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    Hey HiFlyer , I would currently consider the project to be on pause as I am extremely busy with other projects.

    I will continue updating this thread whenever I make some progress.

    Hey all,

    It's been a while!

    I'm looking at getting back in and finishing development for the Spitfire. I was just wondering if there are many changes I should be aware of (I was reading up on a new engine system?).

    Hopefully this bird will be flying the Aerofly skies very soon! :)



    The landing gear is drooped in the above images as I have not properly set them up in the engine yet and they need adjusting. The tyre bulges are present on the Mk IX wings (both C and E versions).

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it!

    I've made some great progress today with almost all of the controls implemented and many of the indicators. I've also begun incorporating proper fuel systems which is coming along very nicely. It's all coming together!

    Hey Matt,

    Manually tweaking the AO seems to be the best solution. I've brightened everything up and I think I've reached a decent middle ground. I'll definitely be tweaking this a lot more (and redoing some parts that didn't bake correctly) but I'm happier with the results.

    I havn't had much time to work on it this week but I'm hoping to get some more done tonight and tomorrow.



    Just to be clear, that tip was provided by MDIvey ...

    Whoops, my bad. Thanks for pointing it out I edited the reply :D

    Been working on improving the lighting with AO maps. Still working out the best way to bake them (if anyone has any ideas please let me know). Looks SOO much better though, especially in VR :love::love:

    Also, does anyone have any tips on removing the light that is leaking through the cockpit on the starboard side?



    Would looking at the Corsair fuel setup be at all helpful?

    I don't believe the Corsair has a proper fuel system. It would work roughly the same anyways, just need to work out the parameters and what is needed is all. Should be all good :D

    And thanks Matt for the tips on the reflection maps. I'm just exporting a rough one from Substance Painter and tweaking it a bit, seems to work ok.

    Thanks very much Michael, that info is invaluable!

    I've made some very good progress over the last couple of days. A large amount of the port side controls have been implemented, most of the dash (minus some instruments) and some of the starboard switches.

    I've also gone through and tweaked some textures - some need more tweaking but it is looking a lot better. The shaders also helped immensely, just need to work out how to render a reflection map.

    Here's a couple of shots;

    I hope to implement a fuel system soon. I've been looking at the Cessna as an example but I am stuck at the moment.



    It'd be great if one of the IPACS guys a description for all of the shaders and what they are good for. Like, what is the difference between glass, window and canopy? When should one be used over the other? I just discovered the darken shader is transparent and makes things behind it darker. What's the difference between "standard" and "default"?

    In the mean time, do you have any idea larrylynx?

    Great progress has been made on the Spit over the last few days/week. Here are a just a few of the changes;

    • A number of clickable controls have been added, such as mixture, throttle, RPM, Elevator trim, Spade, Flaps and most likely a few I've missed.
    • Flaps have been edited to reflect the real values
    • Materials have been changed to use the appropriate shaders
    • A few instruments have been added (RPM, Airspeed)
    • Edited some textures to work better with AFS2 (still need to do a lot of tweaking)

    Multiple changes to the FM have been done by the legend himself, Jet-Pack, including;

    • Airfoils & mass are now accurate
    • Corrected engine values
    • Added prop graphics including fading & blade pitch animation
    • Added/fixed preliminary gear physics
    • Tweaked trim

    Again, big thanks to Jan for all his help!

    So this is now working in FS 2? When is the release date? It looks great!

    No ETA at the moment. You will know as soon as I do :) Hopefully soon!

    Hey guys, just sharing some info Jan sent me in regards to Inputs

    Interesting. Thanks Jan! I think that's the way the F4U did it, but I couldn't wrap my head around the transform part... I'll see if I can work it out.



    Edit: Got it working! Not really anymore trouble than the other way so that's nice.

    Thanks !

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently trying to wrap my head further around the rigidbodygraphics and linking with the dynamics. I've been trying to get the control column to work independently from each other, but still be linked i.e the spade rotates from a fixed point on the control column. Here's what I have so far;

    So how would one go about linking these so that the Spade follows the Control Column rotation, but rotates on its own too?

    TLDR; layered elements w/ their own rotations?



    Edit: Got it, was easy peazy.

    Just add the 'parent' to the [Graphics] parameter like this;

    We have our first clickable control! Huzzah! (It's just pretty much copy pasta from the F4U, trying to work out all the different parameters - I'm unsure what the "Base" versions are, i.e PropellerSpeed vs PropellerSpeedBase.