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    Thanks Colin!

    During this update, at the same time, you could also look to modify these pylons, as Thomas previously mentioned.

    After which, it would be a real success for Boston! :thumbup::)

    Thank you for everything!


    Somehow I can understand your reasoning, on others, absolutely not sorry.

    In life, everyone has to take responsibility for what he says or does and not to do it backwards or find all kinds of excuses!

    As for me, I made a donation to you, and this long before you had finished Italy, and whatever, with the treasure or not.

    I did it in good faith for your work, and I also contributed for others in the community! (I would not name names) Those who recognize this know it. However, I took my responsibilities freely, and I also hope to one day see Italy completely complete, and not only 10 km from the borders. (Switzerland-Austria)

    Without making amalgamations with what is happening at this sad time in the world with covid19, but one thing is certain, the world realizes or it leads us all this current world economy.

    It was just a little wink ;)


    How much Money you will give?:/

    Little suggestion: Marco, think of those who have contributed, and not of those who never give anything in return.

    Proposal: When you have finished the borders, sent to those who have given, and not free on Thank you

    Punishing part of the community is also not the right solution.;)