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    DLC images are still used I think, I haven't fully tested it myself. If you have them installed already just keep them installed I guess :)

    Full announcement:

    Wow, amazing job everyone at IPACS.

    Really hoping we can get that on mobile, but I feel like our devices won’t be able to handle that lol

    Allegiant would be a perfect addition to Aerofly because of how many small airports they fly to that are already in the sim.

    Provo, Stockton, Eugene, Medford, Bellingham, Monterey, Santa Maria, Phoenix-Mesa, Fresno, Spokane, Pasco, Reno, and many more.

    This bug has been happening for a couple of years now.

    I don't believe it's that hard to fix. Just add an auto-neutral option for brakes and people just would need to switch it off to keep brakes on the position that you move it.

    This should have been fixed eons ago.

    Hey guys! Since fs2023 has been released the same bug is annoying ios users. the brakes button keeps reseting to 0%. The only solution is to put 100% but it is not very realistic. When you put 50% brakes it just stays 2sec and then goes back to 0%. As someone said in a previous thread the same issue applies on the throttle on every planes/helicopters. So you cant be precise on the power corrections. Sometimes as you can see in the picture my finger is on the white line but the throttle is under. First i fought it was my device so i tried another device and was still struggling with the same issue. So then i fought it was my finger but no. So it definitely is the game. Have a nice day G’s.

    This bug didn’t happen before the most recent iOS (official) update though. I remember they fixed it pretty fast in a previous version, either the beginning of FS 2023 or FS 2022.

    Finally got to try the update today, the new wing views are amazing! Thanks Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin

    Somehow the 737-500, Q400, 747, and A320 almost feel like new aircraft with the new wing views.

    I do have one issue, it seems like there’s sometimes a glitch where after you land and enable reverse, it may kick you out of reverse and set the throttle back to 0%

    I think this bug may have happened in the past?

    We've published the first screenshots of the push-back in action!

    Check out our blog entry from today and feel free to ask questions below :)

    Looks great!

    Alaska Airlines 737-900 confirmed too! Just need Delta’s 737-900 to complete the trio of U.S. 737-900s 🙏

    Question Jet-Pack (IPACS), what airport is the first image with the blue terminal? LaGuardia?

    You can always go around

    But seriously, this would be a good addition.

    We've published tutorials for the new cameras menu, time-skip and going back in time features.

    Here you can see all new camera positions:

    Thanks! Looking forward to the update.

    Chill man, at least, you are getting 737 for real in aerofly right? Be satisfied.

    Am I not chill? Purely expressing my opinion, and noted that I am still looking forward to the 737.

    For simplicity we decided the -900 would be the easier version. It is easier to cut things out of the model than to add in large chunks. We are not ruling out a -800 at a later date.

    Thanks. Please make sure to include as many U.S. (Alaska, Delta, United new livery) and European airlines as possible ;)

    Maybe sneak in a Southwest 737 MAX 9 too. Who knows, they could order one in the future 👀

    When will the update about aerofly 2022 come, we paid that much money, but the updates never continued. There is no innovation, tell me so we know

    I really wish we can get some communication. It has been 8 months since the last update. The current version has some annoying minor bugs that didn't exist in past versions.

    The question remains... will Aerofly wait until next year's update and leave FS 2022 with bugs?

    I guess there will be an update corresponding to Aerofly FS 4, where issues known “from” FS 2022 no longer exist and Europe will get HiRes around main airports.

    Apple will untether memory usage with the upcoming iPadOS 16 on M1 iPad. Allowing virtual memory swap (until 16 GB). But it’s an other story that should start in 2023 maybe 2024.

    I think.

    Hopefully that happens

    I have kept myself from announcing this but it is getting really annoying, all my flights keep crashing just after landing and as result the flight and flight hours don’t get logged. This even happend when i flew all the way from Zurich to Los Angeles. I’m considering stepping to x-plane if aerofly can not hold up to stay running after a simple engines off. Hope this gets fixed very soon.

    I've experienced the same several times.

    After doing a full flight, no matter the duration, and you land and park somewhere, shutting down the engines can cause the app to crash. To avoid this, park wherever you need to, exit the flight (hitting the arrow in the top left corner) and then return to the flight and shut down the engines. That'll avoid the crash and save your hours.

    This seems to be the same issue: Crashing while turning off engines of the A320

    Hopefully we get an update soon. It's been eight months with some annoying bugs.