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    Question, for clarification, the Yeti Mountain Home Helipad, was it omited on purpose or is it missing by bug?

    That should be Phakding.

    It is crazy how many landing pads there are in the region. Most of them obviously for emergency reasons only and I'm not even sure if they are visible all the time and not overgrown or used for other purposes sometimes. The more regularly visited by tours are the one in Namche Bazaar, Everest View Hotel and Everest Lookout.

    I did not blame Sascha directly. I said "the devs" and it was very much referring to any developer, including IPACS ;)

    The installation folder discussion arises with about every 3rd party release.

    Why not create a new thread for it and bring it to discussion? This may shed some light on things and creates a location where this very topic (philosophies, books to go by, reasons by IPACS, ways to bypass this limitation...) can be discussed in length. :)



    The only planes I fly in AFS2 are the Q400 and sometimes the C172.

    Well, challenge accepted!

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    AS for the Q400... you can't even maneuver that on that tiny airport. But there are some other airports in the package that you can use it at (Tumlingar for example).

    Exactly my question. I tried the Learjet and while I can fly it at that Altitude (after having been lifted;() I can't get it into the air on the short Lukla runway.

    Would be grateful for suggestions, too.

    My personal favorites from the recent months in development:

    - King Air C90. Has very strong wheel brakes. With full flaps it can take off and land at Lukla and most other airports in the area rather nicely - even with turbulence etc.

    - Aermacchi MB-339: Admittedly not the most realistic choice but even this one can do some rather smooth landings at Lukla and other airfields. Another benefit is that you can fly it from there basically anywhere else (except landings in Syangboche maybe, runway is just too short/high and not enough slope to brake the aircraft enough).

    - A320 for Everest flights out of Tingri. Very interesting to see how how it performs taking off and landing at such high altitudes (see manual's Tingri chapter for further notes on high altitude landings and takeoffs).

    There may be more options of course. I haven't tried all of them.



    Un séjour sans faille

    Yes, I definitively confirm, it works :thumbup:

    After doing most of the developing and testing of the Aerosoft installer in the Steam version I assume it's safe to say it works in the Steam version. :)

    Someone needs to convince Aerosoft to port it over...

    Whoever has some experience with aircraft addons in Aerofly FS2: I'm sure Aerosoft wouldn't mind if that someone contacts them with a product proposal to port it over.

    I'd love to try this myself; but I'm simply overloaded with too many other plans right now.

    Are the helipads modeled in VNLK?

    If you're referring to the lower apron about 2/3 way up the runway, yes, of course. With all terrain features, walls, stairs, vegetation, fences and buildings around it.

    There are a few newer temporary gravel pads on a field nearby that have been done just recently. But I assume those are only temporary pads until the new helicopter apron has been build, which is scheduled for this or next year (Nepal is one of those countries where I don't believe it before I see it - like Germany :)).

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    Yeah. I cannot wait to get this too. There is one big gap to consider. To fly up to Everest base camp with the R22ii will not be possible. Until we get a AS350 you will not be able to get up there. I am already having a hard time to get to Hornlihuette at Matterhorn in 3300m altitude. RPM warning ;)

    Indeed. Aerofly FS2 however offers a nice selection of fixed wings that can get up there easily. None of them can take off in Lukla however (or should... in real world...) but there are a few more airports in the package that support larger aircraft.

    We now decided on the name of the new product being Lukla - Mount Everest - Extreme. Simply put: What' awaiting you are extreme adventures around Lukla and Mount Everest. :)

    Feature list

    • 5 high detail airports with all buildings and clutter objects like vegetation, people, animals, vehicles and more:

      - VNLK Lukla

      - VNSB Syangboche

      - VNPL Phaplu

      - VNKL Kangel Danda

      - VNRT Rumjatar

    • 7 generic airports with details like tower positions, ground layout and thrilling hand edited terrain:

      - VNKD Man Maya Khanidanda

      - VNBJ Bhojpur

      - VNTR Tumlingtar

      - VNRC Ramechhap

      - VNJI Jiri

      - VNTJ Taplejung Suketar

      - VNLD Lamidanda

    • 12 helipads, most of them in very high altitudes

    • A whopping coverage area of 200x200 kilometers

    • Detailed hand edited mesh terrain

    • More than 380 thousand cultivation buildings

    • More than 60 million (!) individually placed trees in their respective vegetation areas (e.g. shrubs in the alpine areas, tropical trees in the valley rain forests).

    • A hand edited and georeferenced combination of satellite imagery with higher resolutions around the core areas (see maps).

    • Modelled points of interest like hanging bridges, stupas etc.

    • Detailed mesh with rock and glacier outcrops around Mt. Everest Basecamp making helicopter landings there as challenging as they really are.

    • Extensive manual with custom made maps and airport charts.

    • Free bonus: Semi fictional to be build large “Tingri Airport” north of Mount Everest.

    • CONS: Not a single airport with a flat runway ;)

    This is the feature list for the Aerofly FS2 version. The feature list for other simulators may be a little different.