is high (in the 5.000's) I still have some time to decide if I should "downgrade" to the 5K+. I am using VR almost exclusively for flight simming, and I am drawn to the higher resolution and reduced SDE on the 8K, but the improved clarity and sharpness reported by reviewers of the 5K+ over the 8K, is very tempting. What to do.......?

    OK - got it all sorted - pheew! Turned out to be a USB-hub that for reasons unknown refused to co-operate with the updated version of Oculus, and ONLY when going into AFS2 in VR. Weird issue, but back in business. Now, where is that R22;-)?

    Re-installed AFS2, but same problem. Might have to give AFS2 a rest until the Pimax 8K shows up, when no doubt other configuration issues needs resolving. Just to re-iterate - NOT having a go at the AFS2 devs! This is an oculus interference issue and I'm getting insane frame rates in AFS2 from the RTX2080Ti when using the G-sync enabled Acer X34 monitor, but it's just that once I've become used to VR, it's impossible to enjoy sim-ing (of any kind) on a monitor again;-)

    Hi again Jan and thanks for helping out.

    I normally start Aerofly from within the user interface of NextLevel Motion Platform. I have Steam version of AFS2, and as the Sim starts, it gives me a dialog box with 3 options, No VR, Oculus VR or Steam VR. I used to start it selecting Oculus VR as that seemed to give better frame rates, but since the recent problems started i have tried Stea VR as well to no avail. I now have to have Oculus home running in order to get a signal through to the HMD, and before I put on the headset, i can tell by looking at the side-by-side stereoscopic picture on the monitor that joystick and rudder are active and I can control the aircraft. As soon as I put on the HMD I lose that control and can only observe as the aircraft continues on its way to a certain crash ;-) I have tried all combinations of ALT-TAb etc. but there is no program visible that I can see "stealing" the USB control input away from AFS2. I should mention also that I have a program called SimShaker - Wings that control the Gametrix JetSeat and this starts up automatically when AFS2 starts. It does however run fine along with everything else before I put on the headset, and I don't think its the culprit. Looks like it is Oculus home that's causing the grief but as I seem to be the only one with the issue, I'm at a loss to explain why. I might try a full re-install of AFS2, but as I have all available Extra Scenery installed, i might hold off a little before conducting a full frontal lobotomy;-)

    Thanks Jan, for getting back to me. I have tried that to no avail. There must be something else, taking away the resources (controllers) in the background. It is most probably something to do with Oculus, but as I had a flurry of activity installing new graphics card and drivers, along with an upgraded power supply, im a bit lost at the moment=O

    So, my Aerofly FS2 controllers are dead in VR - what to do?

    Since the latest Oculus software got pushed through, I now need to have Oculus open in order to see anything in my Rift (this also goes for X-plane and DCS). So opening Oculus first and then starting AFS2, I get a female voice (this is new) saying something like: "game detected - gaming profile activated". Then, after starting AFS2 and before picking up the Rift headset, I can see the duplicated side-by-side picture of AFS2 on the screen. Looking at the controls on the screen they all respond as expected, but as soon as I put on the headset (or just cover the HMD-sensor with a finger) I immediately lose all controls and while the picture on the screen (and in the HMD) continues I have zero control of the sim. Not only does it not respond to the cockpit controls, but I also lose all ability to use the keyboard to exit to the main menu, and in fact the ONLY way to shut down AFS2 is with the Task Manager. I have updated to the latest nVidia drivers and run Windows 10 64-bit version on a i7-6700k w 32Gb ram and a nVidia RTX2080Ti FE. If anuone has any tips on how to restore functionality of AFS2, it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks - Eivind

    Yah, mine arrived today.


    You lucky man! I just got an email from nVidia that the shipping of the 2080Ti that I purchased within 10 minutes of the web-sale opening, has been deferred to “ship by 23rd October”. Ohh well..........

    So that's about the same sort of ballpark as the original release price of the Vive. It will be interesting to see how these sets perform once they are out in the wild, thanks for the reply :thumbup:

    No worries, I'll be sure to keep you updated in how it's pans out. I'm quite a way down on the backers list though, so it might be a couple of months away still.

    I’m a Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer, and look forward to receiving the headset at some point before Xmas. I’m a bit down on the list, so it might be a couple of months after shipping starts until I receive mine. While it would probably run AFS2 well with my 1080 card, I have somehow managed to justify the decision to splash out on a RTX2080Ti Founders Edition that should be in the mail sometime next week. Will post up my experiences once the new aquisitions show up.

    Where does one even begin to answer that question?!?;-)

    VR performance is at the top of the list - no doubt about that. Silky smooth all the way.

    Flying the Pitts in the early hours after the moon has risen, and upon commencing a turn getting the sudden realisation that the moon behind you caused a glimpse of moonlight - like a silver reflection in the guy-wires between upper and lower wing!!!

    Taking the F15 out for a burn at Mach 2 at 50 feet going up the valley from Innsbruck!

    Realising that they have enabled the energy indication of the heads-up display superbly in the F18 - WOW!!

    The yaw string behaviour in the gliders - another massive WOW!!!

    Doing hammerhead stalls over the spire of the Empire State Building, followed by hooning up and down 5th Avenue at street level.

    Taking off from RWY33 at Page Municipal in the Extra, - crank a left turn at 50 feet and then dipping below the rim of Grand Canyon, to follow it no more than 2 wingspans above the Colorado River all the way to the Hoover Dam. Allow 50 minutes for this little excursion and also have a quick "breather" at Grand Canyon National Park along the way. Be prepared to ignore the shouts coming from the kitchen that "dinner is ready";-)

    The stall spin characteristics on the 172 is simply SUPERB! I spent hundreds of hours as a flight instructor in Canada almost 3 decades ago and vividly remember how the Skyhawk struggles to get into a spin - almost impossible going to the right, but easily doable going to the left once you know what you're doing, particularly if you leave a trickle of power on and kick left rudder with resolve as you enter a stall. No other commercial or hobby sim i have ever tried can replicate the fidelity of the real thing in such a superb way as FS2 does. In VR in my motion sim, it is simply fantastic. Well done IPACS - we can commercialise this aspect of the sim!

    Doing the "obstacle course" in the Pitts (extra download) out of Monument Valley.

    All of this will no doubt be put on the backburner, once the R22 is available!!! All objects in Aerofly FS2 has "attribute hard", meaning that every single rooftop is a landing spot for a chopper. This is going to be superb, and hopefully become a big boost for the development team at IPACS. I am immensely impressed at what the small team has been able to cobble together - well done you guys, well done indeed!!!

    Great news that the R22 will be free, even though I and many others would have gladly paid for it. Very encouraging to see that IPACS are taking a long-term view on this, and that you consider a helicopter a necessary “tick in the box” in order to go mainstream with the sim. I know that I am an enthusiastic advocate for AFS2 and have recommended it to many of the guys I fly with on the line. VR is clearly the future for simming, and AFS2 is head and shoulders ahead of all others in this market! Excellent work IPACS - waiting with baited breath!!

    Great news indeed! What is particularly exciting, apart from getting access to new hi-res areas, is the fact that all “objects” (buildings & bridges etc.) in AFS2 has “hard” attributes. What this means for those of us chomping at the bit for the R22, is that unlike X-plane and P3D where the annoying feeling of “sinking through” on landing a helicopter is ever-present, there are literally millions of useable “helipads” waiting to be explored. This is going to be just fabulous!!