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    Dear ipacs team

    We prefer to hear real engine startup sounds in the future please try to add it like the GE90 WITH THE SPOOL STARTUP IT'S SOOO POWERFUL AND WE ENJOY THE REAL SOUND IF YOU COULD ADD NEW CAMERA free movement view it would be also nice thank you for the hard work 8)

    A free camera with a locked view would be perfect. Then the control tower view bug wouldn't matter.

    Rudder and throttle do not work well together in mobile, I get lots of unwanted zooming instead of throttle or rudder action. Is it not reasonable to be able to steer at the same time as holding reverse thrust?

    I'm able to control the rudder and throttle at the same time. They fixed that bug early on, I think in December.

    The runway at Hierro Airport seems to tilt too much compared to real life:

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    Too many U.S. airports? We only have west USA, Miami was removed, and I want like Chicago or New York at least as new regions in the future, also we need Dubai, China, and Australia like Sydney would be nice to fly from Los Angeles.

    I'm not saying we have too many U.S. airports. I would absolutely love to see more U.S. airports like the Pacific Northwest.

    I'm saying we need to get the control tower view bug fixed soon. If you go to U.S. airports like Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Burbank, Santa Barbara, Provo, Aspen, and many others, the control tower obstructs the view of the aircraft.

    In this forum, uncertain things must be considered more extreme, such as the next update in November or December

    Really hoping we get an update soon. Too many airports in the U.S. and Germany are glitched with the control tower view blocking the aircraft.

    Hopefully we can get a minor rework with the 777.

    Increase its weight or fix the landing gear when taking off. The main gears begin tilting way too early.

    San Diego is completely blocked when you try to see your takeoff or landing.

    Yes, it's very annoying. Other airports that have the control tower view problem:

    - Burbank (BUR)
    - Sacramento (SMF)
    - Provo (PVU)
    - Salt Lake City (SLC)
    - Reno (RNO)
    - Phoenix (PHX)

    - Aspen (ASE)
    - Redding (RDD)
    - San Jose (SJC)
    - Santa Barbara (SBA)
    - Eagle (EGE)
    - Tucson (TUS)

    And many more.

    Also Oakland (OAK) tower view is misplaced.

    It's been three months since the United States was re-introduced to Aerofly mobile. However, that updated brought along errors with the tower view for certain airports, such as Burbank, Sacramento, Phoenix, Reno, and more. When using tower view, the view of the aircraft is obstructed.

    Are there any plans to fix this soon?

    - US sceneries are currently converted to the new format and we are doing some internal testing already. Closed beta testing is planned for next week. Once completed, we intend to offer the western states in an upcoming update as an In-App purchase, but at a low price. The main reason, is that we need to finance the huge amount of data that needs to be downloaded. Keep in mind, storage requirements are further increased by around 4 to 5 extra GB so if you download everyhting for Aerofly FS 2022, you now need over 20 GB of free space on your device.

    Thanks! When you say western states, I'm assuming you mean California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, but not Florida? Are there plans to maintain the 3D cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles and the night lighting at Denver?

    I'm willing to pay more to finally get the U.S. regions. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but the initial $10 for the app with Europe and all aircraft is an insanely good deal. I'm glad to pay more if it means helping the developers add more to Aerofly.

    I assume this is on the ground without copilot active, right?

    In the air with copilot active. I've done a few one-hour flights between airports with the A320 and A380. I had to use the interactive cockpit to adjust heading. The copilot function on the bottom right side of the screen was able to adjust the climb/descent rate (up and down arrows) but not the heading (right and left arrows).

    Did you guys know that IPACS also included Svalbard and another airport? The airport is very remote from the others, and it can’t be seen on the navigation menu. You can still see it in the location menu though. Very good little airport that they added 😃

    The airport does not have scenery though, that means all around it is just dark

    Svalbard has been in FS 2022 since release. Unfortunate that it has no scenery though, I'd love to fly there.