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    Does it always happen just before you land of does it happen after a long flight when you get close to a highly detailed airport?

    If you start your flight on the approach does the screen go black?

    Hi There & thanks for your response.

    Its a tricky one - this only ever happens just before touchdown, never any other time, Probably happens about 50% of the time. If the scenery is complex or sparse seems to make no difference, It goes black but sound persists, usually for about 5-10 seconds

    The sim has zero performance issues ever. I do have everything turned up to max.

    I haven't tried to start on approach but will let you know,

    FYI just happened to me when doing circuits at EDDF. 2 circuits it happened, two circuits it didn't happen.

    In the R22 (as always)! This has happened in the EC135 too though.


    Hi there,

    I have a PUMA PFT control set and found the same issue when i first ran the game, I had to recalibrate in windows and then in the game. Dont forget to use the little red centre guide. Now its all good and I didn't have to mess with dead zone or sensitivity at all.

    Good luck!

    Having some trouble with the pedals of EC135. I checked bindings and they seem fine - the R22 is fine. Issues are;

    1. Pedal position in the EC135 don't match the pedal position IRL (axis assignments seem ok) Example - when I'm 1/2 full left pedal IRL, I have full left pedal in the EC135

    2. On the ground full left pedal increases TRQ to 61.8%, neutral pedals TRQ 13.4% and full right TRQ 19%.

    3. Pedals in the EC135 keep moving after I have stopped moving my feet. Example - push a little left pedal, EC135 responds with a little left...then it keeps moving the pedal in the sim until it reaches its stop while my feet are stationary and IRL pedals aren't at the end of their axis.

    Sounds like bad axis assignments but I remade them all, any i

    I have the same with Pro Flight Puma - only on EC135, i thought it was some auto stabiliser thing because right pedal IRL is not pressed but in Sim it is and the helicopter is flying in balance. They seem to move themselves if i ease off real pressure. Weird but hopefully release version might have some info.

    Love this game for helicopters so much. Thanks team!

    Does the profi mode work and is there some sort of automatic yaw control? What is the yaw or unballanced flight indication?


    Seems profi works - once past around 40kts the pedals seem to suddenly take over and keep the helicopter in balance with no need to keep a pedal pushed. Once you slow down below 40kts (approx.) there is a noticeable yaw and you need to get on the pedals again.

    In a powered descent @300-500fpm you will see a lot of right pedal applied - this is without actually pressing any. She flies really nice and is pretty easy to keep in balance. There is no yaw string but there is a 'ball' under the artificial horizon and this also has a yaw indicator in the display too - compared to an R22 its way more stable.

    Maybe I just got better but the EC135 seems easier to fly and is definitely easier to hover than the R22!

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply! I most definitely am following the thread :)

    Great work on the Lynx! its absolutely amazing and I think it really cements AFS2 as the premier VR (VFR) simulator. Shame orbx have pulled out of the AFSscenery gang :(. True Earth UK would have been awesome, as it stands I have moved (virtually) to the Netherlands and now I'm happily floating around above Rotterdam!

    I really want to ask for a 'ready to fly' option just so it doesn't feel quite so PMDG... you know, not being an actual helicopter pilot and all that... :| but I sense this isn't something we are likely to see anytime soon.

    I can get the Lynx to start using some of the shortcut methods but I really want to go through the checklists properly and this is when the hyd warning indicates. I have sussed it though, it was me misreading the section *** prior to selecting main***. If No2 ecl is advanced and No1 in ground idle it doesn't break the hydraulic system.

    it will probably happen as the rotors are what is driving the hyd pressure which is why it is not the recommended way to start a Lynx.

    I am following your checklist though so I don't understand this sentence - am I missing something?

    I hope you get the time to reply as I love your Lynx and just want to fly it properly as you intended




    Fantastic helicopter Larry! I flew in a few AAC Lynxes back in the day. Never PiC I am afraid :(

    I am following the checklists as far as I can tell but when I select MAIN the Hyd1&2 warning illuminates and the controls stop responding. This pretty much happens every time.

    Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong. Its just when MAIN/ACC is selected to main.