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    Said it before and will say it again ... The De Havilland Comet 4 should be in there as it was the world's first jet airliner. First flight in 1949. I was transported to Australia in one of those (parents emigrated from the UK), a BOAC Comet 4C in 1965. We should remember and celebrate our history.

    I think there are still more important planes: A350, A340, A330, A220

    Does Larry have his own online store to sell his creations? I am sure helicopter enthusiasts would not mind if they were payware.

    I'm not sure it would be a good idea, most people who use Aerofly FS 2 PC version have a weak PC and don't have money, I don't think they would buy these aircraft if these were payware. ORBX, Just Flight and Aerosoft also had no success with their payware products. :(?(

    Had I not been censored by the gods, I would have remained a member of this forum and most probably produced more models.

    What a shame, it's so unfortunate that IPACS did this.

    Btw, how did you come back so quickly? I thought you left Aerofly.

    Also freeware had copyright, thats no reason/excuse

    also publish the link to illegal things are bad for the author and you show NO RESPECT to the author with linking this .

    No one had a "general right" to files ... its always at the author ... ALWAYS ... what he allows is the right.

    Yes, but of course I can't respect him if he just deletes everything. I'm disappointed. :cursing:

    you decide what people can do with it,

    I can't and no one can't decide what people do with it.

    I would like to request that the moderator of this forum remove the link for my files that is posted above

    What would it change?

    People are still sharing these in private messages so it doesn't really matter.

    I have not give permission for 'MY FILES' to be shared and as higgy rightly points out, I still have the copyright to 'MY FILES'. I made them available as a gesture of good will on my part. Sharing and uploading are the same thing.

    If you have uploaded something to internet, it will stay there forever...

    I would like to ask is there any way that you and IPACS would reconcile and you would upload these aircraft publicly again?

    The Forum Admin has already apologized and right now innocent people, the community is suffering.

    That makes sense...the creator of the files took them from everywhere on the web and explained it all

    that he no longer wants to make the files public.

    And are you seriously uploading them?

    Do you have too much money? Ever heard of copyright? :/
    Quite apart from the fact that it is simply UNFAIR.

    Yeah, but these files were freeware, so there shouldn't be a problem, and I didn't upload the files, I'm just sharing.

    It's not my fault that Larry got into that stupid conflict with IPACS.

    The UNFAIR thing is that many people would like to fly these aircraft in the simulator, but there is just no possible way for them to get these.

    I just want to help this simulator and this community :)

    We've published a new teaser for you today,

    showing a bit more of the scenery cultivation.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    January 28, 2022 at 3:17 PM

    Very nice! :):thumbup:

    I think the devs of Aerofly can‘t do much. If you would like to have a Virus on your phone, you can download it

    If they want, then they can prevent it, they could make the Aerofly FS 2022 to connect with their server and check for the valid licence and Google account every time when you start the app, make a strong DRM, and make the app not to work offline at all, but this has it's own pros and cons, so I don't know what would be the best option.



    Hi PLAY, happy new year my friend! I warned you, but keep hoping. ;)

    Hi Tomfa,

    Happy new year too, good to see you in this forum again for a long time! :)

    Yes, I've lost my hope for the PC version, they have problems with the high resolution orthophotos, the provider changed it's terms of use in the last moment and now they can't get them.

    So when I get a new PC, then I'll better get MSFS 2020 like you did.

    Aerofly FS 2022 mobile version at the other end is awesome, the best mobile flight simulator, the clouds look better than even X-Plane 11 default clouds, the new Boeing 787 and CRJ 900 planes are very detailed and awesome too, sadly they don't work on current PC version.

    But the Mobile version has many of it's own problems, the low resolution scenery everywhere in Europe, and IPACS removed all the 3D buildings in cities, IPACS made a very bad choice when deciding to develop the night lighting, they should've made instead more scenery and aircraft, but now they have to manually update each old USA airport to be compadible with the lighting, it takes time and then the FPS in these airports is 50% lower, from 60 FPS to 30, even in daytime.

    Android didn't get the night lighting at all because there is so many devices, low end devices and driver problems. They completely removed the USA scenery in both the IOS and Android, Android doesn't even have the lighting, and they don't want to prioritize Android users and make IOS users upset when giving the USA scenery only to Android users.

    But luckily I discovered a way to take the USA scenery from last year's Aerofly FS 2021 to the new Aerofly FS 2022 in Android and I made a video about it, look

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    I already took the Aerofly FS 2021 USA scenery and put it to Aerofly FS 2022

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    The Europe scenery is so bad, they even removed all the London 3d buildings, I don't understand why:?: But I took those back.