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    Don't worry, aren't you smart enough to use a translator, it's not hard to translate Turkish into English, instead of telling me, do it yourself first, tell the trooper who supports you so that he can learn how to use translation on the phone, there is such a thing as automatic translation on the phone. Are you understood 🙂

    That seems like a very unfriendly message, and with a lot of grammar mistakes. I don't understand why you write Turkish to this forum, absolutely no one here speaks it nor cares about it, Learn English!

    The second teaser is online!

    WOW, CRJ 900! I'm really amazed!

    The CRJ 900 is the 2nd closest plane to my heart after the A320, I've traveled many times with both of these airplanes.

    I really would like to see these Estonian airlines CRJ 900 liveries in the simulator, or I at least hope that there will be a repaint kit so I could make these myself! :)



    Our first teaser for the next major version for Aerofly FS for PC has been published in our blog today.

    Please leave your comments and thoughts here in the forum section in this thread. More teasers are coming soon :)

    WOW, what a great surprise! This is very good news! The Boeing 787 looks very nice, I'm very excited about it! :):thumbup:

    One thing I would like to know is that if the new Aerofly FS 3 major version comes, then how would everything be? Will the Aerofly FS 2 owners also have to buy the new version or will there be some discount? What would happen with Aerofly FS 2? And what will be the price of the new version?

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    I am searching for a data link for Liveries or repaints for the A320. I just found a few in the flight sim Forum. Some Google results are linked to deleted content. Is it possible to get more Liveries eg. Euro wings or Ryanair. Thx for reply.


    Hi, I'm the one who made these custom liveries, and yes I think I can make the Eurowings and Ryanair liveries, but not for free.



    IPACS already said that for PC they are actively developing FS2 and for mobile, they are releasing a new version every year, search in the forum before asking!

    As the manager mentioned earlier, will it be within 700 airports in Turkey and Pegasus 320's uniforms could be very nice as it is a very flying company in Europe.

    I think I can do Pegasus airlines liveries, but I have no idea how to convert these to mobile, if I press ''mobile'', ''ios'' or ''android'' in the aircraft converter, then I don't know where the converted files are going. The aircraft converter is from 2019 summer, developers previously said that the mobile versions use newer compression algorithms so I don't think this would work right now anyway.

    I hope they also release a new SDK.

    Hello guys how all are doing?

    I am doing well. So what do you guys think about the daher TBM 930/940 for the Aerofly fs2021? It takes only like 5-6 months to build this plane if in Aerofly quality. Want to see how the plane looks? Here is the pictures. I love to see this single engine turboprop aircraft for Aerofly fs 2021. Good for general aviation flying 😁😁🙂🙂. I've attached also how cabin looks so it will be helpful for the developers to model it well as real. All the best ipacs. Waiting for your update as soon as possible 😊😊!!

    I also don't think that it's a good idea, IPACS developers have more important things to do.


    Here in this video I saw someone already did A320 custom sounds for Aerofly FS 2

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    There's also download link…oKfqGmhTJtze486wRVgcHLYpf

    If you are unhappy with the current state of affairs, feel free to go play Microsoft's video game. Or, better yet, make a contribution that makes it better.


    Yes, If I would only have a better computer... then I would go immidiately.

    Right now I just can't, I have a very bad laptop with intel hd 620 graphics. ;(

    I think it's not very respectful to call MSFS 2020 a video game, I don't know but it's graphics, physics, weather simulation and clouds seems just AMAZING.

    But what contribution are you talking about?

    Do you mean uploading the mobile files?

    If you mean like making sceneries or planes, then I'm actually making one airport for X-Plane 11, and when I get MSFS 2020 in future, then I'll port it over to that too, and it will be payware, because I'm doing very very detailed 3d models, and I'm doing these in sections, because of my bad computer, the first section is nearly ready, here's 2 renders:

    It will have interior too, I've already found plans of it and I've been there in real life.

    These look super good, doesn't they?

    In last year I made just quick trying version of it to just see if everything works in X-Plane 11

    And it did work.

    I was actually thinking about doing it for the Aerofly FS 2 one year ago when I started with all these things, but IT'S ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.

    I had to download one program for the runways and taxiways, I think it was AC3D, it was free for only 30 days I was so dissapointed, making the runways and taxiways... absolutely impossible, I tried to follow one youtube tutorial but I didn't understand it at all, even taking the orthophotos to the AC3D was just impossible, I had to install one 20 year old program that showed me just white tiles and didn't work, I was so frustrated.

    So I tried to do the satellite scenery, so for that I downloaded Aeroscenery, it seemed pretty good, but after it downloaded these orthos it opened the Geoconverter... absolute nightmare... it was just 0.001% AND it was so slow after I let it run for a night I was at 4.178% And I was like so so ANGRY :cursing: In X-Plane 11 there is Ortho4XP that takes the same thing and does it in 1 hour for X-Plane 11. But then I was so angry and just quit the Geoconvert and took these .ttx files that it had done and tried those... it showed just a narrow stripe. :cursing:

    Then I waited a few weeks and wanted to try how to do the autogen(or cultivation) OH SO PAINFUL I needed some scripts that didn't work and all that mess... oh jesas I was over 24 hours awake trying these to get to work, BUT NO, none of them worked, there were also 2 different tutorials, both were different and very complicated, also there was one website to do the cultivation and to customize it, I tried everything and NOTHING worked. Oh I was so angry and frustrated. :cursing:

    So I decided that I'll never do any scenery for Aerofly. I also tried to do F-22 plane for Aerofly, I downloaded one 3d model, tried to export it, then convert it with Aircraft Converter (Also, i hate this program, freezes and crashes so many times, and for liveries makes only blurry 2048x2048p textures) but after I converted the F-22 like the blue box that was for testing, it showed me this red stop square, I tried eveything, also renameing the F22 files to blue box files names and textures too but it just didn't work, and I also didn't understand the Aerofly aircrafts file system and everything is so complicated so I gave up. :(

    I was actually pretty surprised when the mobile things worked on PC, but yeah, that was a good thing, the AI traffic made me very happy.

    For X-Plane 11 there's plugin for Sketchup that with one click exports the model as X-Plane .obj and straight from there it's ready for scenery, I just put it to my scenery folder.

    X-Plane also has this X-Europe autogen that covers all europe and is so detailed and is just the best one, and with Ortho4XP it's amazing.

    And X-Plane 11 scenery making is just so easy, everything worked when I tried it first time, there is this World Editor program, with that I can easily make runways, taxiways, aprons, place trees, buildings and everything, also my second project, oh I'm gonna love it, this is Soviet time old big military base, it is a few kilometers from that smaller commercial airport that I'm doing, oh this is awesome there's one very big runway and one smaller one, and at the end of the smaller runway they decided TO BUILD A MUSEUM THAT LOOKS LIKE A RAMP!!!

    OMG, Then I got a wild idea to do that in X-Plane and use it as a ramp for 737s and 747s, also for soviet planes, the airport currently looks like this, I haven't done the detailed museum buliding yet, because I don't have time and time goes so fast, but I built a simple version of that, I wrote to the obj that it's a solid object AND IT WORKED, this is a screenshot of that airport, the museum is at the end of that runway that I'm trying to land on with this old TU-134.

    This is gonna be a lot of fun, but yeah, unfortunately can't do these in Aerofly.

    I also haven't heard that someone has done any converter programs that convert X-Plane 11, MSFS 2020, or FSX sceneries to Aerofly, for X-Plane 11 there's one program that converts FSX scenery to X-Plane 11 and I love it, I converted the Aerosoft Madeira and it's amazing, it's just so cool airport with this runway that's in these pillars and there wasn't any good addons for it in X-Plane before, but I converted it and it looks like this, (I also made a video about it)

    And of course I understand that you, IPACS you're small team and don't have time to do all these, but everyone just want to get these things that are already on mobile.

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    It's so sad that the developer can't do this as part of the program. Clearly they have more or less abandoned the consumer PC version now for bespoke commercial setups. I invested a lot on the software with add on's and we have been more or less abandoned.

    Yeah, unfortunately this seems to be true, I'm disappointed too.

    It's so sad that forum members who demand things to be added to AFS2, and complain that they do not appear overnight, then criticise and generally attack the IPACS team, do not seem to understand what is needed to meet their demands

    AI Traffic in a flight sim is not just moving scenery like cars on a road or active airport service vehicles.

    Ai traffic needs to be supported by active, automated ATC. That needs to interact with live real weather information - two major projects to be completed before AI traffic is possible, and then the whole thing has to be integrated into the sim so that we can interact with it - two more major projects.

    I am confident that IPACS can provide this. I know they do not have a huge team of coders fed by a multi-million dollar budget, so I will have to wait a while. That's fine by me.

    What are you talking about?!? What attacking? Haven't you noticed that they haven't updated the Aerofly FS 2 PC version for over a year???

    I understand that they have a small team, but then they should at least add already existing things to the sim, like A380, A320 Sharklets, Eurocopter AS350, Kopter AW09, HESLO, and AI Traffic. Adding the mobile version things to PC is easy, they don't have to do 2 major projects before that like the ATC or live weather as you said, the AI Traffic works very good as it is right now.

    This topic wasn't supposed to be created in my opinion as you don't provide the traffic and just show what you did for yourself to gain views and supremacy? lol

    What do you mean? I want to make this sim more fun, it's so dead right now, absolutely no updates or anything for over a year. If IPACS is not gonna do it then yes, then I'll share it. But of yeah course I want to get views.

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