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    Just download the mobile version, the sound pack of the GE90 engine is really awesome:D. Looking forward to see the 777 on PC.

    The new iOS devices are extremely powerful so in theory we could add a lot more detail

    The chips are indeed powerful, but heat emission has been a huge problem since iPhone X due to the double motherboard design. It’s a bit of struggling for my iPhone XS MAX to even run the FS2019. The phone simply gets too hot after ten minutes of flying and the frame rate severely drops.

    My best guess is that Northern California, Oregon and Washington will be added as default scenery

    If true, then the PC folks will go bananas and be screaming for the Pacific Northwest be added to the desktop versions.

    If you look at the full map of the continental USA you will see WA and OR and northern CA, AND a much larger New York area than is included in the DLC. A good guess would be all of these areas will be included in future scenery expansions.

    Hmmm:/, indeed it’s been a long long time since last time IPACS released new scenery. They must have done something.

    It’s always dream for us PC players to have PNW in Aerofly, years ago orbx announced their TE project and Aerofly was their first choice for this region. It’s really frustrating that it is aborted and they move every resource away from Aerofly to build X-plane product. However, on the other hand, I think it’s even better if IPACS build the PNW scenery themselves, because of much better airports. Nowadays orbx has expand their TE US X-plane product south to our California (I feel that’s a bit of humiliation to Aerofly:cursing:, and I even get angry with X-PLANE and use it less:D), but I don’t think it looks very good comparing with its predecessors. I use autogen downloaded from the org for San Francisco Bay, except water and some building textures, the default scenery plus a free addon doesn’t look worse than the renowned orbx TE scenery. So we have every reason to believe IPACS can build the PNW region even better. As for the possibility that they will bring it to the mobile version first, I don’t think it’s a big deal, they will come to desktop, eventually.

    Personally, I would most want to see new DC or Boston scenery to extend my favorite NY DLC if those “maps with different colors” do mean something ;). But I don’t think New York is going to show up in the next mobile version, the scenery is too complexed.

    My guess:

    Look at the actual map. As you can see there’s a different color toward east California. It’s about 5 times the actual area. I think that this area will be the futur scenery. If I’am true. Wow. Wow. Wow wow and wow again.

    It won’t be that huge, as mentioned before, the new flying region will be larger than the default PC scenery, which is California + Nevada +Arizona. But not as big as the sum of all free DLCs, which is the three states above + Utah and Colorado. Maybe Colorado won’t be on the list. Not to mention Oregon or even Washington, they don’t even exist in the PC version.

    Sounds fair, wish this FS2020 good luck:thumbup:. After all, PC simmers like me expect your mobile version to sell well so that the PC version can keep going.;)

    bigger than the default PC version but not quite as big as the PC version with all free DLCs installed. I'm estimating that the flying region is at least 5 times larger than the current Aerofly FS 2019 region with beautiful new landscapes.

    Default PC area plus Utah but without Colorado I guess? Then what will be the size and image resolution? AF2019 has already trade-off between the app size and the image quality. This one can be even tougher.

    Although I’m a PC simmer and seldom play the mobile version, recently the thread (originally asking about the MFS2020 but accidentally lead to a new ‘Aerofly FS 2020’) in the PC forum about this FS2020 makes me confused.

    What can be expected from this new sim? 777? Some new scenery? Why not using in-app purchase but to release a new app? Although I’m fine with spending some other trivia money for features I already enjoy in the PC version on my iPhone. I’m just afraid many other mobile players will be disappointed or even angry about this decision. If the new app has plenty of new features, it’s ok to release it as a new app. But is it? And one app a year may lead to loss in customers and blemish in the brand.

    So I hope IPACS can consider this decision discreetly.

    We haven't set a specific release date, this depends how fast the application is approved by the Apple Store and Steam.

    Sounds like the model is already finished and tested?

    Can you please show us a few more screenshots before the release if convenient?:)

    IPACS developers are perfectionists, they want everything they released to be sound and elegant , and they did. I admire their spirit and capability very much.

    Although this can really slow things down, in my opinion, such pursuit of perfection is what bring us love Aerofly so much and altering it with numbers of new features is improper because it may cause Aerofly lose its pros and become mediocre. (Although the developing speed is indeed too slow


    However, what really makes us players who really want a brighter future of this sim is that the developers don’t seem to have definite plan or goals and stick to it. What exactly makes IPACS so secretive and so shy to tell even a little bit of what to expect with us? Even though you have very limited resources, you can set lower goals each year and our players can absolutely accept it and are patient for the next update and keep loyal to this sim, as long as we know there is a goal, as long as we know this sim is not dead!

    Indeed, the long-term thriving of a sim depend on 3rd party devs. and recently we have very active community developers. But before the sim itself become strong enough, how can we expect its future to be supported by 3rd party developers?

    Anyway I don’t feel Aerofly is on a healthy growing path. IPACS, please!!! Plan the future of this sim we all love carefully, stick to it and be brave to post it, letting everyone know. There’s nothing to lose, only bringing more attractions and (to be frank) sales and money!

    Actually, there are lights but they don't illuminate anything so there are pretty useless.

    They are not totally useless, at least you can know the boundaries of the runways and taxiways at night, much better than having nothing. Although it’s a pity that as one of the most detailed airports in AFS2, Zürich doesn’t have taxiway lights. As for light that can actually illuminate....well....let’s look forward to that in AFS2.

    Indeed, I think there are two factors, if ameliorated, will make Aerofly looks much more realistic: clouds and roads. Now that street lights can be implemented based on road data, perhaps it’s viable to do the same with road texture. Hoping the developers can pay attention to this.


    This has been a problem since AFS2, that you need to try downloading for many times before success. But now the situation is even worse in AFS2019. I’ve tried seven times, each time it stopped at around 60% and sharply increased to 80% and then stop forever.:( I doubt this is a regional problem because it only seems to be common with our Chinese users. Any suggestions or solutions toward this problem?:)