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    I usually paint the whole water and only leave a bit of coastline unless coral water, where i leave a bit more coastline. I was nit sure about the transparency. A few test I did left me in the believing thats transparency does not work properly.

    Yes, if you are flying outside of the textured area, this is what you get . Zero Objects, zero textures

    OSM cultivation brings back objects and forests

    Aeroscenery the ground textures

    And if one time we find a smart user, we might get 10m mesh created for certain areas. I am certainly not smart enough to get the mesh done. I tried for the canaries.

    My test with the setting Shrink TMC grid squares by 0.01 degrees failed. I produced 7 grids with the before mentioned settings and all are loading in patches :(. But the processing time was much less. So I will keep this setting for future areas. ;)

    Currently my PC recreates the areas neighbouring to the incorrect grids with the 0.01 setting, although the old grids were free of errors. Maybe, neighbouring surfaces must have the same settings :/.

    I will report.

    Level 9, 11,12,13 and 14 need to be created otherwise patch loading ;)


    Thanks for bringing this up. I doubt that we are going to see the full fidelity R22 nor the Ecureuill AS350B3 which I have flown on the weekend with the Professional Aerofly FS2 code base. I know the colleagues very well who did the metering on the real bird, for both, the R22 and the AS350.

    I suggested them to put the AS350 on sale as DLC. No chance, not because they don‘t want, but one reason is Airbus not releasing the license like Robinson did. Besides this the metering flights costed a fortune, and due to this, they sell these two highly realistic flight models only with the Level-D AFS2 platform.

    Besides all this, it needs to be scalable in terms of earnings. While the mobile AFS sells like a butterbread, the desktop version ice a niche market. The Pro market has just started. EASA is not yet able to issue level D approval as there is a little gap in the rules. Silly as it sounds, the screen distance between pilot eye and screen is regulated. As you can imagine VR Headset does not have the distance. This is an issue and has to pass all kind of certifications now.

    I am hoping to get an AS350B3 at the level of the current R22. This would be genius. But to keep the expectations as they are from my talks on the Helico Weekend with my colleagues, not going to happen before EASA certification is finished, as this is a MUST for the pro platform and without this, no market. So that where the focus is and of course where the funding is coming from, the mobile platform.

    I. an understand them, although I am not happy for my own preference.

    Btw, the AS350B3 was really ultra realistic. I flown the real one and the one in sim. Fantastic work. Maybe one day ...

    A little question, why dont you play DCS with the f18 module?

    I mean it is the most realistic f18 you will get in a sim and you can perform realistic with it?

    Don't worry - DCS F18 and the upcomign Viper are probably the most realistic sims out there, for these aircrafts. But. I love to fly around the Swiss Alps. I created a Meiringen and Payerne scenery in DCS, but it is not Switzerland ;)

    Maybe just add it to the Cessna and provide two options in the aircraft selection screen, C172 with GNS and C172 with standard moving map.

    I also don't think that implementing the GNS makes the aircraft less accessible to casual or new players.

    Why no use the R22 "pro" or non pro checkbox?

    I have done some cultivaton of Corse recently. i noticed that the Geofabrik pbf contain much more forrest data than I like to have. I clutters the small bushes as trees all over the place. I was wondering if there is a way to do two pieces in scen proce.

    1 Lights & Houses

    2. Forrests

    I noticed that the combined size, by removing the trees can reduce from 1GB to 100MB ;)