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    I downloaded and installed this file but the mountain images appear blurry. Is this normal?

    No, the images are not displayed for you. The elevation mesh, on the other hand, looks fine.

    Are you also on Beta? Can you turn it temporarly off?

    SkywayTheDelta just informed me, that he can bypass the beta mode with the scenery downloaded offline and that it works very well now also for him.

    The content is therefore only for the Official Version, I will specify this accordingly.

    Is it possible to make it work for mobile (🤞)?

    It needs an additional work step after the conversion of GeoConvert process has finished, since the *.ttc files are not compatible.

    I will include an additional feature in the next future version of AeroScenery as an aid (additional folder with needed files and folder structur), so that it can easily be done by the user after GeoConvert.

    Kindest regards,


    Thank you so much for ALL your time and effort in updating this wonderful tool. The link is the old AeroScenery update of September, 2022 is this correct?

    Hello Michael

    You have the right version (see the label at the upper right corner and the additional new "action to run" option for downloading the OSM data).

    Trees Detection and Download Elevation options will appear, after you have set under Settings the path to my TreesDetection App respectively set the API-Key for OpenTopography and restart AeroScenery.

    I will do the upload of my trees detection app in the later afternoon/evening.

    Kindest regards,


    Major Update/ MOD h for AeroScenery available now on


    • Create trees satellite photo based trees using my TreesDetection App (*** will be published soon ***)
    • Create worldwide 30m elevations maps
    • Separately download of OSM data
    • Simultaneous downloads up to 8 streams (instead of 4)
    • Seach Tile by name function
    • Several image sources are working again

    Tutorials by TomSimMuc are also already available here.

    Extended “Actions to Run”

    Interaction with TreesDetection in Settings

    Tile Search by name


    Thank you very much, Thomas,

    My satellite photo based tree detection will be released soon along with a major update for AeroScenery. With the interface for AeroScenery, the process of tree generation will be much easier for everyone to use.

    Thanks for testing in advance,


    Can somebody put some trees/vegetation around the area because without it looks like the mobile version of Aerofly (Or even better cultivation with buildings and trees)

    I hope that IPACS will publish their worldwide cultivation soon. As a temporary solution, I can convert the trees for the whole Ubon Ratchathani area for FS4 in the meantime. Buildings unfortunately do not work, there is no way.

    Preview with trees:

    I also have the issue with some airports, especially in hilly terrain, but sometimes also for quite flat terrain.

    My workaround actually is to place smaller or larger holes at the border of the airport, a bit outside of where the problem with the mesh occurs.

    e.g. for LSZI:

    This works often with a bit of try on error.

    Of course, it would be better if IPACS can fix the issue.



    Thank you very much, IPACS for your new Airport Designer tool.

    I was only able to take a quick look at it.

    I agree with the hints and feedbacks from my colleagues, especially from Michael. Much of it is intuitive if someone has already created airports on FSCP. It is a pleasure to be able to create taxiways and aprons now.

    Where I still struggle a little bit is:

    • When I move a single aircraft after having placed them, the mode changes from “Place-Mode” to the “Edit-Mode” without me having noticed it (“Place Objects> Aircrafts” still remains in the blue top menu and the top part of the white area is not visible doe to scrolling down). Then I have to go back in the menu or click “Aircrafts” to place new objects. Maybe “Edit-Mode” and “Place-Mode” should appear in the blue top area too, allowing to change the mode

    • It is very difficult resp. sensitive to select a line and to be able to move the hole line (a single point seems easier to move)

    • I had certain difficulties with the Exit of Draw Line mode (mode remains even I press Esc till I select another object)

    • I couldn't first figure out which runway corresponded to which threshold number first. Only making an runway extension or giving a name gave me the clarity what fits (maybe assign a temporary name when adding a new runway)

    • I couldn't first figure out how to rotate the parking spots and helipad seems (shift and mouse wheel). It would be useful to add a corresponding field under "Edit Parkingspot/Helipad" containing the rotation similar to "Edit Building" and "Edit Aircraft"

    • Explanations of the different runway resp. threshold - options would be very helpful.

    This seems to be a bug:

    When saving, I always had the red cross at Tarmacs, this although I had deleted all of them during troubleshooting. Looking to the TAP file, all Tarmacs are still present in the background, although they are deleted:

    Also, I often have tarmacs and lines multiple times without duplicating them and without them being visible. But they are still listed in the TAP file.

    Thus, it was also no longer possible for me to save my work with the runway definition and the already placed objects.

    Then I deleted the airport and wanted to re-import. Unfortunately only the airport Data are currently imported and I lost all other placed objects and runways.

    My biggest wish:

    It should be possible to import a complete airport tap file with an appropriate plausibility check, in order to be able to edit the airport afterwards. This would allow e.g. to take XREF objects from an existing FSCP-airport (after conversion due to format changes) and edit them.

    Finally, I am looking forward to the new compiler!

    Cheers, Christophe

    Difficult to figure out with so less information.

    At first view, I notice that you are talking about an AIC file. But the newer geoconvert versions need an AID file or you have to use the *.tfw-file as a base (*.aid will be generated by geoconvert) . Maybe this is the cause.

    Syntax of the corresponding AID-File: b_16_stich_1_1.aid





    <[vector2_float64][steps_per_pixel][2.14576721191406e-05 -1.48500384806035e-05]>

    <[vector2_float64][top_left][7.03125 46.2672402038251]>





    In principle, it is much easier to use Aeroscenery to create your own photo scenery:

    Latest version/MOD:

    Aeroscenery v1.1.3 MOD with Enhancements by @chrispriv

    Geoportal (Switzerland) does not work as a source anymore, I will fix it with the upload of my next MOD (works allready for me).

    For LOWI (Innsbruck) I found a WorkAround (instructions for action at your own risk):

    paste the ORBX folder "Innsbruck" from the ORBX directory "places" into the user directory and rename it:
    /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 4/scenery/airports/eu/at/lowi__innsbruck__orbx
    rename the ORBX file "innsbruck.tsc" to "lowi.tsc
    duplicate the renamed file "lowi.tsc" to "lowi.wad".

    => That's it.

    Only a small hint for the last resp. 3rd step of your tutorial:

    It is better to create a copy of IPACS original WAD file from scenery/airport/ directory instead of renaming the copy of TSC file.

    This way the runway will be displayed correctly on the map and the runway start positions will also work. It also works properly for ORBX LSGK Saanen.

    Otherwise your temporary workaround works very well, many thanks!

    Comment: Still waiting for progress from IPACS with their new Airport Designer and at least first information/specifications for developers, this regardless of the completion of their tool and especially regarding the cultivation with buildings. "Don't break our simulator" means that we should get informations. Otherwise, we can not be criticized/blamed for what we are doing here.

    Have you already tried it by emailing instead of a private message: Phil Hulme (Spit40)

    FSCloudPort airfields unfortunately only work for FS2 due to the rotation resp. orientation of runways, which is no longer supported for FS4. Nevertheless, XREF objects such as hangars and static aircraft will probably continue to be usable via the TOC file in future.