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    if it may help :

    1 : The issue only happen in the areas covered by the new improved scenery (ex : Europe), looks like a conflict with the new sceneries :

    My tiles with "mask" elements are still working in South America where n scenery is present (despite they do not have many interest because of the lack of cultivation and airports)

    2 : Otherwise I coud not check if "mask" elements in elevation files bring to the same issue as the images "mask elements

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    Thanks for answering Jan

    Here is the upload of two renamed main.mcf files

    One called "main_aftercrash.mcf" : this file was after a crash using the location map in the area

    The other called "main_startingfromcrash.mcf" : starting a flight from the location where the sim did crash using the location map

    I hope to be clear : using the map in this area brings the sim to crash /CTD but I still can start a flight from the location where the map made the sim crash. Indeed I cannot use the location map to leave the area because using the map makes the sim crash again

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    I did notice that, without any addon or ortho image, I get a CTD each time I want to explore in "start location map" the area between Santiago de Chile and Ushuaia on the West side of South America (Does not happent on the east Coast from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires...)

    This is disturbing as AFS4 starts again in the same area and I cannot choose another start location

    Fortunately despite this issue, without using the map I can start my flight but I have have to fly far away to the east to get rid of the problem !

    Does somebody have the same issue ?

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    Could you please check, what happend since the September update

    Some photosceneries like the ORBX-NL crashes the sim. This does not happen, if the mask files are deleted.

    Of cause with the disadvantage that global tiles will not be shown anymore and the (different) IPACS orthos will be shown instead.

    Example: Rotterdam.


    This is not a 100% confirmation that it is the only problem but I did check : all my working images don't have any mask

    But could you explain what you mean by "with the disadvantage that global tiles will not be shown anymore and the (different) IPACS orthos will be shown instead" ? I am sorry (and I feel myself stupid) but I do not understand what these masks really do...

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    First many thanks : great work ! I love this new version :love:

    Just wanted to report that it seems to me the display distance (LOD related to distance) should be a setting in the sim (maybe it does exist but I did not found it)

    The reason is I saw a great performance hit looking at the horizon despite I had incredibly good performances looking to the ground even to a quite large distance. So it seems to me the sim displays details far in the distance that I can barely see myself, but with the cost of a quite 50% performance hit !

    Anyway it is "just to let you now" : Sim works great "out of the box" :thumbup:

    Hope it will help...

    Note some users are happy with Vsync on "Fast" (NVIDIA settings) with other simulators like P3D V5. l think there is a similar paramètre for Radeon graphic cards but cannot remember his name and cannot try as mine IS NVIDIA...


    Anyway, no big deal. Maybe I'm just missing something that got lost in the translation, lol!

    Probably : my English is not so good :) I apologize

    I f you mean AFS2 probably works the same without Oculus OpenXR runtime, I agree but as I am using three different simulators including MSFS, activation of OpenXR runtime for Oculus is is recommended at least for this last one : as it does not harm AFS2 keep it activated


    Hello Toorop,

    i have the same PC configuration . Please can you post your settings which you have in AFS2.

    Yes of course :

    For extremely heavy sceneries like France VFR 's Paris Ile de France with Airport Pack I use the settings just below and get 35 fps as minimum (but smooth) even with the heaviest parts of the scenery in view. Lowering graphic settings allowed me to increase pixel density to 1,2 (but visuals are quite good too with 1 like with the "Ultra" settings below and you can get more fps).

    Obviously these 35 fps are a minimum (despite playable) but on lighter parts of the scenery you get much more

    Strangest thing is that 35 fps was totally unplayable in the Rift but seems pretty smooth now with the Quest 2 : the same in MSFS (no explanation at the moment)

    Note : fps in the Hud and in MSFS dev mode are the same but do not use tools like Fraps : they are measuring the mirror fps and some apps like Flyinside reduce the Mirror Refresh rate so you could get very low unrealistic fps with Fraps

    So, for extremely heavy sceneries :

    For more "normal" sceneries (included detailed ones with good cultivation) I get constant 72 fps with these settings :

    For all kinds of sceneries :

    Remember : always launch in VR mode (Aerofly FS2) like this :

    - In Nvidia parameters you can use VSync "Disactivated" or "Fast" (no other one)

    I_ n Nvidia parameters I suggest to keep Low Latency Mode "Disactivated" but you are allowed to try changing for "Activated" or "Ultra" : did not see any significant changes in Flight Simulation

    Additional infos for Oculus settings : be conscient some settings may reset to default when restarting the App. Fortunately they are not the most significant ones and you can ignore them (just to let you know...) :)

    Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR does nothing with the Oculus Quest 2

    Sorry but I think you are wrong, OpenXR App inserts a key in W10 's register with this value :

    And you can see it's active in Oculus Beta parameters :

    OpenXR demo looks also (slightly) different according to the validated Runtime (WMR or Oculus - don't know for others -)

    Anyway i just did mention it because it is better to use it for MSFS and obviously it does not harm AFS2

    In fact all the sims tested with my Oculus Quest 2 work perfectly with this setting : AFS2, MSFS, P3D V5, Condor 2 and even FSX working like a dream at constant 72fps with the Flyinside software (32 Go RAM, CPUi7 8700k, GPU GTX 1070 Ti 8Go)


    Just to let you know : Oculus Quest 2 with Link cable works like a dream for AFS2

    It's a non expensive high quality VR device (350 € without Link cable)

    Only these two advices : better install Runtime Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR and when starting in Steam don't choose Oculus, works better with "normal" AFS2 VR mode :

    Kind regards

    I apologize : So long time I did not use fscloudport that I forgot I had to "hold the click" on the object... I was desperately (conviced) I had to use "right click"

    So I looked at the video tutorial and immediately felt ashamed !

    Sorry guys and thanks for trying to help the ...... boy I am