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    It's encouraging to see so many suggestions and it's inspired me to explore more of what's currently available via both IPACS and Orbx Scenery.

    Inevitably, the usual grumble persists - I would like my own location/country and airports recreated/mapped in photo realistic HD scenery. Ideally, Scotland (a small country) but of course, I'd be content to settle for a lower definition covering the entire UK. FSX have several options available but I'm not interested in switching from AFS 2. No sense in downgrading the simulator.

    I'll stick with what we have and accumulate more flying hours!

    We actually mapped all controllers we had (which are a lot) the way that was presented by the manufacturer on the packing or manual. So you should just be able to look at the joysticks manual to find out what the button does in Aerofly per default.

    Thanks Jan, a good point and worth pointing out but...

    The Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS system is certainly recognised by AFS 2 and allows a reasonable level of control, however, given the significant number of buttons, mini-sticks etc. on the Joystick & Throttle combo, many functions remain unmapped.

    I'm keen to take best advantage of all that the hardware is capable of delivering and ,additional configuration is necessary to do that at the moment.

    I got your "Message From EGPF: Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS setup" in my email. I don't know how you sent that or how to reply to it, so will respond here. I wasn't quite sure if you meant you would pass on the offer because you wanted to start from scratch, or I should pass it along. :)

    Attached are some files you might find useful - FS2 controller settings file, pdf file of my settings, blank pdf file for jotting down your settings. If you want to use my controller settings file as a starting point, got to \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\ and rename gc-map.mcf to xgc-map.mcf, then copy my file to that directory, and rename it from .txt to .mcf. When you start FS2 my settings should be there.

    Many thanks for your help Roy,

    That's perfect, exactly what I was looking for!

    I thought I'd drop you a PM via the forum but I couldn't see an obvious way of doing that. I noticed that the option to send a message using email was present so opted for that - your email address isn't provided, only a form to complete and submit; the website software deals with it from there. I was relieved since I'm not keen on my email becoming widely available either! :)

    I'll get to work with the assignments. I'm very happy I opted for the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS system, it's clearly well designed and built while offering plenty of customisation, whether using the software specifically designed for it from Thrustmaster or via the more traditional route within games and sims.

    Although always keen to extend my experience of flying in different areas of the globe I frequently find myself drawn back to certain locations, airports and even runways.

    Ideally, and inevitably like most I suspect, it would be perfect to be able to arrive/depart from our local airport. To view and explore an area we are relatively familiar with from a new perspective is very appealing.

    If and until that scenario becomes reality, do you have a favourite scenery pack, area, airport and/or runway that you find yourself regularly drawn back to?

    For me, I find myself frequently using Mc Carran, since I'm from Scotland it's hardly local! I suppose it's for no particular reason beyond I like the Las Vegas scenery... I know, I really need to expand my horizons!

    When I began using FS 2 I had no problems maintaining level flight but recently, immediately after takeoff I've found many aircraft are continually banking, either to the left or right - I can correct it but as soon as I release the controllers the same constant turn resumes. As you'd expect, the AP resolves it and maintains a level course, even using the default.

    I haven't exhaustively explored the behavior of all aircraft but for those that I have, it seems, strangely, to effect lighter/piston craft. Perhaps I've missed something but I've tried resetting controllers, even switching between Oculus touch controllers, Xbox gamepad and my new Thrustmaster FCS hardware, all with the same issue. I haven't changed conditions and verified wind isn't playing a part

    From my experience I've come up with the following list:

    Cessna 172 - banking left after takeoff.

    King Air C90 - banking left after takeoff.

    Sopwith Camel - banking right after takeoff.

    Baron 58 - banking right after takeoff.

    737-500 holds level.

    747-400 holds level.

    Learjet 45 holds level.

    All takeoffs are from Mc Carran, Runway 25L

    If anyone can offer any thoughts or insight it would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    That's the kit I've ordered Roy.

    Delivery from Amazon, despite being a Prime subscriber isn't expected until Saturday or Sunday - they were out of stock when I placed my order.

    On balance it seemed to be the best option, representing both value for money and feature rich enough to deliver an adequate control solution.

    Please pass on the PDF. Inevitably, getting reasonable control mapping sorted out is the largest part of developing a level of comfort with the new hardware.

    Thanks for all the advice.

    Making a decision has proven harder than I had expected!

    Unless anyone can offer a reason not to, I'm inclined to opt for the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS which includes both the T.16000M FCS (Flight Control System) flight stick and the TWCS (Thrustmaster Weapon Control System) throttle.

    Amazon are selling the system for £109.99 (GBP) which certainly compares well to even buying via eBay, where it is consistently more expensive from all sellers, including, surprisingly, even in used condition.

    Obviously the item lacks the rudder pedals but, since they aren't strictly necessary, I'll go without them for now - I can always add them at a later stage if I decide they would help.

    I've yet to commit but, at last, I'm very close! :)

    Many thanks for taking the time to post in both German and English. As an English only reader your extra effort is invaluable.

    First flight with traditional joystick on the left and VR controller for throttle and instrument changes !

    Still using rudder pedals and the ButtKicker. I used some leftover plywood and L-plates to make the mount.

    Seems like the best of both worlds - left hand always on the joystick/yoke and right hand free to adjust throttle/flaps/gear and instruments/radios using the VR controller. Looking forward to haptic feedback once Microsoft turns that on.

    Your setup is certainly impressive and something to aspire to.

    I've bookmarked your link to the construction details on the instructables site - it might be something I get around to eventually!

    I think the kinds of planes you fly will dictate the kind of controller that works best. If most of the planes you fly have a yoke, then get that. If the majority of planes you plan to fly have a stick, then get that. Either choice will work on all planes. If you go VR keep in mind you are using the controller by "braille", so it has to be usable by muscle memory/feel. :)

    p.s. Check out kenvention's setup (the VR Cockpit Desk link above). He is an example of the effort a lot of flight sim people have gone to create an in-home flight experience (did you know there are even 3-axis gravity chairs!). I'm going with a "creeping commitment" plan -- starting with just a joystick HOTAS arrangement. I'm anticipating that as VR develops, the need to build a cockpit in your home will diminish. But I may end up with more hardware on my desk at some point in time, including a yoke controller if I start flying those kinds of planes (for now I'm an SEL/Fighter/Glider kind of guy).

    I'm more of a traditional flight simmer and don't tend to go so much for military craft or gliders where a stick is definitely the best option, although stick control is rapidly becoming more standard, even in commercial airliners - now I'm complicating the choice myself!

    Your advice is certainly helpful Roy and I'll take it onboard.

    I thought I might be asking too much when I started this thread/topic but had hoped there might have been a definitive answer - basically someone would have said buy this or that but clearly it isn't so easy!

    I recently went through the same controller quandary you are. I had a Logitech extreme 3D. A friend loaned me an X52 and a CH HOTAS stick, and I watched a lot of review videos. The X56 is very poorly thought of because of quality control issues. I ended up with the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS bundle ($100). It has gobs of programmable control inputs, and high resolution sensors. The big negative is excessive stick pressure (spring tension higher even than the Logitech 3D), from which several mods have resulted -- including making your own spring out of coat hanger wire. The popular fix of compressing the spring with zip ties (shorter spring) results in a dead spot in the rudder axis, and movement "bumps" due to the buckles on the zip tie. Also, depending on where the buckles end up, 100% throw in all directions may not be available. I went to the trouble of grinding down the spring wire diameter to about a 50% reduction in tension This provided no negative side effects, but is laborious. Probably the quickest and easiest is using monofilament to compress the spring, bypassing the zip tie buckle issues, but because you are shortening the spring, the rudder dead spot remains. Another side effect of the spring shortening method is that pressure in all 360 degrees may not be "symmetrical". p.s. I also searched for just buying an alternate spring but could find nothing usable.

    I went with a stick because I fly aerobatic and fighter planes, but if you are flying anything else (commercial airliners, or business planes, etc.) you would probably be happier with a control yoke.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks Roy.

    I know from your previous posts that, like me, you are pedantic and extremely selective when making a buying choice.

    I'm really struggling with the decision - primarily, whether to opt for a yoke or a stick, then, inevitably, which manufacturer, range and model to choose. Unfortunately, from your reply, it sounds like there is no off-the shelf-solution that delivers an ideal experience.

    For now I'll follow your example and continue to ponder the choices despite it becoming frustrating!

    I'm even resorting to searching eBay but, as usual with that particular resource, beware; so many overpriced offerings when you compare them to buying new if you shop around.

    For more info, I had this one before the Thrustmaster, when it was just Saitek, and is also good. I liked Saitek controls, but now they're part of Logitech and honestly the Logitech controls only last two or three years at best, on my experience.

    Cheers, Ed

    That's certainly helpful Ed.

    As I mentioned in previous posts, Saitek appears less reputable than Logitech - certainly Saitek, after merging with Mad-Catz, went down the pan - sad, since both companies were reputable.

    Logitech, good luck to them, hopefully can manage to salvage some success from them.

    EGPF, one scenario I'm curious to try is to mount the Thrustmaster joystick to the left side of my office chair and use the VR controller in my right hand for throttle control and instrument adjustments. Throttle doesn't need the same precision/feel as the yoke does.

    I'll have to push my chair back some from my VR Desk so I don't bump anything with the VR controller but I'll still be able to use the rudder pedals plus the ButtKicker has a long enough cable that it will still work. Hopefully WMR users will get haptic feedback later this month.

    This arrangement will work for many of the FS2 aircraft - for the others, I'll need the flexibility to mount the joystick on the right side.

    Your assistance has been very helpful Ken,

    I have to return to requesting advice regarding a suitable control solution that best suits my requirements at this stage though.

    I'm ALMOST ready to commit and buy, one way or another.

    Based on Ken's advice I should probably skip Yoke's and go for a stick I think - on that basis it comes down to these:

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas (PC) - Thanks Ed.


    Logitech G Saitek X52 Flight Control System

    I'm disappointed with the lack of a separate quadrant, offering additional/isolated controls. That was a major appeal when included with the Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System.

    If you have any VR interest, I'd recommend a stick so you can mount it on your side, allowing plenty of clear space in front of you to use the VR controllers to reach the VR instrument panel without bumping into any real-world objects like a yoke clamped to your desk.

    Thanks Ken,

    Yes, I'm using the Oculus Rift CV1 with Touch Controllers. I've been reluctant to revert to the traditional stick again but based on your recommendation I might reconsider opposed to switching to a yoke.

    I still frequently skip VR and go back to the monitor so I'm guessing it's swings and roundabouts, although, based on my wishes for flexibility when it comes to the controller for other sims and games, the stick probably wins over the yoke, despite my intention to also use for driving sims, e.g. "Dirt"

    Although I appreciate the value of the realism afforded by UTC, I can't see any development/programming reason why a balance can't be reached.

    Ultimately both methods of selecting flight times appear popular. The ability to choose would be ideal.

    I'm considering buying a more suitable controller for Aerofly FS 2 on my PC than the Xbox controller that I'm currently using.

    I've had a look around online and the market leaders/most popular offerings appear to be from Logitech/Saitek Thrustmaster and CH Products.

    I'm reluctant to spend a fortune - ideally I'm looking for something with a price-point of around £100 (GBP) give or take a little, preferably with the flexibility to allow their use for control of other games - e.g. the yoke as a steering wheel for driving sims etc. I'm also unsure whether a traditional yoke design is best or to go for a stick, since they are now becoming more widespread, particularly on large/commercial airliners.

    My search so far has yielded the following items as possible solutions:

    Logitech G Saitek X52 Flight Control System
    There is a Q&A on Amazon that concerns me - there seems to be an issue regarding wiring which depends on the manufacture, i.e. whether it's an original Saitek build or constructed by Logitech.

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas

    Seems to be liked but again, I'm back to the decision of Stick or Yoke...

    Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Control System

    The Saitek vs Logitech Saitek issue again. They look identical as do the specs but there is a price difference, I'm guessing there is a reason but I don't know what it is.

    The Saitek Pro Flight Control System which appears to be identical -

    Saitek Pro Flight Control System

    I haven't listed/linked any CH Products Yokes/quadrants due to their typically significantly higher prices that put them out of my range for now.

    I'd be grateful for any help.

    Many thanks.