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    Hope it will help...

    Note some users are happy with Vsync on "Fast" (NVIDIA settings) with other simulators like P3D V5. l think there is a similar paramètre for Radeon graphic cards but cannot remember his name and cannot try as mine IS NVIDIA...


    Anyway, no big deal. Maybe I'm just missing something that got lost in the translation, lol!

    Probably : my English is not so good :) I apologize

    I f you mean AFS2 probably works the same without Oculus OpenXR runtime, I agree but as I am using three different simulators including MSFS, activation of OpenXR runtime for Oculus is is recommended at least for this last one : as it does not harm AFS2 keep it activated


    Hello Toorop,

    i have the same PC configuration . Please can you post your settings which you have in AFS2.

    Yes of course :

    For extremely heavy sceneries like France VFR 's Paris Ile de France with Airport Pack I use the settings just below and get 35 fps as minimum (but smooth) even with the heaviest parts of the scenery in view. Lowering graphic settings allowed me to increase pixel density to 1,2 (but visuals are quite good too with 1 like with the "Ultra" settings below and you can get more fps).

    Obviously these 35 fps are a minimum (despite playable) but on lighter parts of the scenery you get much more

    Strangest thing is that 35 fps was totally unplayable in the Rift but seems pretty smooth now with the Quest 2 : the same in MSFS (no explanation at the moment)

    Note : fps in the Hud and in MSFS dev mode are the same but do not use tools like Fraps : they are measuring the mirror fps and some apps like Flyinside reduce the Mirror Refresh rate so you could get very low unrealistic fps with Fraps

    So, for extremely heavy sceneries :

    For more "normal" sceneries (included detailed ones with good cultivation) I get constant 72 fps with these settings :

    For all kinds of sceneries :

    Remember : always launch in VR mode (Aerofly FS2) like this :

    - In Nvidia parameters you can use VSync "Disactivated" or "Fast" (no other one)

    I_ n Nvidia parameters I suggest to keep Low Latency Mode "Disactivated" but you are allowed to try changing for "Activated" or "Ultra" : did not see any significant changes in Flight Simulation

    Additional infos for Oculus settings : be conscient some settings may reset to default when restarting the App. Fortunately they are not the most significant ones and you can ignore them (just to let you know...) :)

    Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR does nothing with the Oculus Quest 2

    Sorry but I think you are wrong, OpenXR App inserts a key in W10 's register with this value :

    And you can see it's active in Oculus Beta parameters :

    OpenXR demo looks also (slightly) different according to the validated Runtime (WMR or Oculus - don't know for others -)

    Anyway i just did mention it because it is better to use it for MSFS and obviously it does not harm AFS2

    In fact all the sims tested with my Oculus Quest 2 work perfectly with this setting : AFS2, MSFS, P3D V5, Condor 2 and even FSX working like a dream at constant 72fps with the Flyinside software (32 Go RAM, CPUi7 8700k, GPU GTX 1070 Ti 8Go)


    Just to let you know : Oculus Quest 2 with Link cable works like a dream for AFS2

    It's a non expensive high quality VR device (350 € without Link cable)

    Only these two advices : better install Runtime Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR and when starting in Steam don't choose Oculus, works better with "normal" AFS2 VR mode :

    Kind regards

    I apologize : So long time I did not use fscloudport that I forgot I had to "hold the click" on the object... I was desperately (conviced) I had to use "right click"

    So I looked at the video tutorial and immediately felt ashamed !

    Sorry guys and thanks for trying to help the ...... boy I am

    Thanks for your answer,

    Yes tried with 3 browsers before asking : don't understand, never had such problems (Adblock and Ghostery are not activated). Maybe the last W10 update ?


    Cannot access to the objects properties anymore in fscloudport : can create a runway, add a tower or a house but cannot choose which tower, which house, etc.

    Is this a known issue I could fix ?

    Kind regards


    Si ton PC est un peu juste pour la VR, tu peux gagner des performances en désactivant les lumières qui consomment beaucoup de ressources même de jour.

    Pour ce faire, tu ajoutes un double underscore __ devant le nom du répertoire idf_lights.

    Désactiver les nuages aide aussi pas mal, semble-t-il, ainsi que les ombres sur medium.

    Je contrôlerai les bâtiments dont tu as envoyé un screen. D’ordinaire, les bâtiments qui volent sont liés au chargement de la scène ou à l’affichage du mesh. Est-tu sûr d’avoir tous les paramètres graphiques sur ultra, à part les ombres ?


    Je confirme le gain très important si on réduit les cumulus et si on ne dépasse pas "medium" pour les ombres

    Attention également à l'influence de Meshs tiers (j'ai du désactiver le Mesh "FranceMiddlePart")

    Bons vols


    I have built today LFFG (La Ferté Gaucher) on fscloudport, located on the East limit of the scenery (I fly often in this area LFPK/LFPQ/LFAI)

    I made it because as it is oustside the culticvation area of the scenery I do no think it will be part of a future airport pack...

    But I think it's Inside the photorealistic area of FVFR scenery without cultivation (could not test yet : I am not at home)

    If somebody could test if it's enjoyable just make me a comment : it would be a good motivaton for me to make a small cultivation area around the airport and make it available on :)

    It's here :

    58 buildings means in fact 58 objects (buildings, cars , static planes ,widsock, etc.

    Please do not forget :

    It was built with fscloudport, so with generic buildings and objects : do not complain the cars or the buildings are not realistic

    If you want to use it without the texture of fscloudport's runway just put // before the related lines editing the LFFG.tsc