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    Hi Clipper747pa,

    Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, but you are correct so we have adjusted the text on our website and Help file to indicate that for now only the Windows version of AFS2 supports FSWidgets apps, but that the Mac version of AFS2 will be adding this in their next update.

    Hi Ed and Ray, thanks for your helpful suggestions, G8tr is now up and running once the local IP address was plugged in.

    As for the Mac edition users of AFS2 (psionmark and others), thanks for getting in touch with us over the last few days and there does indeed appear to be an issue that is not present in the Windows edition. We have been in touch directly with the AFS2 dev team, please be assured a fix is coming.

    Thanks Ray for your previous feedback on the beta, much appreciated.

    I wondered about whether Planning Charts were worth adding to a moving map but they are quite nice charts. They are meant to replace the WACs which the FAA is no longer producing.

    Hi everyone,

    Hope its OK to post this here, we just wanted to alert any Aerofly FS 2 pilots who also use FSWidgets apps that we have just released a significant update.

    We have added 21 new aero charts, many for the EU region:

    • US VFR Wall Planner
    • US IFR Planning Chart
    • Alaska Enroute Low
    • Alaska Enroute High
    • Europe TPC
    • New Zealand TPC
    • Spain Enroute Low
    • Belgium Aero OFM
    • Netherlands Aero OFM
    • Denmark Aero OFM
    • Sweden Aero OFM
    • Germany Aero OFM
    • Switzerland Aero OFM
    • Austria Aero OFM
    • Poland Aero OFM
    • Czech Republic Aero OFM
    • Hungary Aero OFM
    • Slovenia Aero OFM
    • Croatia Aero OFM
    • Romania Aero OFM
    • Bulgaria Aero OFM

    This is a free update, full details are on the FSWidgets News page.

    Hi olderndirt and edpatino.

    Glad to hear you're both up and running, and thanks for passing on that tip to Ed.

    We have a help article for anyone who needs it, linked to on this page: FSWidgets Network Support

    Direct link here: Aerofly FS 2 - FSWidgets App Support

    If anyone is still stuck by all means get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

    Thanks again everyone for your support of our products and to the IPACS team for making this integrated connection possible.

    And to specifically address Edward's questions...

    1. It's just only changing the switch to ON in Miscellaneous?.

    2. Do we need to change anything else in Aerofly?.

    3. Do we need to enter the ip and port of our computers in the settings field of the FSWidgets application?. Which port?.

    4. Do we need to download and install the FSWidgets Network Pack?.

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Yes, as above the IP address is the address of the computer running AF2, the port number is 58585

    4. No the FSWidgets Network Pack is not required

    thanks :)

    Hi and yes I agree, the whole IP address and port number topic can be confusing.

    In each FSWidgets app supported by Aerofly FS 2 there are two settings, an IP address and a port number. The IP address must be set to the IP address that the simulator is running on. The port number number should be set to 58585. When you select "ON" in AF2 it will start listening and transmitting on that port number. When you "connect" the FSWidgets app, it will connect to the simulator and start receiving the data it needs.

    Hi Jürgen, Edward and all,

    We're still in the process of updating our site which will contain more details about Aerofly FS 2 and FSWidgets support. Basically though what's been said in this thread so far is largely correct. Most FSWidgets apps will work, as is, with this fantastic new Aerofly release.

    For now we have updated our News page here

    FSWidgets News

    And here's a screenshot of some of that detail. Thanks again Torsten and team for making this possible!