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    Hello all,

    It was recently brought to my attention that the website I previously used for AFS2 RC ATC has been taken over since I let it expire. My apologies to anyone who visited the website with unexpected results or had emails bounce. My team and I planned to migrate the website to a subdomain of my company’s primary domain ( but haven’t found the time. (I intended to get the product on Steam as well.) My folks and I have been surprisingly busy during the pandemic.

    The product is alive and well, still available and supported for Aerofly FS2.

    AFS2 RC ATC will be updated to support Aerofly FS4 if possible and necessary (i.e., AFS4 RC ATC). That is, if Aerofly FS4 doesn’t have super-duper ATC out of the gate but does have the required SDK functionality. It would be great to upgrade some features of the product as well, for example weather, given SDK support.

    AFS2 RC ATC is available for download at Aerofly FS 2 RC ATC - thanks to Higgy as well as my Google Drive.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly (admin at advresgrp dot com or karl dot nietsch at advresgrp dot com) or through these forums as I still lurk on a fairly regular basis.

    High hopes and waiting patiently for Aerofly FS4. :)



    it would be nice, when you upload it at our server, so many people will see it and can download and use it.

    Hello higgy,

    Thanks very much for your kind offer to upload AFS2 RC ATC to your server. I will upload it shortly.

    My intention was to move the product's dedicated website to a subdomain of my company's primary domain but never got around to it. (We've been surprisingly busy during the pandemic.)

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards,


    Where I can find the program?

    Hello antikuo,

    The program is still available (and supported, of course). You can download it from here: Aerofly FS2 RC ATC

    I've attached the Quick Start Guide to help you easily get up and running.

    You can request a license key (trial or permanent) by sending an email to (note the license request in the subject). Your email will eventually get to me and I'll send you the license key.

    Kind regards,

    Karl Nietsch

    So if landing lights are available for VRM which I assume uses FS2 for its simulation how come we haven't got it ????

    Totally agreed. This has long been among my top wishes for AFS2; a fundamental sim feature IMHO.

    Think about how much we paid for Aerofly and how much professional training costs.

    Are you suggesting we should pay more for landing lights that illuminate the ground? How much? :)


    Se fosse simples assim eles já teriam feito.

    It's obvious from your post in support of the IPACS team that you're a fan. Trust me, I am a fan also. A patient fan and supporter since my first AFS2 flight in February 2017. My post was meant as an expression of support as well. That is, that the community afford the IPACS team time to remain focused and continue down their path of continuous improvement of the platform and aircraft systems.


    Aerofly is basically just focusing on scenery and the planes looks, not the flight sim part.

    Interesting that this quote describes perfectly the dumpster fire just released by MS/Asobo.

    With the strengths of AFS2 as a platform, among them physics/flight modeling, stunning graphics, performance (i.e., FPS) and extensibility, IPACS has a tremendous opportunity here to leapfrog the competition. (A partnership with "some other" global ortho mapping source? Support for easier airport creation?)


    Hello Karl , what is the best and easiest Flight Planner to use with Aerofly FS2 and Radar contact as i gather that a plan has to be created outside first ? I have been used to doing this inside FSX but AFS2 is only a basic planner that won't work with RC4 ? Thanks Mate !

    Hello Peter,

    I'm a fan of Little Navmap myself. If you're looking for something that doesn't require downloads or installation, you might want to give Online Flight Planner a try.



    Anybody knows whether this program is still for sale? When I try to e-mail them I get the response that this register(support) is not on this server. Per G.

    Hello Per,

    Yes, the program is still for sale.

    As we are transitioning to the Steam platform for sales and support of this and other products in our pipeline, we've consolidated to a single email for the product website: Any questions or license requests will be handled promptly via this email.

    Best regards,


    Getting started on NZCH this morning (been traveling all week). My goal for the weekend is to have the airport surfaces completed and textured such that it is "flyable." If anyone is interested in having a look at incremental milestones, let me know and I'll provide a link. -Karl

    I did run into a problem where "AFS2 RC ATC" no longer works.

    I left beta channel and reinstalled release version and RC ATC works again. I re-joined beta channel same problem. I looked in "tm.log" and saw the entry:

    Hi astute,

    The folks at IPACS were kind enough to get my team a rush copy of the new SDK. AFS2 RC ATC has been updated and is available for download at the Aerofly FS2 RC ATC website. If you need further assistance, just shoot an email to Aerofly FS2 RC ATC Support.