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    TomSimMuc I did exactly that, and repeated the process, but could not consistently crash to isolate the airport.

    I'm guessing the issue must be caused by a combination of airports rather than a single one or more in isolation. (I can however crash consistently with all of them present.)

    While trying to locate the coords for our terrain mesh test yesterday, I had crashes elsewhere as well, so it's unknown how many bad or conflicting airports are in the UK set.

    KJKsimmer Thanks for commenting Kenneth. It is interesting to know you've downloaded the UK set and are not experiencing this. If you wanted to try a specific reproduction test, ensure you have EG86, EGKB, EGLC, EGLD, EGLL, EGTF, EGWU around London and drop your plane via Location around London. If the sim crashes to desktop while trying to load the scene, that's what I see.

    Thanks Thomas.

    Please don't read my desire for higher resolution mesh to be a criticism of your or Michael's excellent work.

    It's due to the beautiful results you've both produced that I'm spoiled for more.

    It's also my love of flying low and slow that pushes all the scenery to the maximum detail available.

    If you ever find freely available data of higher resolution, I'll be cheering further. If not, I'm content and delighted to fly FS2.

    Feel free to drop this topic since we've probably discussed it enough.

    Just for comparison, I fired up Google Earth.

    The location I showed probably looks better in FS2, though the elevation mesh in FS2 looks lower res:

    A little further around the same coast. Google Earth does look a bit nicer, and closer to what I was hoping to explore low and slow in Cessna or R22:

    My images were taken near coords -5, 49.

    EDIT found your location, looks identical to me, so my elevation at least appears to be installed correctly:

    Some coast line sections look great...

    I've never been to England. Looking at Google Maps to see where I'd been flying, I see the names Seaford Head on the south west and Kynance Cove on the south east. Real photos don't match the scenery well due to the resolution of the elevation mesh I'm guessing, and also because the aerial images are taken from directly above, so tall cliffs tend to look stretched even if they are in the right location.

    I greatly appreciate TomSimMuc's 25m mesh, and your mammoth effort with the imagery Michael.

    I like to fly low and slow. Touring the south coast, I see this:

    (Using F18 to find where I'd been fast.)

    Just thinking out loud the 25m is not enough to do this coast line justice. Those should be towering cliffs in places where I could fly a light aircraft along side. From up high, it looks just fine.

    Thanks Jan.

    The log file didn't turn out to be helpful so far. I removed all fscloud airports mentioned in log error messages, but the game still crashed.

    Then I just removed all airports near London coords where the crash happens and no crash. So have narrowed it down. Will narrow further when I have time.

    I see there are a lot of errors coming from 3rd party scenery in that log file. Hopefully the game is graceful, and it's more like 'error', not 'ERROR!!!' ;)

    My FS2 is crashing to desktop near London every flight.

    I've isolated this to the ~200 UK airports I've downloaded from FSCloudPort.

    Is there a log file that will tell me which airport is bad, or must I divide and conquer the file set?

    I believe someone asked for it to be removed because they preferred the photo underneath. It is the one area Michael left empty. Perhaps he could create an optional file for those who prefer it left in?

    Thanks for clarifying. I hadn't heard that. I spent some time looking through my files and folders in case I'd mis-copied something. There were after all a lot of files and folders!

    Fantastic work Michael, thank you!

    Is there anyway to download lots of UK airports from FSCouldPort without doing so one at a time 200 times or so?

    Or perhaps someone who has the lot could include them in one big zip for What is everyone else doing?

    Thanks to all the creators, it was and remains a fun scenery to explore.

    Has an updated version been prepared or uploaded?

    I heard rumors about improvements to the aircraft carrier and various other items, but cannot tell if a new version was ever posted.

    Thanks! That worked.

    Happy my first guess that the cross hair icon meant calibrate. Didn't want to delete all my controls. Tooltips and focus / pointer over highlights would be a wonderful addition to the UI. That menu page does not have a ? help icon.