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    Why can't this Alarm be swithed off on the B737 after switching off the Autopilot??? This Error did not previously exist. After every Update I get scared because Something isn't working anymore.Errors are not fixed!!!! P38 still cannot be started a long Time from Cold and Dark. I'm starting to have to think about whether it's really worth buying again. Some unfairly praise this Simulator to the Skies. It's getting worse 😡😡😡

    Hallo IPACS Team

    In Addition to the Pilot and Copilot View, can You also animate all Controls in the Roof/Panel View?

    That would make it a lot easier to use.

    Hallo IPACS Team

    Helicopter Bug

    The tilt sensor on the Helicopters in Autopilot Mode is still aktive on the Mobile Phone. I have reported this Bug before. Why isn't this finally fixed. I'm slowly getting the Impression that I can save myself Error Massages. This really is a waste of Time. It's really a big annoyance.

    I'm a real life pilot, though not an airline pilot, just a glider pilot :D

    But I know this stuff because I read quite a lot in the flight crew operating manual (FCOM) and also programmed the MCDU for Aerofly.

    I only fly RC Models ( ASW22, Schleicher) 4m Wingspan 😀👍🖖

    Watch a Real Plane take off on YouTube. And You will understand. It's normal for single Engine Airplanes anyway.( Engine Torque)

    Press the HDG Button and slide it up at the same time.

    With the EC135 , Handy Control is still aktive in Auto/Pilot Mode. Normally the Handy Attitude Sensor shouldn't have any influence on the Helicopter in Auto Mode. I think that applies to the Black Hawk Helicopter as well


    Hey IPACS, in the good ol' USA, companies (both private and government agencies) have the practice of hiring summer co-ops (usually college students for just the summer break) to do little odds and ends jobs both to give them relevant work experience and to evaluate for potential future full term employment and pay them pretty much minimum wage and minimal benefits as temporary hires. In your case, I recommend taking a summer co-op from your local college/university who has 3D Blender skillset (even an art major maybe) an task them with modifying your SDK DR400 to have a G530 + G430 combo replace the existing analog radio navigation instruments. That would also allow you to verify that your existing codebase support for G530 and G430 carried over from AFFS 2 still works or debug it so that it does work. Then once that is known, if there is still time left before school starts have them work on the C172 and Baron 58 to update those to G530/G430. If time runs out, then at least you know it works and once your full time 3D artist finishes mucking around with all those jetliners, maybe they can spend a month or so doing the update for the C172 and Baron 58.

    I'm curious about the Answer from IPACS.

    Now that's a bit of an exaggeration to meddle in IPACS Business. You certainly know better how to run Your Business.