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    Before getting started with special-vegetation, it is important to first familiarize yourself with how it works with special XREF-trees, cause it works different to the user sceneries.

    Unlike a user scenery, the installation is not done in the user "addons" folder but in the user "scenery" folder. What makes the installation a bit more difficult is the fact that a "plant" folder in the user "scenery" folder is not complementary but replaces all trees completely. Also, basically all sceneries are affected.


    • For this reason the user has to make first a copy of his "plant" folder from the "scenery" folder of his original installation into his user “scenery” folder (not to be mistaken with the “addons\scenery”-folder!), so that the trees are being kept for all sceneries. Only then the special XREF-trees should be copied into the user scenery plant folder.
    • Please note that if the plant directory is empty, not only all are trees missing, but Aerofly FS2 will crash unless there is at least one XREF tree file of each default tree type ([broadleaf], [conifer], [palm] & [shrub]) in the "plant"-folder. If it has only one tree model each, just the diversity in the vegetation is missing, but FS2 works otherwise.
    • If there are problems or you don't want to use additional vegetation - and this is the good news - then all you need to do is to delete the User-Scenery-Plant folder or disable it by renaming it. So everything will be as before.
    • And please never install the extra vegetation in the original installation folder of FS2 due to the integrity of the installation!

    One more preview

    Hope that these explanations are clear for you so far.

    A more detailed description of the installation will be added together with the Upload of the special XREF-trees library very soon.

    Kindest regards,


    As I have made good progress with photographic tree recognition, especially as it relates to shrubs, I will be able to cover a larger area with the special vegetation than originally intended.

    The southwest extension of Darwin NT as an addition to the scenery of @IJ0BUZ covering 12 tiles is almost finished. The coverage with vegetation will be over 60%.

    Start testing soon ...

    and look to see if any vertices are overlapping the outside mesh.

    I agree, that in my opinion it may be caused by an overlapping of the mesh with the taxiways and runways, if not cutted correctly.

    But it's also possible that your airprort-ground model is not flat resp. the elements are shifted in height after the cut using the method of ryansmei.

    Check this too and, if necessary, set all elements to height and position zero.

    I removed default trees from the area of Deep Creek because they were all wrong. I'd like to see what you've come up with. There aren't a lot of trees in the Deep Creak area IRL. Mostly just shrubs and tumbleweed.

    In other areas, default trees are completely missing, like most of the North area. And especially around McCall. If you have a way to easily add trees, I'd appreciate that very much.

    For Deep Creek I only set shrubs and no trees.

    I am working with photodetection of the trees and trying for various types of landscapes for devlopement. Certain areas, such as the mountains and valleys, work very well. Where photodetection has its limitations is in distinguishing a forest from lakes and rivers with dark green water (the same goes for the dark green circular fields). Masking the waters on a photo basis is much more efficient than cleaning them up afterwards.

    McCall is very difficult in on this point of view and required a lot of effort. But it looks pretty good now:

    I have already been flying for a few hours in the eastern mountains, following the valleys with the rivers or roads in low-level flight, which is a lot of fun in VR with the trees.

    I will send you a to the extra trees if you want to test them. The coverage of the area is already quite large and includes about 8 level9-tiles. But I won't work on it any further for the time being.

    Look forward to your feedback then!


    It would be interesting if other members have similar experiences.

    I also had major problems with the download on the weekend. After several attempts and interruptions I managed to download the scenery at least up to level 13. I had to abort level 14 after several attempts.

    Today, on the other hand, it worked without any problems right away. Probably the problem is when too many people access it at the same time.

    The best way to experience Deep Creek is in a helicopter. Down low.

    Now I'm happy and was able to make my first flights with level 14 in this huge area, among other flights also following the Depp Creek Canyon. The canyon is very long and doesn't want to end. So I got a bit of motion sickness ... ;)

    There is so much to discover. At this point, many thanks to you K9NSP for your great work!

    I also started to implement trees and enhanced bushes for certain areas, makes flying with the helicopter near ground much more fun that way. Will share them with you if you like.

    Kindest regards,


    Welcome to Mount Isa, another destination in Australia.

    It came into existence because of the vast mineral deposits found in the area. It is the administrative, commercial and industrial centre for the state's vast north-western region.

    The photo-scenery with cultivation is now available on



    Unfortunately, the default trees of FS2 don't really fit into the landscape of the Australian outback.

    For this reason I have tried to create special User-XREF-trees which fit better into the landscape based on texture templates resp. free tree-models from 3DWarehouse.

    This may looks like this:

    Due to the poor OSM data, the trees have to be placed manually. For this reason, I only plan to implement this for individual areas and only around the airports.

    The following additional sceneries for Australia are in preparation:

    - Mount Isa Mining Town (2 tiles)

    - Darwin West-extension of the scenery by IJ0BUZ (12 additional tiles)

    - Ayer Rock Extended (covering 9 tiles)

    I will first upload these without the trees, but only as a photo scenery.

    Do you like it?

    If there is enough interest from the community I will try to share these special trees. The installation in the user-folder will not be that easy, this is more for experienced users or if the instructions are followed exactly.

    Looking forward to your feedback!


    Flying around Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru in Tanzania, the roof of Africa. The view is stunning!

    We already have a lot of areas. Time to do something in Africa. Here it is the first scenery in Tansania, available on (cultivation still under construction, will follow soon).

    Just with photo-scenery:

    Preview with trees:

    Preview with buildings & trees:

    Enjoy! :)


    Many thanks Colin, for this another great aiport with animations!

    Thank you for this added airport but I miss the surrounding Algarve-scenery in acceptable resolution, is anyone willing to make image-files in at least ZL12 ?

    Work is in progess. I'm doing the Algarve-scenery with ZL16 and a resolution of 2.4m (level 13) and a bit higher with 1.2m (level 14) for the area around the airport.

    Will share it soon on


    Many thanks Jake for this phantastic and very detailled scenery! :love::thumbup:

    Could do first exploring flights yesterday evening on the area and test my new next gen HTC Vive Pro 2 VR glasses.

    Runs very smoothly even at high resolution and without RTX 3080. Only with the animations I had to reduce the resolution a little bit from ultra to high.