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    A380 looks stunning in the newly released Aerofly FS 2019! And with all the new features, including new sound pack, new throttle system etc., this aircraft is more and more like a one which could appear in PC platform. Surprisingly, three extra cameras are added to A380 and A380 only,letting me feel that the developers pay attention to this plane. So, perhaps one day we can see this beloved aircraft being converted to PC;)? Is there any chance for that?

    This new app seems to demand too high in hardware (for those clouds, shadow quality and buildings). I can’t even run it smoothly with an iPhone XS.

    By the way, why the image quality is lower than before?

    But wouldn't you prefer a more advanced route planning system over manually searching for waypoints?

    We have to tackle the issues at the source not just cover the symptoms.

    Well, it would the best if you can develop FMC;), perhaps start with route planning page, which contains complete navigation data including STAR and DP for each airport. But meanwhile I suggest you to develop a feature which allows synchronization between the route in FMC with the navigation page, instead of giving up the navigation page directly.

    In addition to airport searching, it would be much appreciated if there can be added a “waypoint searching” function in the navigation page. Since aerofly doesn’t have FMC route planning system, it’s really annoying to look for waypoints in STAR or DP on the map one by one.

    I think it shouldn't be "I only use this simulator", each simulator has its strengths and weaknesses and the more simulators you own the better you fill in the gaps and eventually if you can say I can land a Cessna in each of the......

    It makes sense, however, although I use both AFS2 and XP11 for now, I’m afraid many flight sim players wouldn’t think in this way. After all, not everyone have a computer with 1TB+ storage to accommodate all three platforms. Furthermore, quite a lot of efforts(and money) are needed to turn the basic sim program into the one we actually use. You’ll need to buy addon scenery and aircrafts and many other stuffs and install them, which are not only expensive and tiring but also hugely storage consuming(have a look at the non-AFS2 version of orbx TrueEarth product, they’re really hard disk monsters). Perhaps this is not the case for Aerofly since addons for this sim are few. But for XP or P3D/FSX, you know it.

    There are in fact a great number of flight sim lovers in my country (China). And it’s definitely a big market. But I found most of the players in China would stick to one platform and add lots of addons to optimize it instead of taking advantage s from different sims. There’re even “P3D party” against “X-Plane party”:D. But sadly there’s no “Aerofly party”. In fact, most Aerofly players in my country are amateurs flying blindly on their smartphones and arguing with the others which of Aerofly and infinite flight is the best mobile flight simulator...:rolleyes:

    I tried to introduce those more advanced players Aerofly PC version in one of our domestic forums with a demo flight from Innsbruck to Amsterdam. It’s grateful that many people show their affirmation to this sim and it’s potential. But most of them state that unless the sim do better in functionality, they wouldn’t turn to it.

    Indeed, we enjoy what this sim has brought us so far, but I sincerely hope more depth can be added so that Aerofly can be more popular and...... Besides, I hope the developers don’t be blinded by such excuse that “people can get what they want form different sims” but become more ambitious. If you don’t speed up and be more powerful, one day your advantages will no longer be there.

    To make all 40+ airports in a region (500+ in the UK) to the quality of handmade individual airports isn't possible for a price most people would pay. I'm sure they will improve though after this first region release. Do you have a list of what you'd most like to see?

    Unless Orbx changes their game plan, I doubt you will not be getting anything approaching high level airports as part of the regional scenery packs.

    Well, I can understand why orbx do in this way and I'm always very willing to buy their individual airports. But as an airliner lover, I never expect them to build Schipol or Heathrow as a single product because such large airports are too expensive to build. Maybe I should just fly these airports in X-Plane.:/

    In fact I'm not quite interested in other airports in netherlands except schipol but if one day orbx release an upgraded airport in NL, I'll still buy it. In addition, I find most people prefer flying between regional airports or even grassfield with samll airplanes. So maybe I should just get adapted to common flavor.;)

    Besides, it's interesting that IPACS find a perfect balance in building these large airports. Either JFK, Miami intl. or many other international airports are built in good quality, not as detailed as innsbruck, of course, but way better than those in NL. Sometimes I'm happy to sacrifice scenery quality for airport details but that's definitely not orbx's style. And that's why I prefer IPACS scenery.

    But in all, I appraciated what both IPACS and orbx have done so far.:)

    We do have more scenery coming soon :) We are also finishing up the R22 which will also be coming your way shortly.

    The R22 just needed some final touches but we are still on schedule.

    That's really cheerful, I was afraid there won't be more IPACS scenery but only orbx in the future. To be honest, I prefer IPACS's regions than orbx's(specifically speaking: netherlands trueearth). Although IPACS don't place buildings and vegetations as accurately as orbx does, but they provide much much better airports. Shouldn't airports be spent the most work to build in a flight simulator scenery? It's an incredible scenery but I rarely fly in netherlands in aerofly because of the airports. Hoping British and PNW trueearth can improve a bit.

    The airports are of orbx quality, expecially key west intl, miami intl and marathon. The left six are also satisfying enough. And nine airports sells at the price of one. All the details are shining, I even doubt whether the upcoming Netherlands trueearth could be as fantastic as this one.

    Noticed that the South Florida DLC has been put on steam, however, from one of its demo screenshot I found something strange:

    It seems that the touchdown zone markings on runway 12 is wrongly placed, which is supposed to be closer to the end of the runway.

    Below is a reference screenshot taken from googleearth:

    Hope the developers notice that.:)


    Hi everyone,

    Have you noticed that the PAPI light became very ambiguous after the latest update?

    It seems that when the surrounding colors are white or yellow, the PAPI looks always all white(see this picture taken in Denver, the position of this plane is obviously too low).

    Even after zooming I still can't distinguish the light.

    And if the surrounding colors are green or similar, it seems to be a little bit more distinguishable but still not very good.

    I'm not sure if this problem is due to my screen or is a globle problem. Does anyone have any advice or comment:?:

    The planes are fine as they are. A meaningful update to me is where we get significant new sceneries, helicopters, and cloud/water management. This update is care factor zero for me and this whole sim is going the same way the longer it takes for REAL improvements to appear.

    In my opinion, the planes are actually far from “fine”. And I think an upgrade of the fleet, which if provide more depth of manipulation of the aircrafts is much more important than simply adding some new sceneries or a heli(although I look forward to them very much too).

    An improvememt of depth in aircraft is something really makes this sim competitive with P3D or X-Plane. Many flight-sim lovers are not interested in AFS2 because of the lack of functionality. And if IPACS make some improvement in that, Surely more players will come because beside a complete and professional experience of flight, we have the advantage in graphics.

    And this can lead the development of Aerofly into a positive circle, more players means larger market. Larger market means more third-party developers will get on board. By the time the problems for players will be “which scenery or which aircraft should I choose to buy” instead of “when shall the next scenery arrive”. And AFS2 will truly become a leader of flight simulators.

    So an upgrade of the fleet is absolutely a great choice and that might be a milestone of Aerofly. Nice work IPACS teams, you are amazing.:)

    I've been asking about this on the Orbx forum once a week now for a few weeks already and didn't get ANY reply. Not even a reaction to please stop asking. I am getting a bit worried here. But well, on May 21 John Venema posted this:

    "Netherlands TrueEarth for AFS2 is progressing very well, we are working on all the airports which as you may expect uses different tech to P3D. I have an alpha version on my PC and it looks superb and the FPS are amazing." I suppose they are silent because they are working hard. ;) That's something more developers do. ;)

    Thanks J,

    Since ORBX announced the AFS2 Netherlands TrueEarth with KPSP on the flight sim expo in June. I suppose the product will be released, sooner or later. But I must admit that what ORBX is focusing on now is their XP11 product. After all, it has a much larger market. Thus the process of developing AFS2 product could be slow.