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    Si ton PC est un peu juste pour la VR, tu peux gagner des performances en désactivant les lumières qui consomment beaucoup de ressources même de jour.

    Pour ce faire, tu ajoutes un double underscore __ devant le nom du répertoire idf_lights.

    Désactiver les nuages aide aussi pas mal, semble-t-il, ainsi que les ombres sur medium.

    Je contrôlerai les bâtiments dont tu as envoyé un screen. D’ordinaire, les bâtiments qui volent sont liés au chargement de la scène ou à l’affichage du mesh. Est-tu sûr d’avoir tous les paramètres graphiques sur ultra, à part les ombres ?


    Je confirme le gain très important si on réduit les cumulus et si on ne dépasse pas "medium" pour les ombres

    Attention également à l'influence de Meshs tiers (j'ai du désactiver le Mesh "FranceMiddlePart")

    Bons vols


    I have built today LFFG (La Ferté Gaucher) on fscloudport, located on the East limit of the scenery (I fly often in this area LFPK/LFPQ/LFAI)

    I made it because as it is oustside the culticvation area of the scenery I do no think it will be part of a future airport pack...

    But I think it's Inside the photorealistic area of FVFR scenery without cultivation (could not test yet : I am not at home)

    If somebody could test if it's enjoyable just make me a comment : it would be a good motivaton for me to make a small cultivation area around the airport and make it available on :)

    It's here :

    58 buildings means in fact 58 objects (buildings, cars , static planes ,widsock, etc.

    Please do not forget :

    It was built with fscloudport, so with generic buildings and objects : do not complain the cars or the buildings are not realistic

    If you want to use it without the texture of fscloudport's runway just put // before the related lines editing the LFFG.tsc




    First to avoid any misunderstanding , I am fully satisfied wit the scenery and hope there is a future for FVFR with AFS2

    Secondly my report is not properly a bug as it may be related with AFS2 imitations and it has to do wuith rendering

    Night rendering of Paris "intra muros" city is quite bad : streets are fully dark (no night textures ?) and building sides very dark too despite the roofs are some times very clear (in relation).

    looks like my small town at night (urban lighting shutdown for economic reasons) but not convenient for Paris rendering...

    This strange rendering effect feeling is amplified by the (too) bright lighting of the 3D bridges looking quite white while the streets at the end are quite fully black... The bright surroundings lights also contribute to the "urban lighting shutdown effect"

    Is there any AFS2 limitation making nights textures use impossible for the streets ?

    As seen from ISS :

    Hola Electrotodo,

    Es complicado resorverlo : mas vale eligir otro provedor para la zona like ArcGIS (ARC) o Bing

    E seguido usado ARC en lugar de Google

    Pero nos es una garantia que todo este bien

    La solucion complicada es armar el escenario en 2 etapas : primero descarcargar la imagenes, despues editarlas de a una para modificar las de las cuales los colores no te convienen y despues processarlas con sceneproc : muchissimo trabajo...

    P.S. Obviamente no son muchos aca los que te van a contestar si escribis en español.Si podes hay que escribir en ingles o aleman


    No se si viste tambien esto :


    Version 1.1.2 beta is released.……y/releases/tag/1.1.2-beta

    Support for the orthophoto source "Here WeGo" added


    Seun la zona es un privedor mas para eligir (pero lo mas seguido uso ARC)


    What config/settings do you have to get so low fps ? The graphic card plays a big role...

    Hello Antoine,

    I am not complaining about my fps : my settings are all to max or ultra /insane if available) except the clouds (as usual for me in AFS2) : so the fps I get seem correct to me. No trouble or special tweak needed

    I made this post just to help those who may have fps issues or want to enjoy the scenery in VR...

    Cheers ,


    Hi Michael,

    Thanks, yes, I already found this. Quite an impressive region.

    It still might be good to add it to the Steam gallery for the Steam users.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Yes : I will try do do it with some time. As I do not know to do yet I made it available here but I had understood your suggestion : should have commented it on my post...

    Settings suggestion (may help for VR / thanks to "Barnstormer") :

    From all settings to max (my usual settings) apply this :

    - Shadow quality : medium

    - High quality antialiasing off

    - No cumulus clouds

    With this settings my fps went from 45/60 to 130 and more even in "heavy duty areas"keeping good rendering" (config hexacore i7 8700k 32 Go RAM GTX 1070 Ti) :

    Note : Advanced antialiasing is only 25% fps hit so you can keep it if playing on screen (non VR) : rendering is better. You should try on your config.

    174 fps here :

    138 fps

    134 fps